Community Challenge, Podcast & Open Tournament

Community Challenge winners

Community Challenge winners

Congratulations to all the players who took part in the Community Challenge! We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. A lot of thanks to everyone who was involved and made this tournament happen: participants, server operators, referees, casters and organizers! It was an amazing opportunity to see most of the NS2 communities in action, with an unanticipated finals match featuring the NS2 Chinese community (lol Nights!). The active players of the above teams will be able to show off their respective badges with today’s Build 328. If you don’t have it in your inventory yet, feel free to poke any admin and we will figure this out. We’ve also published a list of the matches replays, which you may find here.

    Second NSL Podcast

    Even though the Chinese team eventually lost (twice!) to our champions of the community, team Thirsty Onos, they were a real surprise for many of us. They won the viewers hearts, they awakened our curiosity, and they became a real meme sensation. In order to investigate the NS2CN phenomenon, the NSL is going to interview your favourite chinese players to know more about them, their community and their playstyle. If you have questions for the awesome Chinese players, we will do a little Q&A session with them during the interview. Ask your questions in this form and they will be given to Leooood, Wing, SteiteR and the others ! The interview will be released next week.

      First NSL Open Tournament signups now available!

      The signups for the first NSL Open are now open (go to the Contest tab in your team profile page and join the NSL Open Tournament). The official dates for this tournament are the 29th and 30th of June 2019. More details about its structure will come soon! Be aware that this event comes with no skill restriction of any sort, you will only need a team to register with. We plan to run Open Tournaments regularly, and as such a special and unique badge you’ve never seen will awarded the top teams. However, like a King of the Hill tournament, you may lose your badge if you don’t participate in the next one or can’t stay at the top! Your crown is shiny but you’ll have to fight to keep it!

      Less “organized” events may be run in the meantime, so stay tuned for updates.

        New NSL discord channels and roles

        To help with the formation of team, a #recruitment channel has been created on the NSL Discord (click here), as well as a new Team Leader role. This should help to simplify teams and players life, as people will be able to immediately recognize who’s leading a team to contact for a scrimmage or practice game. The new recruitment channel will allow players to have a centralized place to look for a team--however, the forums can still be used for more detailed posts. Feel free to poke one of the admins if we’ve missed you as Team Leader. AmarBot can also be of use, check out the commands that are now available on this channel.

        Additionally, don’t hesitate to use the #pcw-search channel on our discord if you’re looking for an opponent team to practice against! Scrims, also known as PCWs (Practice Clan Wars), are a good way to practice as a team and improve together. The Team Leader role can be pinged by anyone in this channel.

          Final items

          We’d like to thank Hyste for making some changes to the gather page, like the colored picking indicators!

          Lastly, it should be noted that Grissi will be leaving the Competitive Balance Mod team, however he will still remain a League Advisor. We’d like to thank Grissi for the work he contributed to the Comp Mod team!

          We are still looking for active Referees, Casters, Modders, Website Programmers and Organizers. Feel free to poke one of the admins if you want to help us! Jackson also has released Casters Guidelines you may want to follow. You can also apply to become a Caster through the following link.

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