Week 4 Predictions

Here are the full predictions for Week 4. Arj was first to do them, then came Gibbz followed by Admirable's preds.

Arj’s 2nd Division Predictions

I'll base my predictions rather on assumptions then on recent performances, basically because I can't watch demo's at work. If someone else volunteers for the predicting div 2 and watching demos in the process, I'll gladly step down. So accurate preds, not so much, early preds no problem.

@llusion vs. NS Force
This is the match of the week, this one gets extra pred time attention .

I must say Chibi and pcd did a much better job gathering a solid team, then recently retired MAAAD. They have managed to scoop up players who fall short for div 1, but have potential to become div 1 players. In a 3 division setup I would rate them lower div 2, pitchfork plus reinforcements? Recent performances don’t give me much information on how they perform so far, Kiez the big bad bully and Td in a mutating state. I think ‘The Sage’ has a solid knowledge of how the game should be played, a team of these potentially good players could give the marine rounds some spark, especially if pcd continues his good marine form. Chibi’s lerk and T0uko’s fade give the alien rounds possibilities, though I’m worried about communication’s and pressure on strategic choices. When under pressure panic could resolve in stupiditiy, a strategic view and solid communication will be @llusion’s bane; orbital and eclipse are no easy maps for @llusion. I have little knowledge of some of the players of NS Force, no offense to Sifright, Aero and Yeti which according to Gibbz, are carry players for this team, I’ll try and watch some games, though Gibbz and I tend do disagree quite often. Jedi Sheep, jiriki, Maxx!!, Walking Target and Zydeco are no new names to me, these players have div 1 history (considering this 2 div setup), though these players are not as active as in history, therefore are not accountable for their former level. The only one I’d consider a solid performance (without considering the new names) is Walking Target and Zydeco. Unless the ‘new guys’ bring some solid lifeforming, I wouldn’t dare to guess who could give a solid performance. Though as a team I’d consider NS Force to have some teamplay, communication, and when jiriki gets known with the team, some strategic input. The perfect combination to win an alien round without carry lifeforms. I’ll try accurate predictions for each round, I realize this will result in failure most of the time. A small explanation; every round have 2 perspectives, they look quite different, therefore I will give you both as I predict them. For ze French.. 2 perspectives make 1 round OK? ;)

Orbital - @llusion marine round perspective:
I recon @llusion will give it a good round, maybe getting a res node down at the start and getting a pg in the field. With the pressure I expect from the NS Force alien teamplay I suspect @llusion will not be able to push the second upgoing hive. If @llusion keeps part of rescontrol we could get a nice end-game battle for the 3rd hive. But all effort in vein for @llusion in the end.

Orbital - NS Force alien round perspective:
Some teamplay is needed to vent off an assault on the starting RT’s, maybe losing an RT in the process, possibly losing two if @llusions marines stick together and have a good day. After this NS Force is likely to regain map control chewing down some RT’s in the process. When the fade and the hive go up, I suspect a battle for map control rather then a battle for the hive. If NS Force lose one of their lifeforms in early game it could be bye bye map control, and the late pressure for the second hive could be the case, resulting in a siege effort. NS Force will most likely win one-on-one’s to get marine RT’s down, but how to stop the 2nd hive siege? When leap goes up @llusion will lose such a siege effort due to a lack of RT’s. After a siege wasted siege effort and the loss of map control the game should be over shortly. So this round most likely goes to NS Force, unless they lose their fade really early in the game. Losing lifeforms after minute 5 should be a problem they can overcome if they didn’t lose both RT’s at the start.

Orbital - @llusion alien round perspective:
@llusion will experience heavy pressure on their dropped RT’s at the start, if they support their lerk for the battle for their second RT to go down, they could vent off a loss of both dropped RT’s. If they can’t, I’m afraid NS Force will wale over @llusion make this a game with no possibilities for @llusion due to constant pressure. If they manage to defend that second RT it’s time to get on nodes and avoid nifty PG’s. Do this long enough to get T0uko’s fade to mess with the PG plans even further, postponing attack on the second upgoing hive. I doubt @llusion can put sufficient pressure, they are most likely to defend their second upgoing hive, carry from T0uko’s fade and Chibi’s lerk is required to vent off this attack. If they manage to pull that off, chew RT’s in the meantime and get some extra nodes up, they could be back in the game, small odds to that happening. An endgame would be a battle between the lifeforms and HA, who will win that? With solid RT chewing and lifeforming @llusion have a small chance.

