ENSL Season 15 Rules


General rules apply to any rule topic not mentioned below.

League Dates

  • Season starts Monday 4th, the default first match-time is Sunday 10th, 20CET.
  • Each week will be a chance to replay the previous week as well as playing the current week. (2 times to play each match during normal league play.)
  • The League will end after every team has had the chance to play every other team in it's division.


  • The Divisions will be divided by seedings.
  • The division sizes are restricted to 8 or less teams each, in order to avoid a prolongued season.


  • Once the normal league has finished, their will be a clean-up week, followed by a finals for each division.
  • The finals structure is not confirmed; there may be other play-offs and finals.

During Play

  • Fps will be capped at 125 for players, exceptions are allowed when both CLs agree during pre-game!
  • cl_updaterate will be capped at 40, exceptions are allowed if both captains agree! They most severe minimum cl_updaterate allowed during an exception is 10. CLs may agree to their own cl_updaterate with each other, during pre-game within the range 10-40.

All the above rules may change during the season at Season Admin's discretion.

bHack on 03 October 10 12:13



Ar Snail | 250 de ping


3 October 2010, 13:06



your link is broken when you are on the main page.

3 October 2010, 14:33


Gb bHack

this is so broken. if i put full link:
it automatically changes to "../400"

3 October 2010, 14:49


De Avex

I think I have to install NS again and make sure I've got some cold beer for when the HLTVs are up! Gogo show me some epic games.

4 October 2010, 06:23


Gb lump

good to see you here again avex

4 October 2010, 08:39


De gobot | Stray Dogs

avex I´d rather take either a lot of beer or vodka :o No decent games left these days ;-)

4 October 2010, 12:18


No Fana | Archaea

Where dem divs at tomato?

4 October 2010, 12:34


Ru Snake | The Team

Groups = seeding
Divisions = skill difference

4 October 2010, 12:42


Gb lump

Snake, seeds are just skill assessments placed into groups, and divisions are groups of teams. Seeding is fine to use here.

Fana, a division admin will post them later today I'm sure :)

4 October 2010, 13:03


At EisTeeAT

how can a team with Nosku in it be in div 1???? BADMIN !

4 October 2010, 16:11


Eu enigmatic | 9L

insulting an admin will result in a ban, unlucky eistee

5 October 2010, 04:22


At EisTeeAT

well i am not playing the season so .. NO PROB !

5 October 2010, 06:23


Jp aA

it's a ban from site generaly not only from league ; P

5 October 2010, 06:27


At EisTeeAT

still .. if they have to .. NO PROB .. but i think aA will miss me alot XD !

5 October 2010, 07:24


Jp aA

yeah man you're my favorite buddy ofcourse im gonna miss you! ; P

5 October 2010, 07:40


At EisTeeAT

see u got to be careful here ppl might not know that u are sarcastic ;) !
But dont u worry i wont get banned .. as far as i know tom made the divs. and he is not so easily "insulted" by badmin ... but i guess some ppl are more delicate than others 8) !

5 October 2010, 08:06


Gb lump

Actually, division admin's made the div's.. I'm the facilitator with a big stick!

Hmm, I guess sarcastic comments, patronising and snide comments would also fit under insults. aA should be careful what he says to me if he practices what he preaches.

5 October 2010, 08:13


Eu enigmatic | 9L

I'm a division admin, unlucky eistee

5 October 2010, 08:21


Ru noway | The Team

gonna ban him)))

5 October 2010, 08:55


At EisTeeAT

I still feel pretty lucky ... but as said before do what u got to do !

uh and btw. I was trying to insult Noskus skill and take all the fun out of it by making it all about U ... pretty self centerd and a MAJOR BUZZKILL !


5 October 2010, 09:30


Nl Arj | Ant

hmm.. EisTee found a glitch in the admin system.. he is able to troll.. tom won't ban him with the stick > delegates to division admins.. but EisTee isn't in a division..
Good job improving our season yet again EisTee! :P

5 October 2010, 10:31


At EisTeeAT

Oh man would i love to take credit for that ArJ .. but i didnt see that one .. so u discovered it 8) ! I just didnt care 8) !

5 October 2010, 10:59

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