Week 2 Predictions

Jiriki's 1st Division Predictions


Here would be my predictions of the 1st Division for the 2nd week.

DU - Insane

Impact players:
DU: Tane, Hopsu, Scale
Insane: tutu, ray, Mike

Even though DU lost badly against Domining last week, their last game was certainly not a walkover, instead DU controlled many of the rounds but lost the grip and the whole rounds in the end. I feel this happened due DU lacked experience of long games with a solid roster causing many strategic and individual mistakes while Domining didn't give up, kept the pressure and recovered from their mistakes. Insane on the other hand has been quite active and DU is facing now the 2nd Finalist Favourite of this season. Insane have the infamous raylerk, good all-around player tutu and Mike commanding. I would say it is going to be 2-2, though depending on DU's lineup 3-1 or 1-3 are possible too.

DU 2 - 2 Insane

Domining - FRP

Impact players:
Domining: Annihilator, Makaveli, Steve
FRP: Sola, Walzi, NsN

The last match against DU proved Domining being certainly finalist material, even though the game against DU wasn't a walkover. Now the american clan is facing one of the oldest clans, FRP. Both DU and FRP are fully Finnish clans, former being composed of high level players and FRP being composed of mainly mid-level players with some exceptions. Thus skill-wise I rank DU better than FRP, but FRP have long experience of playing together, which should compensate a little. The result is that I cannot dismiss Domining's performance by such individuals like Annihilator and I predict FRP will lose this. I think FRP's best chance is to wish that eg. Sola or Walzi has a good day and could carry them while they avoid strategical mistakes made by DU, showing the performance as seen in the S6 game against flatline.

Domining 4 - 0 FRP

Reflect - Flatline

Impact players:
Reflect: Deimos, Duo
Flatline: Morvie, HiveFish, phil

Reflect being an American clan is hard to get in contact with, and assuming this match gets played, I would see Flatline winning, being an old and strong team, especially since Reflect lost Makaveli and Steve. Reflect have many div1/2-players who could perform quit well but I have understood they are quite inactive and lack practice which makes me predict a loss, though my information is mainly based ony S6 performance. Flatline on the other hand have the German-Efficient skill and teamwork. It is quite impossible to name any Flatline impacts players because they are all very good. I remember HiVeFish being a good fade, Morvie excellent all-around, L@ugh or saep commanding well while Cosmic, Fear and word are good marines, especially when playing together, not to forget phil's lerk/fade.

Reflect 0 - 4 Flatline

Mike's 2nd Division Predictions

Im sorry for being late on this prediction, I was waiting for tk-ns to play. But well, since they are playing their match tonight, I'll do it now.

tk vs kE

Impact players:

kE: arj(leadership), Querformat(tank)

kE is an old team but they have a fresh new lineup, composed of 4 frenchies. I've played kE quite a few times and I can say that kE is a very different team when arj is playing and when he is not. Every teams got his leader and arj is kE's. Let's hope for them that he is playing, but nevertheless, they have a good lineup. All are very experienced and skilled, assistend, mutli, querformat, marmotte are the people I would see playing for a BIG game. Their strength isn't teamwork though, they lack teamwork a bit but most of them are good individuals. Well, that's not a very bad thing, knife was individual and they were a good team. Fortunatly for kE, they are playing veil and tanith, those maps doesn't require as much teamwork as metal or origin.

I still don't know much about tk-ns, but I sense that they will fight hard against kE and that can really be a match worth watching. Veil and tanith and very known maps and tK got experienced players, so it will be a very good game to spec on.

tK-ns . 2 - 2 kE|

Verslayer's Division 3 Predictions


PD vs Blitzskrieg

Impact players:
PD: King_yo, Gorton_C.pif
Blitzskrieg: g0bot, SaperioN

If germans work as they showed on pcws vs other europeans clans they will dominate PD for sure.I watched marines of BZ when they played vs AntL and they have good aim, will be nice to watch again gobot and company dominating skulks and Saperion giving a fast hmgs and ha`s train to get PD hives down with siege. There is not much i can say about PD, just give a mention to king_yo`s lerk and maybe Gorton_C.pif fade, that could try to make something to avoid an incoming 4-0.

