ENSL Weekly September 26th

Hi there. Another week has passed and NS2 is a bit closer to release.


The Website

The new forums will be out in a few days. They are very much functional already, but haven't been tested extensively yet. If any problems occur, inform us.

Our website now tracks stats from the played rounds. The system is still in beta, but it's quite informative already. See it here. Over 4 million log lines were analyzed, which means over 4000 played rounds during the year (and who said NS is dead?).


The Server Issue

We will be trying out a new system to solve the server selection problems. Each team picks one server for 2 rounds. If there's a clearly better alternative, it will be used (for example no 2 Euros on US server). The actual server pool is still under discussion and the poll may affect it, so voice your opinion there.


The Ladder

The ladder rules are out. There are also some changes to the general ENSL rules. Especially general rule chapters 3, 5 and 6 have received changes tha t aren't completely obivious or trivial. Every team should familiarize themselves with the rules. Ignorance isn't an excuse.

As for the issues in general, please contact the right person for the right task. Jiriki handles the website, but he isn't the person to solve rule and match conflicts. In general, it's best to use contact form to report bugs or request features. The refs will solve most match issues. If you still disagree, contact the admins Voodo, Danny or x-man. If you've got something to discuss about the articles, movies or content in general, contact Bacillus (me!). Fana takes care of the shoutbox, comments and forum moderation.


During the week there were three matches played:

Saunamen - Noreg

Quaxy - Hydra (#1, #2)


-The ENSL Staff.

Bacillus on 26 September 09 17:07



Blank Fana | Archaea

That timeline thingymajiggle is very, very cool. It could do with some time markers though.

26 September 2009, 19:40


Blank jiriki | old people

If you hover over an event, it will show a popup with time.

26 September 2009, 19:47


Blank Fana | Archaea

Yeah, but it would still be nice with time markers -- one for each minute for example.

26 September 2009, 20:21

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