Orbital - NS Force marine round perspective:
Will the shotgun aim be with NS Force today? I suspect them taking down one RT at the start due to lack of communication on @llusion’s part. But the second RT gets protected by Chibi’s rambo lerk, if shotgun aim fails Chibi could save the day. In case there is a lack of comm experience I expect jiriki to come up with a tactic involving map control, so NS Force won’t do any surprising tactics claiming map control in the start. With @llusions morale battered they might forget coordination and make it fairly easy for NS Force to keep map control and even push the second upcoming hive. A PG near the upgoing hive will result in a SG rush, unless the lifeforms carry that hive is lost. With no res and no spare hive @llusion will most likely get pressured in their main hive with JP or HA, game over. This round goes to NS Force, tho I could see them losing the round due to a solid baserush. If the lifeforms can carry today and the RT chewing isn’t forgotten, @llusion has a small shot.

Eclipse - @llusion marine round perspective:
I recon it will be two rounds lost at this point, making it a reasonable choice to go aggressive, just the thing that might work against NS Force. Eclipse is a small aggressive friendly map, so push those nodes with plenty shotguns and I could really see @llusion take both RT’s down. What to do after such a great start? I myself tend to epic fail and lose such rounds, and this could very well happen for @llusion. ‘The Sage’ will most likely play conservative, a good choice to try a get map control, no res (due to loads of wasted res on getting those nodes down, and not building many RT’s) makes it hard to get that map control. I expect @llusion to lose the battle for map control. An effort to put pressure on the second upgoing hive will result in failure due to the lack of upgrades. But, if @llusion can move in small groups and cover RT’s well enough, the good start could be followed in map control, if they can take down that fade, pressure second hive will be easy, and that game is won, highly unlikely though.

Eclipse - NS Force alien round perspective:
A small map makes convering RT’s and coordinating rushes easier, though I miss the feeling NS Force will get those marines down. Depending on whether marines go aggressive or not, I see NS Force lose one or two RT’s. Depending on how good that lerk is, regaining map control might not be easy. I suspect the lerk to go down in case of an aggressive approach. In that case winning one-on-one’s against SG’s won’t be easy. Indecisiveness on @llusion on what to do next, could make it easier for NS Force to regain map control. I suspect map control will not be very clear until the fade goes up. If marines push the upgoing hive I suspect NS Force can defend the hive long enough to get it up and avoid an endgame. If the marines play conservative we might get a nice endgame with HA’s and siege opportunities. This game’s outcome depends on many aspects in the game. When @llusion go aggressive get lucky and follow with conservative play I expect them to win. NS Force could make this an easy game by making sure those nodes don’t go down at the start.

Eclipse - @llusion alien round perspective:
Damn that medspam! Or do the meds miss and can we defend our RT’s. Chibi gets lucky and doesn’t die, unlikely but what if. If @llusion can hold those RT’s and maybe just lose one with a fight, if they can get that T0uko fade up quick enough they got a shot to win that game, don’t forget to chew RT’s! If everything goes well for @llusion I still doubt those RT’s will be chewed sufficiently due to good RT cover, a nice battle will immense; HMG vs. fade. Even then this round will be too hard for @llusion to handle. The only way I can see @llusion getting this round is when they decide to go for SC after losing those first 3 rounds. I don’t know NS Force’s comm (I doubt Ghost will play seeing he didn’t play in the other games, but if that’s the Ghost I know he could be a very decent comm), anyway, an inexperienced comm could have difficulties with handeling SC’s. The focus Chibi lerk could also pose problems with a bit of luck. NS Force will take this round hands down. Unless you do the funny stuff @llusion, but who does that these days.. :P

Eclipse - NS Force marine round perspective:
Nothing special except for med spam. I don’t know the guy in the chair, I don’t know how accurate his meds will be (I hope not as bad as mine), but if you hit the meds on those first rushes I expect NS Force to take down both RT’s unless Chibi gets bs luck. I expect Chibi to die in something like south loop while defending an RT with too much risk. Getting two RT’s down, what’s next, that problem again. I feel NS Force can win their one-on-one’s and keep their res up and keep map control. Pressuring the upgoing hive will not be a big problem and I expect an easy game.

