Predictions for Div 2

Howdy folks!

Season six of the ensl is here and with it comes a new group system. Hopefully these changes will help prevent the unfortunate forfeits and folds that plagued us for the last few seasons, but in the end its down to you, the players, to stay active and fight it out till the end! This also makes it easier for us, the predictors, as each of us will just be concentrating on one of the two groups. Hopefully this will result in longer and more accurate predictions for you guys. So, without further a due, here are the predictions for week one, group B of Division Two:

mpr-crew vs Kutas Gaming

Impact players
mpr-crew: Vlad(comm), rabbit(skulk)
Kutas Gaming: Germ(Paladin), SlayerX(Hunter)

While the name is new, Kutas Gaming is pretty much team PL (missing only aA and myself). Boasting well known names like Germ, SlayerX, x-man and even the notorious Xassidy, these guys have been playing together for a long time. If they can keep it together without screaming eachothers heads off (believe me, I've been there...not pretty) they will definitely be one of the front runners for the division crown. Mpr-crew on the other hand have proven that they can hold their own last season and have been advanced as a consequence, this relatively unknown group of players are out to make a name for themselves.

With Vlad in the chair, former kE skulk rabbit in the field and an array of other talents that have yet to show us what their made of, they just might surprise us.

Ultimately, the Polish squad of male genitalia seems like the stronger and more experienced team. As long as Germ and SlayerX's skill didn't fall victim to an unfortunate addiction to WoW, Kutas Gaming should grab the points, though the possibility of mpr snagging a round is not out of the question either.

Kutas Gaming 4 : 0 mpr-crew

Velvet Coat Squad vs Team Russia

Impact players:
Velvet Coat Squad: Mick(marine), Tweadle(marine/fade)
Team Russia: Macpersil(skulk), PC(comm)

Lead by the easily upset commander TomT (aka lump) and Ziggy (also known to get upset), Velvet boast a large squad of seasoned players. The coats have a solid lineup for both alien and marine rounds. TomT's experience in the chair, Mickes shotgunning skill and Tweadles fadeing are just some of the aces they hold up their sleeves. On the other side of the net stands the relatively newly formed Team Russia lead by Macpersil. A month ago I would have been scratching my head wondering what the ensl admins ware thinking putting Team Ru in this division, but the team composed of players gathered by mp from Russian public servers has come a long way since then and despite their lack of confidence are deserving of their division two rank.

This is a tough match to predict, on one hand we have the solid and experienced Velvet Coat Squad, on the other a surprisingly well fairing and quickly improving team Russia. If the Russians play to their full potential I think they may even pull of a tie, however their lack of confidence and experience combined with the pressure of playing in a tournament match for the first time should ultimately turn it in favour of the Velvet Coat Squad.

Velvet Coat Squad 3 : 1 Team Russia

That's all from me for now, Good Luck Have Fun and see you next week!

by: Maxx


Hello fellow NSPlayers, A new 2nd Division is about to start and I will cover Group B for you. Season 6 has a bunch of new clans in the 2nd Division, clans like Rainbow; Pirates; Keen-Edge and Good Luck Fuck you all folded or reformed a new clan. There isnt a good explanation of it, but it seems they all get along but in the meanwhile they all hate eachother for playing better then they do. This division never sitts still and I cant wait to see some drama. This is also a division where many good players/talents hide. Aleksi, T0uko, zh, pathy, C, varro, N@de and I'm sure more players will put down impressive scores. I also would like to welcome Anagram, they came all the way from the states to play with us. They can get advantage from the element of suprise. Lets hope they can spice things up. Good luck guys! Rumours: Entropi quitting after the season.

iRate - Quaxy

Impact players:
iRate: Aleksi, Entropi
Quaxy: N@de, zh

This is a tough call, I havent seen much of clanplay lately so I make these predictions on playerbase. iRate has some strong key players like Entropi in the chair and Aleksi in the field. Most of their players are solid defensive players and a couple of rusty, unstable aimers like C, Dainton ( J- ) who can perform very well if they are in the mood. With a commander as Entropi its really down to their field teamwork and positioning. Its a new team so the marine rounds will be tough against a team of all Finns who know eachother pretty well. Quaxy has a more balanced team with some mid experienced players and some new names. With their best roster they will get some wins on alien side. With the new version beta2 and the new map origin_beta7 plus a couple of new players I think this will become an alien tie. Prove me wrong plz ;)

iRate 2 - 2 Quaxy

==E - Anagram

Impact players:
Pitchfork: Skulkinator?, Taurus, T0uko
Anagram: ?

I can't say that I know much about Anagram infact I know absolutely nothing about them. Well if you look at their teaminfo you can see that they think they have humour. They play in the open division of ansl and thats about it. I hope to get more info on them soon. Pitchfork is the winner of Season 5 Division 3 and that will bring some experience with them in this Season. They are playing together for quite some time now, but im not sure if they have been that active. With some new recruits they are still improving and I hope they will do good again. With Smokealot in the chair they should get some marine wins this season. I predict they didnt have that much practise on the new origin and that their marine tactics will fail there. But smoke will get that marine win on veil, leading into a 3-1 for pitchfork.

Pitchfork 3 - 1 Anagram

by: Rolex
GibbZ on 15 February 07 22:18



Blank macpersil

lol 1. PC not very good comm tbh
2. LOL im not skulk
3. they dont come from public they come from RUSSIAS PRO LEAGUE!
4. Snake and sone are the only highlights!

16 February 2007, 01:53


Blank Maxx

1. I had to put someone down, and no matter how you look at it the comm always makes a diference.
2. afaik your a good skulk, and your going to skulk at some point during the match :]
3. thats what I deduced from your post on the forums.
4. I dont know them, if they are itll show, and then theyll be sure to make it into next weeks preds.

Good day to you sir

16 February 2007, 02:07


Blank Mt | #YouOnlyLerkOnce

Where the hell am I?!
I want to be an impact player too!

16 February 2007, 02:38


Blank g0d

lol, i like the preds for our match :/

16 February 2007, 11:41


Blank scratchie

you guys dont even deserve predictions, i only hear whining. YOU SAID I AM NOOB, OMFG CRY CRY.

16 February 2007, 12:05


Blank macpersil


nah Maxx but tbh I hate it, Team ru came from nowhere and is directly in div2 thats like pervers!

16 February 2007, 12:20


Blank macpersil

btw team isn't also lead by me

16 February 2007, 12:21


Blank zhadow

mp is introducing us a new sort of whining; russian wodka whining !

16 February 2007, 14:24


Blank macpersil

sais SL who is even whining in a combat cup match :DDDDD

16 February 2007, 14:27


Blank zhadow

yes my mentor tutu is teaching me the art of whining! Im his padawan O_o

16 February 2007, 15:04


Blank Maxx


16 February 2007, 15:10


Blank zhadow

If people take it all serious, well I really feel sorry for them <3 gl in real life then ^_^

16 February 2007, 15:26


Blank macpersil

:D we just laughed you out !

16 February 2007, 15:36


Blank smokealot

thx for preds

and mp after winning 3:1 against VELVET you should defenetly go to div 4

18 February 2007, 06:37


Blank atman

r o f l

18 February 2007, 23:11

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