Week 3 Predictions


This week’s predictions arrive a little late as I was in Dublin for the Bank Holiday Weekend under the guise of a partygoer. I was in fact searching for the man\legend known only as “jiriki”, but to no avail.

Admirable’s Division 1 Predictions

On my travels I had heard whispers of a Laplander who was 10 feet tall and as wide as house! They told me his veins pumped with pure Kossu…

…but it turned that was just Hospu in the Flatline vs. saunamen game. If the internet has taught me anything, it is that Finns can’t drink! :D

saunamen vs. Snowrollers

This week has echoes of David vs. Goliath with the stronger teams in the division facing off against the weaker ones. Both teams here are coming off the back of loss, but on paper it looks a little one-sided.

I spent a good few hours watching all the demos before I started these predictions (geek?) and I have to say that even though saunamen lost both their game so far they put up a damn good fight against some of the best in the division with relatively little practise. These guys still have it. I think they could have easily tied DU.eu but they had very poor RT Chewing, and were a little uncoordinated at times. Citrus did very well on the Fade duties, covering for some sloppy plays from his teammates. There were sparks of quality in both of their previous games, and I really want to see them nurtured into a towering inferno of mayhem!

It seems Snowrollers are out to ruin my reputation as an e-Sports journalist, throwing spanners in my Predict-o-tron every week. They seemed to be half asleep in their Week 2 fixture vs. Quaxy, but eventually woke up to claim a strong Alien Round on Tanith culminating in 3 Hives at 10 minutes. I suspect they missed the cool-headed fading of Taurus, as I noticed rabbit developed an Invicibility Complex when the second hive went up on Veil and was rudely awakened with a hot lead injection. C’est la vie! Still, they will have to pull out all the stops to make a dent in the saunamen gameplan, and good luck to them!

Impact players:
saunamen - : Citrus (Tank Fade), NsN (Marine), Hopsu (Drunken Mess)
sR | : ActionIHOP7 (Lerk), tjab0 (Skulk), JetJaguar (Marine)

saunamen 4 - 0 Snowrollers

Adz’ Final Thought: Snow in the Sauna? It’s all going to end in tears

Flatline-Ns vs. Team Russia

Russia and Germany are two nations with a lot of history, but all of that World War II carry on is nothing compared to the serious business of the European Natural Selection League.

Flatline-Ns show no signs of slowing down, dropping only 1 round in so far, in fact I’d say they are just getting some momentum. They devoured the Crabs (barely breaking a sweat even without their best line-up) and would have razed the Sauna to the ground if they hadn’t been caught off guard by their initial DC strat. New player Vlad Dracul has been assimilated into the War Machine and is showing great improvement. The one they call phil has been a constant menace, recently exhibiting some sexy skulking and gunplay. Take heed, here be Barbarians!

Team Russia battled against the odds in their first game to take a round from last ENSL7’s champions DU.eu. I was impressed! The best RT Chewing of the season so far garnished them with a well deserved Alien Round on Tanith. Lost saw Macpersil was steamrolling on the Marine Round, taking down 7 Skulks, 2 Resource Towers and 1 Gorge with his boomstick. It was all for nothing though as some ineffectual commanding from smokealot saw things slowing slipping away to the relentless pressure of five Finns and one Finspan(tard). There is much to be happy about with our comrades but still plenty to improve on, a dark horse indeed!

Impact players:
~flatline-ns` : phil (Skulk), wodKa (Marine), Cosmic (Fräuleined!)
.ru : Macpersil (Lerk/Shotgun), Snake (Fade), ares (Skulk)

Flatline-Ns 3 - 1 Team Russia

Adz’ Final Thought: War, huh, good God! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again!

The Sproggalots vs. CRAB BATTLE!!!

Here we see two polar opposites; one clan very sure of themselves and the other very deluded. The Sproggalots seem to think they have the coolest name ever, but CRAB BATTLE!!! know they have it!

I haven’t actually seen Sprogga play since they dismantled Quaxy, but I’d say that is more down to my lack of activity than theirs. The Energiser Bunnies of NS have no doubt be practising every god-given minute, and they’ll be looking for a for a flawless victory in this game. I noticed whilst doing some cyber-stalking on The Steam Community that Willa hasn’t been online in 11 days, not good for The Sproggalots. The return of Icelandic superstar and purveyor of (bad) frag movies, Niall “lagga” Aldridge, should be able to fill in this potential gap in the squad. Watch out for his constant moaning and boyish charm.

CRAB BATTLE!!! are a clan in need of a good kick up the arse. On paper they actually have a decent line-up, whilst they may not be expected to win every game they should be sitting mid-table. A combination of inept (read: crap) leadership and erratic levels of activity sees them slide in my estimations. Efforts are being made to draft in some fresh blood and revitalise operations. The acquisition of Mutli and Born improves the outlook, but presently I don’t see them taking a round from their esteemed opposition.

