Week 3 : Beginners Div Predictions - by scratchy

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 3 for the Beginners Division.

Maps: ns_metal / ns_veil


Week 3 is about to begin and still everything can happen in the beginner division. After 3 draws there has finally been 1 victory by mpr-crew vs Adrenaline. So Adrenaline has most pressure at the moment, they need to win atleast 1 match to still be in the race for the finals. Last two matches went smooth and Hells-Militia surprised me with some good pressure against untrained Come Get Some. They could have won the match in my eyes but they wasted a lot of resources on the pg in CgS main-hive furnace. CgS kept marine rt's low and was able to get a comeback after losing a 2nd hive in ventilation. Mpr had a tough match vs Adrenaline, Adrenaline played it very well on the 2nd map, eclipse, with some aggressive higher lifeforms. But at the end it was mpr-crew having a better marine with more teamwork and skill. They thought they could jp rush some focus fades, but adrenaline fade did well to defend. All in all, resulting in a fair 3-1 for mpr-crew.


Hells Militia (0-2-0) vs mPr-crew (1-0-0)
Impact Players:
Hells Militia: Star_Hunter (fade)
Mpr-crew: Vlad Dracul (lerk), GuMMI.dk (fade)

This will be a exiting match because both teams are able to win this. But you shouldnt listen to me since I got 1 of the 9 predictions right. Star_hunter is a solid fade that doesnt die. He will make things very hard for mpr. mPr's Querformat left the clan because he has more interest in other games. He will probably be crying of the discision he just made. Watch and learn how this guy just made his own doom. Never quit NS! From reliable sources i heard Gummi will take over his flash fading. He has yet to prove he is able of good fading. Although with Vlad as a lerk on the side, they are still a strong team. This match could result in a 3-1 for both teams so my final discision is 2-2.

Hells Militia 2 - 2 mPr-crew


contra-Gamers (0-1-0) vs aDreNaLiNe (0-1-1)
Impact Players:
aDreNaLiNe: Kuiwaz (fade), Darou (fade)
cG: Darkmoon (lerk), Jack the Dipper (fade), Kroko (1 hive adrenaline onos)

I think that the loser of this match will be the weakest in the beginner division. If Adrenaline loses this match they're out of the race. If cG loses this match its still no dramatic end for them. But they will have to work hard for a victory. Contra-Gamers e-sports is known for their hard work and bad rt-biting. Their marine is a bit weak, so I don't see them making a marine win vs Adrenaline. If Adrenaline is capable of doing a good marine pressure with a good pg-position early on, they might have a change against this german team. They have to be awake at all time though, because cG will not give up. Both teams have a good alien round to beat the marines, but at the end it will be Adrenaline making it a tougher match for cG.'s alien. Although the lack of marine experience neither team will win a marine round.

cG. 2 - 2 aDreNaLiNe
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ì want some comments :<

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is there any match in beginners league that doesnt get predicted 2-2?

28 October 2006, 00:24


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i did predict 3-1 before, but they all failed so i stick to 2-2 now =]

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