17th NightCup Rules

So here are the rules:

We play 1 map (unless its a final - 2 maps), a 2nd map if its a tie after first. If its a tie after second map, there is a co_faceoff game to decide winner.

CO_ rules:

5 mins playtime on each team. 3vs3. No CC/Hive killing. Resup/Cele only. Get as many frags as aliens. Only frags as alien counts. If draw, team with the player who got most frags wins.


1st Round: veil tie: eclipse

2nd Round: tanith tie: veil

3rd Round: orbital tie: tanith 

4th Round: origin tie: orbital

5th Round: metal tie: origin

6th Map: eclipse tie veil

LOWER bracket maplist:

1st Round: Eclipse tie: Tanith

2nd Round: Veil tie: origin

3rd Round: Tanith tie: Orbital

4th Round: Orbital tie: veil

5th Round: Origin tie: eclipse

6th Round: veil tie: tanith

ALL finals, each team choose 1 map. Coinflip decide who gets to play marine/alien first. After both maps are played, we play maps from 1st round and forward (not tie maps).

The brackets:

The two losers of the first game will play our first final of the day - the LAST STAND.

Winners go forwards to the primary bracket.

Losers from now on gets another chance in the losers bracket.

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Blank Arj | Ant

first.. after 24 hours.. nobody gives a rat's ass about this post :P

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