Impact players:
@llusion: Touko (Fade), pcd (Marine), Chibi (Lerk)
NS-F:Zydeco (Marine/Skulk), Walking Target (Marine), jiriki (Tactics)

@llusion 1 – 3 NS-F

Will Chibi have his day? :)

Kiez vs. flamers

The big bad top notch in wrong div Kiez take on the bashed raging flaming flamers this week. Kiez have shown they are a top team in this division, although they did lose to.. omg FRP in div 2 like most of us have called it :P. No big surprise to lose to the finns, what did surprise me was the german rage after that loss, so morale is not very high for Kiez. Handschuh has shown much improvement in his competitive time, and Saebel has always been an underestimated asset. Kiez has a balanced team, noone really lacks in regard (like me when I skulk in div 1.. lol). The only thing that can take down Kiez, is pressure. If flamers could manage to win the first round, morale will be downhill for Kiez, the players will feel extra pressure and might forget to do that awesome teamplay Kiez has. Kiez could have some trouble winning their alien round on orbital if flamers bring the aim, since a large map and open spaces make it hard to coordinate and teamplay. Kiez’ lifeforms are not rock solid, open spaces don’t help in this regard. Eclipse is small and will be perfect for Kiez to work on, I don’t expect them to lose any rounds there.

The flamers, testosteron being the perfect player to fit the name, have had an unlucky game against NS Force, most troubling being their infighting, flamers.. says it all. Barebone is inexperienced and has to battle against the odds, I do not blame him in any regard, and neither should his team. I suggest you pull some amazing tactics out of your hat since you are fighting against impossible odds Barebone ;). Without gobot there is not much experience in the team, I expect AcidicX to do a good spore lerk. Flamers could surprise Kiez by winning a round, and by bringing shock who knows what could happen with out of the ordinary tactics. Watch your base on orbital Barbone, it’s a big map and your team will either be far in the field or (likely :P) in the IP queue. Eclipse is shotgun rush friendly, but I don’t see flamers take a shotgun rush round, although they might try on eclipse. It would surprise me if flamers can take a round, but go go pro tactics.

Impact players:
Kiez: Handschuh (Marine/Skulk), Saebel (Marine/Skulk)
flamers: acidicX (Spore Lerk), rainbow (Vent Onos)

Kiez 4 – 0 flamers

Will Barebone bring pro tactics? :)

Totalidy vs. TTS
Totalidy aquired some new blood for this week: alphEx (must be a pubber), Rutix, Vigilante. There is many influence happening in this team, Evangelion and NecRos most likely aquired alphEx, stewy brought Vigilante, and maybe even lump got his old buddy Rutix in? :P (doubtful :P). Anyway.. things are happening in Totalidy, this week they bring another team to the plate , although they didn’t recruit stewy and lump last week, I suspect they will use at least one of the new guys (but who? I doubt any of them can bring spark (don’t know alphEx though (brackets in brackets? Totalidy have a lot of people that know the game, but can’t play this game very well :) (I myself know this painful fact :P). Stewy and lump can bring much influence, having one of these can be a pain, having two must be immense :P. I doubt all this knowledge can be used well when there is little carry in the field. The team as a whole has mediocre skill, though any team could use one or two carry players, I hope Rutix gets his old form to bring some carry, unlike Gibbz I highly doubt Stewy will bring anything in the field. TTS is not a team to underestimate at the least, orbital will be a problem for Totalidy unless they can get a spore lerk to do a good job and have lump coordinate the round. TTS will bring good pressure, I doubt Totalidy can hold against that pressure on RT’s, if they focus on sporing marines and chewing RT’s they should be fine to get the round. How do you win a marine round without carry marines? There are various ways to give your team an edge, lump has this knowledge, use it wisely.

TTS gave it a good fight against top contenders NS Force last week, for some a surprise, but good players can still play well without practice. Considering the two matches they played now, we could count TTS as warmed up and ready to get cracking against Totalidy. TTS unlike Totalidy have some players which do carry rounds, especially SolDieR and gonzo, being commanded by mastermind Voodoo (did anyone compare Voodoo to me? :P). Seriously, a good team consists out of two solid players and a good tactician, TTS got the pack. If only they could get pro Hungarian nephotep to join the team, and I could see these guys end in the top of div 2. TTS has a strong marine round for div 2 standards, Totalidy have the relatively weak alien team, so winning eclipse marine round should not be a big problem for TTS. Orbital requires good coordination divided in RT cover and pressure, not silly tactics, so TTS might slip the bill on this one. A medicre alien team against a mediocre marine team, how will this end? Totalidy have a chance to win a marine round if the tacticians do their work properly, it is doubtful they will take both. I recon Totalidy could take orbital marine round in an endgame, and lose eclipse due to foolishness or indecisiveness.

