Week 1 predictions

Bacillus's Division 1 preds:

Hi there, another season and another set of finnish nonsense preds coming up.

As always, the first week is shooting blind. There are a few older teams in div 1, but inactivity between the seasons causes a lot of weird fluctations on the power rank.

I'm still trying to figure out how to handle such a big division. I'll most likely focus my aftermaths on a few more even games instead of going through all four matchups each week. I'll figure that out once we get some games played, so go schedule them already.

Tuho - TTS

The last season champions of Timpuri have changed their team name once again, but the lineup is almost the same as last season. The only new addition is Leon (or Leipa, whatever), a former Levitacus player. I'm looking forward to see how the long period of inactivity has affected his play, but in shape or not, he definitely has the experience and potential to cause a lot of mayhem on his enemies.

TTS has been around for ages and doesn't seem to change all that much. They've got some interesting tactics and quite good routine, but I feel they're going to end up struggling on the bottom half of the div scoreboard. Finding a solid and committed commander could help them improve their last season performance.

As for the match, I don't think Tuho will have much trouble dispatching TTS. The skill and experience difference is just too big for TTS to overcome.

4-0 for the Finns.

Gardeners - Squad 6

The Gardeners are an interesting team with a plenty of experience. The old core of Sprogga has been mixed up with some influences from teams like Flatline, Insane and Ninelegends. They're a formiddable opponent for any team left in ENSL and I'd consider them to be the top contender for putting and end to the reign of Tuho-osasto.

Squad 6 brings back some of the top Spanish players from the days of clan Armless. Add the crazy skulking of the Pole powerhouse aA and you've got a team that is capable of finishing relatively high on the div. The combination of Nycer and aA on the alien rounds spells trouble for most marine lineups.

As for the match, I feel the Gardeners have the upper hand. Most of their lineup has been active for the last few seasons and the Sprogga players create a solid base for the early season teamwork. Nevertheless, Squad 6 should be capable of taking at least an alien round comfortable. Their biggest worry is Enigmatic's shotgun and lerk tearing apart the early rounds until recovery is no longer possible.

I'll call this 3-1 for the Gardeners. Squad 6 takes the ns_lost alien round.

Team Russia - Danny's Clan

Sun 15 Feb 2009 @ 20:00 CET

Team Russia keeps going. They've got a solid combination of teamwork and skill, but haven't managed to break through to the very top yet. I feel the lack of an experienced comm affected their performance last season, but now with _PC back in lineup they should do fine. MP's lerking and Snake's fading are the biggest impacts once again.

Danny's Clan is an interesting mix. It has got some players from the low and mid levels of ENSL combined with the likes of Morvie. Danny and M are the two biggest names on the roster, but you can't underestimate the players from season 11 div 2 finalist Lightsaberz either. Bigbanaga's comm routine should serve the rest of the team well.

This is a close one. I'm going to say Morvie turns this for Danny's favour. 3-1 for Danny's clan. A few slips and you've got a 2-2 though.

MAAD's Division 2 preds:

What´s up folk!

There is MAAAD from ENSL special prediction operations HQ to bring you some madz predictions for Div-2.Well, this season we have 3 teams out of euro zone, that´s mean a hugh ping diference and imba games? I hope no.

Demonic Soul vs NS Korean representative players

Ok, the first match set is Demonic Soul vs Korean representative players. I don´t know too much about the seconds, but the point of play in a proper korean server deserve a good match.

Demonic´s got a good line-up, well performed with players already well know in the community. Their play is strong enough(specially playing marine) and they show proper teamplay.

In the other hand, korea representative aren't playing enough in my opinion, I don´t know if they were playing late for europeans but I often see DS search pcw and I never saw Nskrp search one.

Then, my predictions for this match are 3-1 for Demonic Soul.General predictions are at this moment 4-0 but I think nskrp have some chance in lost map, because it´s a hard map to play and some teams with less skill can have a chance there.

