League End

As we move closer to the final day of the season, on behalf of Mike, Freeze, frG and myself, I'd like to thank everybody who put their time into playing for this league.

We've had some great matches and shocking upsets in almost every division this year.

The final day to play your remaining match is midnight this Sunday (11th December).

The Premiership final looks set to be Insane Vs. storm.eu. Should be a great game!

This season also introduces proper promotion/relegation playoffs:

The winner of a division will play against the bottom places team from the league above them. The winner of the match gets to play in the higher of the 2 division, whilst the loser will play in the lower division next season.

The same also applies for 2nd in the league and second from bottom in the league above.

1st place Division 2 clan plays 5th place Division 1 clan.
2nd place Division 2 clan plays 4th place Division 1 clan.

The winners will play in Division 1 next seaon, whilst the losers will play in Division 2.

Good luck to all in your final matches!
sherpa on 05 December 05 22:04



Blank cream


5 December 2005, 22:34


Blank Nirgal


6 December 2005, 00:09


Blank lump

Nice to see a season spanked and complete.

9 December 2005, 07:19

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