Impact players:
sprogga ~ : Sheep (Lerk), lagga (WhineWin!), GibbZ (Powered by Pears)
CRAB BATTLE!!! : Nirgal (Half-Man/Half-Baguette), Mutli (Lerk), Arj (Killed a Fade!)

The Sproggalots 4 - 0 CRAB BATTLE!!!

Adz’ Final Thought: Or am I just fucking with you? Psyche!

Destination Unknown vs. Quaxy Gayming

I probably shouldn’t even bother writing predictions for Quaxy. It’s almost guaranteed that whatever I write will not happen. Yet my prediction for Destination Unknown was correct so maybe the Gods of NS will smile on me… not you MAAAD!

When not transmitting pumping dance music over Voice Chat and creating erotic aliases based around household cleaning apparatus, DU.eu have actually managed to win a few games! These guys are starting to get into the swing of things, after an admittedly shaky start versus Team Russia. Scale and zh have been doing a great job both on and off the field of battle. They have displayed some excellent map control and good strategic play and are improving with every game they play together. I’ll be watching the Apo\VODGA double team hovering up the opposition.

I must doff my hat to the Quaxy boys, they seemed to take on board what I said last week and went out and kicked some ass! Nova did a excellent job commanding on Veil and really locked the Swedes out. I was very impressed by their Alien teamwork with Lifeforms providing support to RT Chewing Skulks and some great play-making from Rapsu’s Lerk. On Marine Kuitmo and Talis proved to be a formidable Shotgun Duo, but lucked out in Acidic as the Snowrollers finally organised themselves. I think they might be able to take a round from their fellow countrymen. But I’ve been wrong before!

Impact players:
DU.eu - : zh (Mastermind), VODGA (Marine), Apo (Kills skulks with Shotgun!)
Quaxy - : Talis (Fade/Shotgun), rapsu (Lerk), Nova (Commando, U-Turn for me?)

Destination Unknown 3 - 1 Quaxy Gayming

Adz’ Final Thought: They love each other really, but this time it’s personal!

The euphoria of finally completing these bastard predictions is quickly overshadowed by next weeks’ deadline looming large. Damn you all!
Admirable on 02 November 07 03:16



Blank Tweadle

pretty cool

2 November 2007, 04:37


Blank M

good job ad

2 November 2007, 07:53


Blank zeDracul

"GibbZ (Powered by Pears)" xD

nice predictions admi

2 November 2007, 09:00


Blank NsN

"On my travels I had heard whispers of a Laplander who was 10 feet tall and as wide as house! They told me his veins pumped with pure Kossu…

&#8230;but it turned that was just Hospu in the Flatline vs. saunamen game. If the internet has taught me anything, it is that Finns can&#8217;t drink! :D" i love ur predictions <3 :D

2 November 2007, 11:18


Blank Scale

Nice prediction admi once again :D Hospu <333

2 November 2007, 11:59


Blank scratchie

`you should get money from jiriki :P
nice predictions!

2 November 2007, 13:23


Blank Meyfarth

I love those preds :D

2 November 2007, 13:33


Blank Meyfarth

Hmmm, and Arj(TKED a fade), not killed him :P

2 November 2007, 13:35


Blank Arj | Ant

Indeed, we should sponsor Ad for this level of preds. Zamma aint doing so bad either, reduced fee? :P

2 November 2007, 14:10


Blank Apo

"I&#8217;ll be watching the Apo\VODGA double team hovering up the opposition."


2 November 2007, 15:29


Blank Nirgal

Nice preds admi :x

2 November 2007, 15:50


Blank Scale

DUs domination team :) DOUBLE D!! DYNAMIC DUO

2 November 2007, 16:16


Blank CraZyIvan

<3's ads preds ^^

2 November 2007, 17:13


Blank Apo

Cursed :DDD

2 November 2007, 18:49


Blank CraZyIvan

apparently apo kills skulks with sg :O

2 November 2007, 23:45


Blank P3anut


3 November 2007, 00:10


Blank Apo

im tha sg mastah

3 November 2007, 11:08


Blank Arj | Ant

What division 2.. aint that folded Cursed? :P

3 November 2007, 13:47


Blank Iots | el'pheer

Only thing that will fold is sum retard clans with nothing but french ppl in it, hah!

3 November 2007, 15:44


Blank jiriki | old people

Nice job again. Thanks Ad.

Jefferson airplane which reminds me of.. hush! Naanananaanananaanananaa..

3 November 2007, 15:54


Blank Citrus

tank :O ?

4 November 2007, 14:46


Blank Admirable | coolclan

I saw you kill 3 SG in the corridor between Acidic and Cargo! :D

4 November 2007, 15:55


Blank Citrus

pure skillz

4 November 2007, 23:49

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