Impact players
Totalidy: lump (Tactics)
TTS: gonzo (Marine), SolDieR (Marine)

Totalidy 2 – 2 TTS

Will Totalidy field lump? :)

GibbZ’ Division 2 Predictions

Last week for division 2 brought up a few shocks and results which changed my views on how the season is going. Unforunately due to the departure of Unit51, who (as I predicted!) went inactive and died, another clan has been added in their place. This clan is the finnish squad known as "Mars Rover is a Fake". This new team to the division looks like they could force a fight having a mostly active roster with a few players who have been in some reasonable teams. (hey FRP!) This new team has certainly added to this divisions drama and experience and I'll like to see how the teams progress and cope with this latejoiner.

@llussion vs. NS-Horses

Here in this war we have a full fledged battle between the most improving clans (in my opinion) of division 2 so far. @llusion somewhat boat an ever stronger roster now with the departure of MAAAD and in recent days, due to activity, they have been putting up some stronger fights then in their earlier, and darker, times. However NS-Forces is the way to go if we want a real war, boasting a 15 man roster. Although the roster is large this team certainly is active having on average a daily PCW atleast. This proves well for the team being newcomers to the competetive scene, yet with the recruits of jiriki, Maxx, and WankingTarget, they do boast some experienced players who are always willing to lend some advice (wether it be right or wrong!) and who generally lead the team into the right direction. This game will be a good game to watch as skillwise I feel the teams are quite evenly matched although I feel it's all going to depend on the play of individual players on the day.

@llusion show no signs of giving up which is always a good sign in any clan. They have had some ups and downs and had their own rivalries in their time yet have stuck by and kept on going. Although the roster is mainly made up by mid level baguette munchers, they do boast alot of teamwork and they have a good idea of how to improve. The main strength in their arsenal is the pitchfork combo of pcd, pathy, and touko. Touko has some sharp aim and sly skulking, and with pcd they make a great combination conquering not just lots of snails, but alien lifeforms to. pathy (=8))on the other hand boasts a calm style of play being in my eyes one of the better division two players when it comes to skulking. Although his movement may not be on par, his teamwork is top notch and his node biting is a game winner. Recent recruit gobot also shows strong with a decent fade, however after leaving Flamers he may have lost the dark arts of tanking.

YO CLANNED. That's what you should be spamming when these guys get to division 1 (and boy I have faith in them!). NS-Forces, comprised of YO-clan regs and even admins is the all fun all improving all imigrant farm team. Well Farm Team certainly is debatable. NS-Forces just keeps on growing. In my personal experience the team will feel this on the improvement of the team as larger teams always "level" slower due to teamwork issues and playtime. However this team is not just here to improve and dominate, but to have fun, so I guess kutos to them. Recent recruit of jiriki has passed on well with the team, making the combined PT count of two! This PT combination is GODLIKE, especially when Zydeco roams the field with some nice shotgun aim, with jiriki in the chair spamming him silly. Yet I feel the core of the team lies with scary_jeff, Siffy and Aero! These three as original founders have improved a bunch load! They have gone through thick and thin yet it's really showing. Aero^ has excelled his marined in recent games showing an great shotgunner, while Siffy proves fit as a fade, skulk and general allrounder, and not to forget scary_jeff. He has a low confidence which is holding him back as he does show some impressive skulking at times and is one of the more essential teamplayers when it comes to welding. When he cracks out his box he'll prove a fury on the field. All in all NS-F are ever improving and I don't put it past any of their members to put a strong performance. They even have israelies! (GOGO YETI AGAS!) However after a shocker of a draw to ^|TTS|^ I feel they have lost some moral which could effect this game.

Impact players:
@llusion - : Touko (ball licker), Chibi` (fap fap chuckle), pcd (Toukos meatshield)
NS-F | : Yeti (Israelish reg), Aero^ (Marine), scary_jeff (Ban Management)

@llusion 2 - 2 NS-Forces

GibbZ’ Final Thought: P3anut is obese.

Totalidy vs. Hungarians

Here we have an interesting game between two clans comprised of active and talented pubbers (minus lump, hes not talented! olol!). While one has a range of nationalities the other comprises of nephoteps a.k.a hungries. Both teams are always improving and in my personal opinion, TTS, due to their span of life have the upper ground with more competetive inexperience however dated it may be.

