ENSL Fixes!

In order to shape things up in the league we've decided to change some things and fix those small things that weren't working.

  • ENSL Combat: 5 Players cap-limit removed. You can now add as many players as you feel needed to your team.

  • Site Menu: Demos section link added for easier access.

  • ENSL Seasons: The match calendar in the right menu has been moved up and fixed. It's now working for ENSL booking and not only combat. If your or the opposite team has a challenge waiting the date will show up as orange. When the match has been accepted by either team it will turn up as green. You can also click on the date to display the time and opponent! (Examples below)

  • ENSL Predictions: We have decided to set predictions to seperate days to better keep the time schedules and not be late. So, Premier League Predictions will be featured on Mondays, 2nd Div Tuesdays, 3rd Div Wednesdays and Beginners Div on Thursdays.

    Don't forget to book your matches early for refs/hltv and community predictions! GL & HF!
  • B1 on 27 October 06 11:46



    Blank Johs

    Match calender online!

    27 October 2006, 11:54


    Blank csm


    27 October 2006, 12:03


    Blank macpersil


    27 October 2006, 17:14


    Blank jiriki | old people

    Calendar without chicks :<

    27 October 2006, 18:54


    Blank aA


    27 October 2006, 20:24


    Blank skipjack | miau


    27 October 2006, 20:40


    Blank mu

    i have a calender with naked ladies on it

    at home!

    28 October 2006, 09:45


    Blank ben

    Have you considered letting all the set matches appear in green for everyone and anyone so we can look at the calender and be like oh cool team X plays team Y today thats worth a ganders.

    28 October 2006, 09:45


    Blank frG | TROLLS

    we are considering a lot of options, and the calendar will be even further improved :)

    28 October 2006, 13:38

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