Rules modifications

The following rule has been modified:
- Your clanleader has to send the screenshots the plugin took, in JPEG format and archived in ZIP or RAR, to your referee, or the admin you're reporting the score to. If you haven't send your screenshots 48 hours after the match, the players that didn't give their screenshots will get a 3 weeks suspension.

You now have 48 hours to send your screenshots. Please note the procedure is to send your screenshots your clanleader; and only then the clanleaders sends a zipped file containing all screenshots to the referee/admin. We don't want to handle 12 file transfers, nor do we want to download an unzipped 60mb file.

The following rules have been added:
- If someone, during the "F4F1 period" (getting to readyroom then coming back to marine to get a better spot) joins by mistake the other team, this team can ask for an immediate replay, in which case the round is reset. 20 seconds after the mistake, the round is considered valid.
- Any use of a third party program affecting the gameplay (wallhack, aimbot) or known graphical exploits (white walls, gl_ commands affecting the textures, invisible weapons) is strictly forbidden. If you have a doubt about something you use, ask an admin before playing. Getting caught and telling that you didn't know it was bad is no excuse. Using such a thing will bring a player suspension from the current season. As a reminder, trying to evade the suspension will get your clan kicked from the league.

The second rule seemed obvious, but some people could have been surprised that white walls were forbidden... who knows.

As a sidenote, we're still recruiting referees: if you're fluent at written english and experienced enough in clan matches, contact M\\ke on IRC.
Naxo on 17 May 05 20:43



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All hail the great Naxo \o/

17 May 2005, 20:51


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