Week 1, Division 2 Predictions

Div 2 Predctions:

Hello everyone, I am Mike (aZa from insane) and welcome to my first prediction ever. I hope you'll enjoy it and that you forget some mistakes that I may make. So, let's get going. A few words on this 2nd division first. This season, this division will be the most exciting to watch/follow/cheer/whatever. They all have great potential, experience and some of them could really make it on the 1st Div. And Im not saying this because Im doing the prediction for them :). But I guess we'll see that at the end of the season.

tK-ns . - sprogga ~

Impact players:
Sprogga: Zamma (fade), green (with shotgun), tjabo (marine)

I know sprogga more than tk because sprogga are pcw whores, they are playing everyday almost all the time. And they are playing better and better each pcw. tK are finnish, and we all know that there is a large finnish community, that why I don't know if they were playing against each other or if they weren't playing at all, it will be a big surprise for me to see them playing. But I've seen some of them in FFA and I've played against ppl like Talis on ensl so I'll try to do my best for the prediction.

As I said earlier, sprogga are playing pcws like crazy these days, I think they are more prepared for this match than their opponent. Metal is quite a strategical map where individual skill can do the difference but where a long term plan is the better choice. And that's where, I think, sprogga is weak. They seems to relax too much or just stick their strategy only on 1 or 2 points, like destroying alien's resource towers than putting pg and wait or having a second hive and 2 fades and try to defend them selves. But they are working on it and they are getting better, helped with Zamma (who improved his fading), green (who is really dangerous with a shotgun) etc.

tK will be the surprise this season. I feel like they will give us a great show on HLTV, but unfortunatly I think they are not prepared enough to face sprogga. It's maybe a little too soon. But I may be wrong, I don't know them very much, only individually. But I guess they all have great teamwork like all finnish teams :D. Talis will be the guy to fear, with his good experience with saunamen and levitacus. Don't forget that most of team were on the same team before this season, so we can expect some great teamwork on tanith and Im sure they will do good pressure as marine. I unfortunatly can't give names for my first prediction on them so I will just say, watch their alien moves and watchout for surprise as marine, some of you will learn something watching them.

So there it is, my prediction for you little prediction freaks:

tK-ns . 1 - 3 sprogga ~

.ru - =V

Impact players
Velvet: Admirable (marine)
Team Russia: sone (skulk)

First prediction and there is my first challenge, trying to predict how will a team with a 19 men's lineup do.. That's a though one, so I will avoid a headacke by assuming that =V will play with their best lineup :D. ru is an old clan now, considering a usual life time for a ns team. But it seems that they dangerously slowed down their pcw rate. Or they are simply avoiding me :D.

ru really did their way through ns' competion. They are eager to learn, not afraid of loosing and they are trying interesting stuff. Unfortunatly they are facing an experienced team, probably the most one in this division. But let's talk about skill, people like sone, macpersil or snake really build some individual skill up as marine and as alien. On the other hand they are not so great with teamwork and they'll have to really work on that for the rest of the season. From all the 2nd division this season I think ru got the best potential. I don't see them winning their division this season tho, but I can definatly picture them as runner up the next.

=V will be very chanlenging for ru, there will be lots of resistance from them. With lump as comm they can really hurt ru and maintain pressure on them. Especially on metal where a surpise pg is easely taking a hive down. Admirable and walking target can both do the best as well as the worst, so basicly if they screw up =V will get a hard time from ru. But I don't see them loosing on a map like tanith where a HA train can easely come from nowhere.

.ru 2 - 2 =V or .ru 1 - 3 =V depending on =V's lineup.
GibbZ on 04 June 07 21:33



Blank Admirable | coolclan

Hehe :D
I am Mr. Inconsistent!

Nice job Mike!

4 June 2007, 21:48


Blank tjab0 | el'pheer

you and me baby, impactplayers for life!

4 June 2007, 22:11


Blank 7IIV

LOL aZa :)

4 June 2007, 23:45


Blank P3anut


5 June 2007, 04:22


Blank Tweadle


5 June 2007, 13:41


Blank GrN


sprogga <3

5 June 2007, 14:53


Blank zhadow

george impact player? ... good joke !

5 June 2007, 18:23


Blank GibbZ | 9L

fu robert!

5 June 2007, 19:39


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

Velvet 2 : 2 ru? Never! with a normal lineup of Velvet I bet 4:0 for russia!

5 June 2007, 21:48


Blank _PC

In the last season ONLY one prediction has come true (it is '.ru 4 - 0 mpr')

6 June 2007, 10:44


Blank Verslayer | Whipped ./` *

lol @ zamma impact player :D

7 June 2007, 14:37


Blank Meyfarth

gobot, i don't think so. Russians have good TP and skill, but best velvet's players are more skilled imo (like Maxx!! for example). The only thing which can make a difference for Russians it's the teamplay.

7 June 2007, 17:14


Blank WalkingTarget

Dunno how well I will play, I will try and show some ability though (be it bad or good).

I may manage to catch MP with his lerk, hopefully ill be able to do what I did to Ray the other day.

7 June 2007, 19:33


Blank Meyfarth

2 ways to kill ray :
- unbelievable luck
- ray is sleeping on his keyboard


7 June 2007, 19:40


Blank Admirable | coolclan

This works too...


7 June 2007, 20:42


Blank Meyfarth

Lol nice Admi :)

7 June 2007, 21:34

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