Totalidy was founded by and contains a lot of active pubbers who are always familiar faces in our local pubs. This clan has taken the step into competetive NS this season for some of it's players, however some of the players of the Td lineup do have a competetive background, which does show they are not just run of the mill pubbers and do have experience and a basis of knowledge to play with. This is seen in their gameplay where you can see some great individual performance at times. However Td lacks teamwork and this is needs to be fixed for any chance of success. Stewy would boad well in carrying the team unfortunately due to his inactivity this has not been so and the team has definately suffered. Losing all their games so far the moral is wearing on this team. Yet they do keep playing, so although they may have low moral, they will still improve and this does give them an edge on TTS who I have not seen in more recent days. The strength of the team mainly feeds from Pilopo and his dainish backup AphexTwin and Evangelion. All of which maintain a good level of teamplay and a decent alien game. However Pilopo comes top in marine games being a solid shot for this team. Luckily for this team lump has been inactive and this proves a benefit. Maybe with this break they can really show what they are capable of?

The Hungarians seem inactive recently and this will show no positive effect on their skill. The team constantly relies on teamwork over personal performance to bring a win, and they do it well with Voodo as leader. The field strength of the team relies on performance from Gonzo, BlackEvil and Soldier all of which host play to a good marine. Although they have been inactive, they do have a moral boost from a draw with NS-Forces last week. With ego growing on this draw they may be able to put up some stronger performance individually. Yet this can have a reverse effect and as the ego grows, they may practice less and cripple themselves into a loss.

Impact players:
Totalidy : NeCroS (reg!), Pilopo (Marine, Skulk)
^|TTS|^ : Voodo (Skulk, Commander), Gonzo (All-round), Soldier (Soldier!)

Totalidy 1 - 3 TTS

GibbZ’ Final Thought: < insert random lump bashing > (I secretly idol him :<)

Kiez Clan Hamburger vs. Pyromaniacs

Here we see civil war among germany! Kiez Clan Hamburg vs the Flamers. While one side has show an infallible performance this season the other has just kept hanging on. This battle in my opinion seems one sided. However they are both fighting for the same side!

KIEZ is da nibbz! They have teh 1337 r3g h4x and like tanking skillZ. They rely mainly on a solid teamplay base but they do show individual performance from Glove a.k.a Handsucks. Glove once again is going to be mentioned in my prediction. Why? Cause he simply is a div one player in a div two team. Simple enough. Although in fairness Kiez has a strong roster throughout, with great play from premium at times. They have however had a tradegy. Saebel unfortunately contracted the deadly "inactive" virus and has disapeared from the roster page. This tragic loss will impact the team however it is probably for the great good.

The flamers consisted at the start of the season with a very small roster. However in recent weeks it has grown and grown acquiring some skillfull players. Especially in slith who used to be quite a skillfull player. Although he may not be active at the moment, his experience will show well on the team and hopefully they will learn a few things from him. I feel flamers will make a new turn around with this bigger roster, as my worries at the start of the season of this team have slowly died and I see them making good foundations for a good team.

Impact players:
Kiez : Handschuh (Die Scheisse!), SaperioN (Marine)
Flamers!!! : acidicX (Sulphuric acid mate.), slith (Marine)

Kiez 4 - 0 Flamers

GibbZ’ Final Thought: Kiez on fire! Although a first loss last week will not give moral a good boost! Although with the new finnish team incoming... it gives them something to fight for with this new competition.

Thanks for reading...

I am sorry they are bad. I r tired.

Admirable’s Division 1 Predictions

Thanks to GibbZ for covering for my Erectile Dysfunction, I have now managed to get mine up.

Better late than never, right?

Snowrollers vs. The Sproggalots

I’m feeling a little ruthless this week. I’ve tried in my past predictions to paint an optimistic outlook for the weaker teams in the division, but my inspirational words seem to fall on deaf ears! Ruthless Admirable says this match is looks to be pretty cut and dried.

Snowrollers have some good players, they have a good attitude and they seem to have a good time playing their games. But what they do not have is ability to win rounds against the top clans in Division 1. Whilst good performances from the likes of Action_IHOP7, tjab0, Taurus and Xythe might be enough to cover up poor teamwork and a lack of cohesion against lower tier teams, it will almost certainly be pissing in the wind in this fixture. I can only see the Swedes taking a round through a well timed rush or a cataclysmic cock-up from their opponents.