PD 0-4 Blitzskrieg

v3 vs Quaxy
Impact players:
v3: Gourang, Born, Crazy IvaN
Quaxy: Kuitmo, N@de,

Lots of people say that v3 is the expecting team to win this division, and i think that they are a bit superior in all aspects against the Quaxy team. b0rn`s comming tactics plus some skilled marine lineup with Crazy Ivan or Gourang, can give v3 a good victory even if Kuitmo`s fade or great N@de lerk avoids it. I think tanith is not a good map for Quaxy as they shown on their last ENSL match vs LEGO, and if we take in consideration, LEGO its lower skilled than v3 so v3 has more chances to get tanith map for them against Quaxy.

v3 3-1 Quaxy or v3 4-0 Quaxy depending on lineups

LEGO - AntiLego

Impact players:
LEGO: Battousai, dAv0, TuRGoN
AntL: Ddos, Darou

Here it is, the derby of all my spanish fellows. I can say that if not all, almostall, come from the some old clans of 2.0 like Gr-0 and JoiNerS. AntL is a clan made with its a new spanish clan made by some ragequiters from LEGO. I think AntL has not much teamplay but they have lot of individual skill. I can nominate Darou and Ddos as marines or yEnS as fade to be ones of the best cards of AntL to win. On the other hand we got LEGO, the a new spanish clan, that at the start of this season, some people said that they would lose by forfeit, but they showed a nice playing on their both tanith rounds, i can mention dAv0 and TuRGoN as marine or Battousai and -Skk1- as fades to try to get a clearly victory. I think it will be an equal match, but they all will have more chances to win on their alien rounds if they dont lose the rts at start. Well thats all, good luck friends :) Finnally im gonna be partidist and ill put my own thinking of the final score hehe.

AntL 1-3 LEGO

jiriki on 07 June 07 21:41



Blank Verslayer | Whipped ./` *

Jiriki, did u receive my e-mail?

8 June 2007, 02:57


Blank Arj | Ant

Insane will beat DU 4-0 hands down, ray can sit out since Aza will carry :)

8 June 2007, 03:03


Blank SplinterSteve | TROLLS

i predict 5 forfeits. how when there's only 3 matches you ask? every team forfeits the season to DOMINING, OF COURSE

8 June 2007, 07:49


Blank zhadow

i will cheer for hivefish, ray, tutu, scale, hopsuu!, phillie, cosi and a few others but 0 north-americans!

euro's are made of win!

8 June 2007, 16:06


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.

div 3? :<

8 June 2007, 16:11


Blank Verslayer | Whipped ./` *

done :D

8 June 2007, 19:35


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

ty for preds verslayer!

8 June 2007, 23:21


Blank khelben

gobot,dont trust it lol,you will be pwnd

9 June 2007, 03:26


Blank Hider

Daaaahhhh I can win against any of these :S

10 June 2007, 00:52


Blank khelben

versalayer have to change his job.Predictions are false :p

10 June 2007, 01:06


Blank Born

jiriki fix my nick in news :D rotfl Born not b0rn ^^ :P

10 June 2007, 02:26


Blank Scale

Arj O'rly?

12 June 2007, 21:01


Blank Arj | Ant

doh :<

13 June 2007, 12:17


Blank Iots | el'pheer

frenchies are world known for their cunning way to FUCK UP, im suprised you didnt know that already Arj. :o

13 June 2007, 14:15


Blank Meyfarth

You're just looking DOM criticizing euro saying that. :O

13 June 2007, 14:56


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon


Embarassing that americans can be winning ensl... I think you should all go and dismember your families, then turn the meat cleaver on yourselves

14 June 2007, 00:52


Blank bp


14 June 2007, 13:19


Blank Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.


14 June 2007, 16:30


Blank Scale

naah. DOM will be defeated in finals if they even get there. They arent so good.

14 June 2007, 19:32

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