Match Server Choice


CLs and players! Agree to your match server with the other CL of your schedule, before each Sunday!

That's one server for each team.

Exceptions to server choice are allowed on match days.

Servers must be confirmed by a Referee or both Team Admins of the match.



PS. Use instant messaging feature on this website to contact other team admins or referees.

lump on 06 October 10 21:17



Blank Fana | Archaea

Most seasons I've played in don't even have five matches for the team itself. In that case the team would win but none of the players would?

I agree with the sentiment, but there are better ways to accomplish this.

6 October 2010, 23:27


Blank NecRos_aka_Orgad | Team Three

should lower the number or change the wording.

what about teams where you have 8 players showing up, but only 6 can play?

i suggest:

"You have to -show up- at least 5 games for a team to win the Season with them. (Playing in the finals is still allowed.)"

6 October 2010, 23:31


Blank lump

oh for god sake, someone changed the article so now it's about as unclear as a windy fart...

7 October 2010, 16:27

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