Open Tournament Details and Second Podcast

Open Tournament

    Open Tournament: 29th and 30th of June

      The signups for the first NSL Open are still open (go to the Contest tab in your team profile page and join the NSL Open Tournament). The rules for this tournament can be found here. Read them carefully. Don’t forget that our Code of Conduct also applies to this event! Our #recruitment channel on our discord can still be used to help you find a team.

      The format of the tournament is double elimination, which means that each team starts with two matches and ceases to advance if they lose both of those matches. The Early Stages concludes on Saturday the 29th, and the Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals will take place on Sunday the 30th. Maps, servers and sides are determined depending on coinflip: the upper bracket team is heads, and the lower team bracket is tails, just like the previous Community Challenge tournament. You can find the full brackets for the tournament on Challong here!

      Games will start on Saturday the 29th at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST. Matches consist of up to two maps with three rounds played in total. The team that wins the coin toss decides whether they want to choose map and server or to choose Aliens/Marines first. Picked maps can only be one of the following:

      • Round 1 (First): Tram, Veil, Unearthed

      • Round 1 (Loser): Eclipse, Mineral, Nexus

      • Round 2 (Winner): Summit, Biodome, Caged

      • Round 2 (Losers Winners): Jambi, Derelict, Descent

      The games on Sunday the 30th will also start at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST. The games on Sunday will be in a best of 5 format—they will consist of up to three maps with five rounds played in total. Both teams are allowed to ban 3 maps, and the team choosing the first map gets the first ban. Teams alternate in their ban choices until 6 maps are banned in total and then continue selecting first map and Alien/Marine as normal. Map bans are in effect until the conclusion of the series. Below you can find a larger map pool for the Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals, picked maps can only be one of the following:

      • ns2_biodome

      • ns2_caged

      • ns2_derelict

      • ns2_descent

      • ns2_eclipse

      • ns2_jambi

      • ns2_mineral

      • ns2_nexus

      • ns2_summit

      • ns2_tram

      • ns2_unearthed

      • ns2_veil

        Second Podcast

          Join us on thursday June 27th for the second NSL podcast at 12 PDT / 15 EDT / 19 GMT / 21 CEST. This time, we’ll be talking with team NS2CN who shined in the last Community Challenge, taking second place with vigor! They surprised a lot of us, and gained the recognition of all the NSL and viewers. We gathered some questions from the community to ask to these amazing players. We’ll cover topics such as their playstyles, the differences between the Chinese community and the Western communities, the memes, and much more. This interview will be recorded in advance due to the problematic difference in timezones, but you’ll still be able to watch it on and react.

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