ENSL Weekly, 11th October

Interview with Gibbz

The MAAD factory has produced yet another interview, this time target being Gibbz, representing the newer side of the scene. Go check it out.


Signups open for 13th ENSL Season

We're opening signups for the thirteenth ENSL season, which might be the last season until NS2. Go to your Edit Team Page, click Contests, pick ENSL Season 13, and join! The signups are going to stay open until 28th October, and first week will start immediately.

Gathers keep on running nicely, good job guys. However there are some plans of a ban feature for missing players, so make sure you don't go AFK while still being in a gather. In general, try to keep the gather running smoothly. It's not fun when 11 players have to wait for the last one.


Site updates

Now you can set the your Steam Community account on the profile page. If you are on steamfriends, please do, so it will be possible to find you. Go to Profile -> Contact and paste the URL for your Steam profile page there.

jiriki on 11 October 09 15:32



Blank rapsu | Quaxy

need comments


12 October 2009, 21:09


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

is it ok if i link a porn movie for my steam profile?:)

13 October 2009, 07:56


Blank dugi

Yeh, but it can't be interracial (you know what I'm talking about right ;D)

13 October 2009, 11:22


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

a black panda and a white panda?

13 October 2009, 16:51

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