Final Score: 3-1 to DS

Impact players:
DS: nec0 (fade), Hammer (marine)
nskrp: DeadWind (the only I really know).

250 da ping vs No gas to europe

Well, the second game set is 250 ping vs No gas to europe :D .For me, this is the best match this week, because both teams are very balanced with enough teamplay to make a fun match. I know enough good that teams, because I played them, one with the TeamSpain and the other with lump´s clan in nightcup.Argentinians were very hard to kill.Thinking about the 220 ping+220 ping= 400 ms of difference its really hard reg something and I bet this will be usual in several matches of this season.This make me think about a long game, with aliens getting the second hive and using leap to counter their base skulk skills.Argentinians were hard, but ngte are a really good team with some newcomers playing really nice and some oldies getting experience. Their lost of Snake decrease a bit the average skill but they still have real chances to win this match.

Finishing, I think both teams are very good but the real diference will be the ping, then I bet for a 2-2 in this match.

But always, the start of the rounds will show us the real chance, that two teams can win getting a good and agressive marine
start, but I am very scared about the hell of the draws that season with 3 teams out eurozone.

Final Score: 2-2

Impact players:
ngto: [mafia]vip (overall)
200dp: Snail (overall), Laser (marine)

weeeell, I have 2 predictions and I didn´t used 40 words for each :D This is a acelerated english leasson for me(I need it if I want to live in UK 3 months and feel the fucking 20ping tanki power :F )

Turtlez vs Kingclub

Ok, the 3rd match setted is turtle vs americans.I am not sure how to predict a match with 2 teams, one team is a classic of this league and it performed really good but I never saw them ask for pcw´s.The second is a new team with very know players but their lack of teamplay and the lack of commander(Sorry for that, but I dont know who will command this team) can make it have some disavantage vs the americans.
For me, is less risky talk about a 2-2 argumenting ping reasons bla bla bla but I think king clan have better performance, experience and a really big line-up to filter the "real USA pro´s" than turtle. Then, I think it will be a disputed match but I can´t forget the americans experience to achieve the rounds.
General predictions are like 50-50 but I think 3-1 for Americans is the most reasonable score in this match.

Final Score: 3-1 kings

Impact players:
kings: I dont know who is playing atm in that HUGE list sorry. I think the real impact is see your playerlist for Firefox.
Turtle: Bungle (overall),Kadis (baguette), Orox (double extra raggy baguette).

... The final momment has come. Isn´t enough hard make a new clan? Isn´t enough hard get called no-2nd division player?
Isn´t enough hard get owned by all teams only getting 2-3 rounds( but vs 1div clans, eh)?
No. The really hard is THAT COMEBACK OF BACON MANNEN.This is psychological warfare!!! WTF. I learned in this game with tones of crap defeats vs Kayos, Onosendai, wtrs, zaiko, stalk :F The real cowboys in this game and for me(specially thinking in teamplay)the best team in the entire history of Natural Selection(sorry Fana, no fanboys for you today).

Bacon men vs Lego-2 the sequel

Ok but this is not the old BM with magical powers, milimeter tactics and rines flying in the map.This is a new generation of BM and they were well placed in 2nd division.They are the best projection in 2nd div? probably but at this moment, they have some lack of practice(this is like a 2nd sR without some key players).The only remaining from old BM is stalk and I am personally not sure about the activity of him.
But they still have a really nice team with players like Xythe, Micke, JustMe able to carry most of the rounds with the required practice. Also, LEGO team is not complete?(SURPRISE,SURPRISE!). No, I don´t want to call old-school spanish star ppon to carry this xDDD but I am trying to get some players inside (spanish players) to improve that team and raise the performance.We got really good players who learn at light-speed like Vince, but we need more players.The rounds I had played was a total carry of me with some helps of vince or some mercs(for the moment).If some of that mercs(piraiO, KONRAD) join the team, we will had the possibility to win at least 1 round vs that bacons men. But I am reasonable and we are still a Farm team without the proper experience and activity to chance that them, then my final score (I dont should to say that, I will prove myself and my team doing it :D ) is 4-0 for BM.

