March 2021 Open Tournament

 Hey Everyone!



After the very positive feedback in regards to slowly shifting from long and drawn-out Seasons to shorter, less time-consuming Weekend Tourneys, I would like to announce the date for our next Open Tournament.


This one will be scheduled for March 27th, starting at 2PM EST.

Signup can be found in the contests tab. 


The main brackets will be played as a best of 3 in a double elimination format. Please be aware the format is subject to change and heavily depends on the amount of Sign Ups, to ensure the tourney stays within a reasonable time limit for the Weekend!


The Semi-Brackets are planned as a Best of 5, and for our main Event on Sunday the 28th, we will have the Finals as a Best of 7!


Please make sure to read and agree with the ruleset for this tourney before you sign up your team!



Good luck and have fun!


knifey on 28 February 21 21:54



Blank LyDDa | ELOgain

where are the rules?

6 March 2021, 19:16


Blank N1ghtmare

But I don't have a team :(

7 March 2021, 05:59


Blank Blensidi | Fades with Shades

Can't wait to get shit on

19 March 2021, 09:06

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