Open Tourney #9 Details & CMC Results

Congratulations to all the teams that came out and participated in the Custom Maps Cup Spring 2021 event! We saw a lot of fun matchups and played some interesting new maps! Thank you to the Mappers, Casters (huge shoutout to Loopy on his work this event), and everyone else that made this event possible. At the end of the day one team stood victorious. Congrats to team Curious Gorge on their win.

If you missed the event you can watch all the VODs here:
NSLTV Cast w/ Loopy and Auzilla
Kopunga's Cast Part 1 and Part 2
loMe's Cast

Our next Open Tourney is coming up!


Some quick details:

-Sign ups are open until April 23 at 6pm ET / 24 CEST. 
-Tournament will be played on April 24-25 at 12pm ET / 18 CEST.
-It will be another double elimination tournament with Bo3 / Bo5 / Bo7 matchups. 
-Teams are again capped at 7 members but teams can use up to 2 Mercs.
-Coverage for the event will be available at .tv/NSLTV

More details for the event can be found here and on our Discord

Finally, our next event, a Draft Tourney, will take place two weeks after this tournament. Hope to see some new faces!

loMe on 14 April 21 21:52


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