The Sproggalots prayers have been answered this week. The Big Commander in the sky has dropped them a big fat Catalyst Pack, he goes by the name of Sherpa. This guy knows his way around a Command Chair (and he’s not bad at the other stuff too); former Commander for Nine Legends and has represented Europe in several Exhibition games. That being said he hasn’t proved to be the most active player in his past with Sprogga, but first impressions are good. However, this team is much more than one man and I expect nothing short of domination.

Impact players:
sR | : Xythe (Marine), tjab0 (Born to Impact), inTegreTor/BB (Man with the plan)
sprogga ~ :Sherpa (Comm), Player (He’s on FIRE!), Tweadle (Bribed me for this.)

Snowrollers 0 - 4 The Sproggalots

Adz’ Final Thought: Sprogga will be looking to take all rounds here. The season is hotting up and I think it’s too much for Snowrollers.

Destination Unknown vs. Flatline-Ns

If I were to describe this fixture in one word, I think I’d have to go for epic! This is the first clash between any of the top three teams and I am moist with anticipation!

Destination Unknown will be going into this as slight underdogs, even as the current ENSL title holders many people rate them slightly behind Sprogga and Flatline. The much talked about poll on this very page reinforces my point. The Finnish Hoover Squad (and the Spanish Janitor) will be out to demonstrate what they are capable of. I was very happy with their performance against Quaxy and I can see advancements have been made since the start of the season. Everything is looking tight and the rusty players like Naxu and doogie are starting to shine.

I’m shouting “full steam ahead!” for Germany’s own Flatline-Ns this week, riding on the back of another 4-0 victory this is a team that exudes confidence and class. Everyone on this team is really firing on all cylinders. Their last game versus Team Russia showcased this well, with word picking up a perfect Marine Round and Morvie taking down the entire team as Fade. I think it’s fair to say that these two teams are quite similar in playing style. Both have very strong Marine Rounds with a preference for Motion Tracking in the Early\Mid game. So the result will be heavily dependent on which players pull out their ‘A’ Game and who wins the munching war.

Impact players:
DU.eu - : Scl (Marine/Lerk), zh (Fade/Comm), doogie (Cunning Linguist)
~flatline-ns` : L@ugh (Drunk Comm), word (Ninja Marine), phil (Big Philly Style)

Destination Unknown 2 - 2 Flatline-Ns

Adz’ Final Thought: I’m going to get splinters in my arse for this one, too close to call!

Quaxy Gayming vs. saunamen

Hmmmm! Young Finns involved in a Natural Selection shootout! If you’ve been keeping up to date with current affairs in Finland this might seem a little controversial, but it’s just business as usual here at the ENSL.

First off I’d like to say “Damn you Quaxy Gayming!”. I asked you to do one thing for me in last week’s predictions, just win one measly round. I really believed in you, from the bottom of my heart! Guys, you’ve cut me deep. In fairness you came up against an on-form DU.eu, but you still could have done better. Kuitmo did well as Fade on both maps and I was also impressed with Vartija on both Marine and Alien, but without some co-ordination and timing the whole thing just fell on its face. I am broken-hearted, but I have composed myself to forgive you. Forgiven, but not forgotten!

I haven’t seen saunamen playing recently as a team but that is in keeping with their current culture of inactive. This doesn’t change my expectations, good individual efforts with some displays of solid teamwork but also a few reckless plays (which might even pay off against their inconsistent foe). As an official Tane fanboi I am pleased to see his name back on the roster, but I can’t say I’ve seen him around much, even on the pubs that were once his stomping ground. The other players are more than capable anyway, and some Industrial Action should be enough to sink Quaxy, be it Mayhem or Steamroll.

Impact players:
saunamen - : NsN (Mayhem), Citrus (Not-A-Tank Fade), Zakj (Steamroll)
Quaxy - : Kuitmo (Fade), Vartija (Skulk/Marine), Talis (GI Joe)

Quaxy Gayming 0 - 4 saunamen

Adz’ Final Thought: Damn you Quaxy Gayming! :D

Team Russia vs. CRAB BATTLE!!!

The two teams featured here have promised much and delivered little so far. On paper I would say CRAB BATTLE!!! have a stronger roster, but in terms of experience playing together and actually results I’d probably go with Team Russia.

