Week 1 predictions, Special Edition!

Special edition preds, by Voodo

Team Korea - Hamiltoned

O yeah, first only we Europeans, than the Americans, now the far-east Koreans! Afterall, we are the mighty big red cross of the NS!
As Prophets out of the picture, there was an open slot, and a Korean team happend to tune-in just in time, so with the mighty powers of our finnish rambo, jiriki, they finally got into the league. Their first match happend to be with the other all-famous spantard all-star team!
From what I've heard, MAAD, the holy-spaniard, arranged the things, so they play 1 map on a US server, and 1 map on our ower-powered EU server.
Koreans are pretty damn good at teamwork, what i can also tell from the spantards, coz they get drunk together all the time, and it takes some skill to walk home together. On the other hand, Koreans have a special weapon, their ping. On the US server both team will have about 200 ping, which slightly moves the scale in the favor of the Korean team, so i would say (whichever map they choose first), that they will win both rounds on the US server. On the EU server, Koreans have about 400 ping, while the spaniards have normal(advantage, eh?).
I don't really know any of the korean players, but from what i see in CS, their aim is sick, so get ur dodgy movements spainards, you gonna need it! So, i predict a 2-2 at the end.
Voodo on 09 November 08 20:47



Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

impact players are ping, and global warming

9 November 2008, 20:55


Blank Mulk | Ant

lol neco^^smilie is op 3-1 !

9 November 2008, 22:07


Blank GibbZ | 9L

I dont know much of the koreans. However there have been past korean teams that I have seen. If any of the players in the korean team are fakenickers from the clan spicy then we can expect alot. However I see no godon.

Koreans are known gamers and although they are used to RTS, godon really showed they can literally be AIMBOTS. I wouldn't be surprised if the koreans are either really shit or really good. However I reckon as their scene is really dead, they will lack teamwork and lack alien skill.

9 November 2008, 22:54


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

gibbz, now u sell urself to finns?

9 November 2008, 22:57


Blank GibbZ | 9L

you mean swedes?
It's just a sproggan take over.

9 November 2008, 23:09


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

sweeden, finland, same, both snow

9 November 2008, 23:19


Blank GibbZ | 9L

yea but swedes sound less manly then finns...

9 November 2008, 23:30


Blank GreeN | cisequaltothree

l0l koreans. new team addition whichbot next

10 November 2008, 00:07


Blank jiriki | old people

Great work Voodo, Bacillus, Morviem, even Macpersil and other admins. Its great you got the season running finally and the preds out too.

Good luck for koreans. Too bad the ping is so nasty.

Maybe koreans could make NS their national sport like Starcraft is. ;)

10 November 2008, 06:10


Blank Vision | Quaxy

Do Koreans play some damn good ns even with high pings. I predict a 4 - 0 for them.

10 November 2008, 06:56


Blank Vision | Quaxy

We need an edit button, Do = the*

10 November 2008, 06:57


Blank rapsu | Quaxy

GO GO GIBZNAATTOR but beware of the swedes surprise butt check... JIIIIIIIIIHHHAAAAAAAAA

10 November 2008, 08:03


Blank dugi

zamma you twat, korea is not singapore.

10 November 2008, 08:16


Blank Johs

Why dont they just play both maps on that american server. Even pings, even game.

10 November 2008, 09:40


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots

always the same, you never will predict a victory for a spanish server, even if you are getting owned in several pcw´s...

10 November 2008, 10:51


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers


10 November 2008, 10:56


Blank atman

neco can aim like he has 40 ping even if he has 400

10 November 2008, 11:48


Blank GibbZ | 9L

doogie you dumbass... godon is KOREAN he played for SINGAPORE because he used to clan in a Singaporean clan in the Australian League...

I actually came across 3 koreans last night (this morning) in an american pug.

These guys have some skills... One had really good movement as alien altho his ping was really letting him down on bites. Good gamesense... good aim... bad ping :x

10 November 2008, 13:15


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

'I actually came across 3 koreans last night ' , you menwhore!

10 November 2008, 13:21


Blank vegavak

I don't see the fairness in playing matches on European servers, if the Koreans will have 400~ latency, and the Spaniards will have 50~ latency.

If they both ping 200 on North American servers, they should play all their matches on those servers out of fairness, or the games are a waste of time and the league is a joke.

11 November 2008, 19:19


Blank valo | pubstars

um its called the "European natural selection league"

surely if they want to participate in it, then they can expect to play on euro servers?

12 November 2008, 05:13


Blank vegavak

Just because it's called "European NS League" doesn't mean all the matches in it need to be on European soil.

Refusing to play fairly solely to have obvious advantages BEFORE a match even starts is an underhanded way to compete. Competitive league matches should be played on equal ground, or it simply isn't competitive.

If you can't understand that, you have no business replying to me. Then again, I guess some people play in this league for higher numbers and obviously handicapped wins.

12 November 2008, 20:13


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots

Its simple:

1º.- Korean scene is not enough big, then korea clans play usually vs others clan and they are accostumed of play with higher pingers.My clanmates usually play in eurozone servers with max 90-100 ping and the min in 50.If you know the game you can understand how this can change your gameplay and your aim, because one needs some "prediction" and the other need the best precision.

2º.- We play 1 map in west american server because we are pride about the interest of koreans in this leage and this help the NS scene atm.This is a European leage with his own rules and we are making the exception thinking in that:

- USA server is 200 vs 200 ping, but high ping is good for koreans.

- Europe server is 60 vs 400 with low ping for us, but dont forget the tank/warps factors, ect.

3º.- We choose play 1 map in USA server but the rest of the clans choose where they play.And we have the risk of some clans choosing all maps in euro servers trying to get average and getting probably more points but we choose this because we think first in the integration and improving of the scene, not only in our personal objetives.

4º.- We tried to unify the conditions about the korean clan with all clans, but the ensl admins refused that, because they think that is a task of the clans.If we play koreans in a special condition, want some control about this.But nothing...

5º.- We want to see a fair play match. I can understand how difficult is be competitive with that average.We got in the past national teams in premiere playing with a 100 ping average in eurozone servers, trying to kill 20-30 ping players. That is very difficult but we cant do more to save the geographical barriers.

then, i wish koreans gl that saturday and we will try to do the best

12 November 2008, 20:50


Blank Mz

players in korean team aren't from spicy.
most of us are serving in the army +
quit playing ns. However, from what I've seen,
they have been practicing a lot and have
a great potential to be an excellent team.
I'm sure they will gain a lot from just participating in this league.

good luck to koreans!

15 November 2008, 03:23


Blank Arj | Ant

Go onos tactics go :P

20 November 2008, 05:01

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