Final Score: 4-0 for BM

Impact players:
BM: stalk(old school jedi tricks)?, Micke(sneaky and hard2kill), Xythe(overall, fade?)
LEGO-2: ==skk1== (THE_DENTIST?), piraiO(if he plays, f**king cunt :D) and KONRAD (the serious guy).

Elvisq on 14 February 09 09:02



Blank Cobi


14 February 2009, 09:45


Blank GibbZ | 9L

JustMe was in the old BM too, but amazing preds nevertheless MAAAD. You put a smile on my face.

14 February 2009, 09:46


Blank GibbZ | 9L

I also think Nec0 will dominate the marine round out of the koreans.

He always has sick aim and without any lag Im sure he'll rock

14 February 2009, 09:48


Blank Tane | Vanquish

"The only new addition is Leon", so Kylma, Kiviheikki and Citrus arent new addition? Also Kuitmo and NsN left us so wouldnt really say that our "lineup is almost same".

14 February 2009, 09:52


Blank Bacillus | Quaxy

Meh, my bad. I kinda messed up with some of the former Sauna lineups.

14 February 2009, 10:12


Blank jiriki | old people

Great job Bacillus and MAAADs. Even though MAAAD's preds have quite a many english mistakes (understandable), they kind of add extra spice to the preds tbh!


14 February 2009, 10:24


Blank TrC | Exertus

wut is das no teamf pred?

14 February 2009, 10:51


Blank GibbZ | 9L

MAAADs lack of english is amazing.

Also from pcws I would really say TTS have gotten there teamwork up significantly, they just need to work on individual skills now to get there.

And: LeoN is still decent despite being inactive. Still not as godlike as before however.

14 February 2009, 10:59


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

Read: whitewalls dont work any more

14 February 2009, 11:28


Blank Elvisq | Team Four

actually made some spelling corrections in maaad's predictions before posting but i left all gramar unchanged to keep it original, gr8 job both of you i hope we will keep predictions up for each week

14 February 2009, 11:40


Blank Tweadle

Have you seen tane's config!? It's practically the same.

14 February 2009, 11:44


Blank Maxx

Don't know why, but MAAADs predictions kind of remind me of that Tom Cruise Scientolgy video.
Good job predictors.

14 February 2009, 11:48


Blank Bungle

reading our teams predictions... this bit left me puzzled "I am not sure how to predict a match with 2 teams,"... how else would u predict a match if there wasn't 2 teams? You need 2 teams for there to be a game :S apart from that they are pretty cool :) altho i disagree with 3-1 result for the yanks :P

14 February 2009, 12:06


Blank GibbZ | 9L

" The final momment has come. Isn´t enough hard make a new clan? Isn´t enough hard get called no-2nd division player?
Isn´t enough hard get owned by all teams only getting 2-3 rounds( but vs 1div clans, eh)?
No. The really hard is THAT COMEBACK OF BACON MANNEN."

just amazing

14 February 2009, 15:06


Blank Tweadle

i was tempted to copy/paste the whole thing on to the maaad quote thread :D

14 February 2009, 20:35


Blank jiriki | old people

We should release a book of MAAAD quotes and preds, it would definitely sell outside NS even!

14 February 2009, 20:38


Blank effy

go ds

15 February 2009, 06:37


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots

Lol I am looking that mistakes sorry. I was writting faster as posible that predictions the last Saturday, then there is a lot of mistakes :(
I will try to correct that next time.

15 February 2009, 13:42


Blank Tweadle


15 February 2009, 13:47


Blank Arj | Ant

gj preds. Special gj for Bac :P

16 February 2009, 05:22


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots

eh, I failed only 2 rounds and 1 was to motivate my team

17 February 2009, 10:38

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