All league matches have finished, and based on the final standings, the playoff matches will be:

Levitacus (Prem) vs Flatline-Ns (div 1)
born to eat (Prem) vs fbh (div 1)

Random (div 1) vs The End Effect (div 2)
Avalanche (div 1) vs #omgwtfns (div2)

Quaxy (div 2) vs Brotherhood of Steel (div 3)
TeaM Fantasy (div 2) vs Finnish Ranger Pöllorna (div 3)

These matches will be played after the World Cup, but before ENSL S3, as a "pre-season". This will also help us put new teams in the appropriate divisions.

Thanks again all, see you next season and good luck to all national teams.
Mike on 16 December 05 19:09



Blank cream

what would happen if the opponent forfit ?

16 December 2005, 20:24


Blank RNDM | pubstars

bte = dead? bad idear imo

16 December 2005, 22:35


Blank Mike

didn't know that. We'll figure it out at pre-season

17 December 2005, 00:51


Blank weezer

i think there'll be a few new teams signing up for next season, maybe those will get to play vs div 1 teams for the top slots :S

17 December 2005, 01:29


Blank Elvisq | Team Four

argh we was going to play the playoff today ;] nvm

17 December 2005, 11:40


Blank ReD

avalanche is dead too :|

agreed genz

17 December 2005, 13:58

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