My comrades at Team Russia had a tough fixture last week against the German War Machine, but even taking this into account I thought they played quite poorly. They seem much too reliant on Macpersil to carry the Marine Round, which is not necessarily a bad tactic against weaker teams. The Marine Round is definitely their main weakness, with some dodgy cover and lacklustre commanding. That said, they do a good Kharaa with good Early Ambushing and nice RT Chewing, and with the spectrum of pings on offer in this team Marines often find it difficult to choose where to aim.

I’d say CRAP CRAB BATTLE!!! can claim the title for most multicultural clan now; last week acquiring a Polak, a Dane and then another Frenchie this week, namely GuiZ. Things are improving little by little with my colleagues learning the subtle nuances of the Northern Irish accent, and some actual PCWs being played! But there is still much room for improvement and that ‘silent’ teamwork that comes from playing together remains elusive. Must. Try. Harder.

Impact players:
.ru : Macpersil (Marine/Lerk), Sone (Warp 9), smokealot (Trash Talk)
CRAB BATTLE!!! : Meyfarth (Marine), Nirgal (Almost as good as Admirable), Saba (Super Skulk)

Team Russia 3 - 1 CRAB BATTLE!!!

Adz’ Final Thought: Maybe if I keep predicting us to lose we will win? Mmmm… not likely :D

Same time next week!
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7 November 2007, 21:27


Blank Arj | Ant

Hmm.. where is my preds.. I gave em to Jiriki yesterday :(

8 November 2007, 03:40


Blank Apo

Arj, you sir are cut.

8 November 2007, 04:26


Blank lump

"However Pilopo comes top in marine games being a solid shot for this team."

HAHAH, nice demo watching, 3 times in a row he didn't check spots on the way to topo and 3 times the marines behind him died.. Steal please!

8 November 2007, 09:02


Blank jiriki | old people

Arj, sorry. Forgot them tbh and then closed the half-finished firefox window. >_<

Will do them today.

8 November 2007, 09:24


Blank Tweadle

pilopo owns

8 November 2007, 12:02


Blank Arj | Ant

Am I the only one getting annoyed about Tweadle's butt kissing towards Gibbz?

Time for some finn loller reactions plz :P

8 November 2007, 12:50


Blank GibbZ | 9L

just cuz u aint pro enough to get ur butt kissed!

love u tweadle baby <3 kiss kiss

8 November 2007, 14:25


Blank Lugh

i am not be able to read the pred! I am drunk again...

8 November 2007, 15:59


Blank Iots | el'pheer

lolled at the shootout remark

8 November 2007, 17:46


Blank atman

i predict my isp making an 100+ ping impact to anything that has to be routed through stockholm

8 November 2007, 18:07


Blank jiriki | old people

longest news post in ensl history perhaps.

8 November 2007, 20:42


Blank Tweadle

kiss kiss zamma <3
Ty for preds arj, i didn't read them but thanks ;)

8 November 2007, 21:17


Blank Apo

wall of text

9 November 2007, 04:49


Blank naduli | Exertus


9 November 2007, 05:16


Blank Arj | Ant

hmm.. Jiriki kind of screwed up paragraph's and grammer :P

9 November 2007, 05:34


Blank Citrus

"Not-A-Tank Fade" :o But they say that i am a tank.

9 November 2007, 09:20


Blank Admirable | coolclan

Damnit Citrus!
There is no pleasing you...


9 November 2007, 11:42


Blank Cheesy

love your preds arj !! you are really in the shit of that.. ;) would like to see further preds of you

9 November 2007, 17:26


Blank Iots | el'pheer

that sounded gay..

anyhow wall of text crits for 1 thousand.

9 November 2007, 19:04


Blank vartija | KelaKorvausKöyhille

Ya great preds ad. your our top reporter <3

10 November 2007, 06:40


Blank jiriki | old people

Arj, you had way too much newlines in your post.

I didnt touch the content any other than fix some random grammar mistakes and removed overuse of smilies, they don't really fit between sentences.

But good work nevertheless, thanks.

10 November 2007, 06:48


Blank Testosterown

"testosteron being the perfect player to fit the name" I WIN!!!

11 November 2007, 09:28


Blank weezer

it's amazing how admirable is unable to come even close in his predictions of our matches

15 November 2007, 09:32


Blank Admirable | coolclan

I'm sorry to tell you that I have 75% accuracy with saunamen games, having predicted 3 out of 4 correct scores.

But I'm sure you were just flame baiting me!

The circle of life continues...

15 November 2007, 13:10

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