New Staff & Open Tourney #8 Info

You may have noticed a lot of changes over on the NSL Discord. When I stepped in as Executive Admin I wanted to clean up and organize the league a little more. With that I have removed a few positions and added some new ones. I'd like to welcome aboard the following new admins:

CRaZyCAT - Ref Admin
auzilla - Caster Admin
mst3kld - NA Gather Admin

I'm looking forward to working with these guys to plan events and grow the league. With that said, the need for more staff does not end there. We are in desperate need for more Refs for our league to operate effectively. If you think you are someone that could help out the league in this area please reach out to me or CRaZyCAT so we can initiate you. Honestly, I can't stress this enough, if we don't have refs, we can't run future events in a meaningful way. We are down to literally just 2 or 3 people.

Another area we need some new blood is the Balance Team. With Doggo's departure, the team is very short-staffed. Please contact me if you are interested in joining the team.

Finally, we will be doing some Spring cleaning shortly in terms of other staff members (mods, casters, etc.). We will be contacting people and giving them 48 hours to respond before we make any changes.

Open Tourney #8

Now on to some fun stuff. The next Open Tournament will be March 27 & March 28. The tournmanet will begin on Saturday at 2pm EST and wrap up on Sunday at 1pm EST. If you go off CET time, please note that on Sunday your clocks move forward one hour, meaning it will feel like it starts an hour earlier than Saturday even though it still starts at 19 CET.

Sign-ups will end on Friday March 27 at 6pm EST. To help you with the math (PST -3, UTC +6, CET +7).

Please read Discord for more information. 

Looking forward to this first event with the new Admin team.

loMe on 19 March 21 03:12


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