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Hey guys,

lump asked me to write an article about here we go.

I'm going to cast S15 as much as I can. But this time not only replays for uploading on Youtube, I want to stream live matches on That way you can either sit back and relax while watching or jump into HLTV yourself while listening to the stream running in your browser. Or, of course, don't listen at all when you think I suck horrid at casting.

Because the match default times are all set to the same time, I can probably only livestream one game each week, so I have to pick the most interesting ones. And since I play myself, I'll try to convince my team (DeGz) and our opponents to schedule about 1 hour earlier each week so I'm free to cast later on. Hopefully, that won't be a problem.

Feel free to spam the comments what match you want to see the most this weekend =)

@Team leaders:
If you schedule your match off the default time, please tell me about it (if you want it to be livestreamed).

blind on 06 October 10 21:39



Blank Snail | 250 de ping

U GO !? vs gorgerush

6 October 2010, 23:40


Blank LITERALLY_GAY | 3D happy land

1 vote for U GO Vs Gorgerush because you're all going to underestimate the might of America Hussein Obama and horribly embarrass Europe.

Edit: 2nd vote. Beaten by ethnic.

6 October 2010, 23:42


Blank mp3

blind, you r my epicness underground hero!11 :p

i enjoyed the last shoutcasts out of the tomb of these page - pretty old - but damn interesting!

U GO !? vs. gorgerush

7 October 2010, 09:47


Blank EisTeeAT

blind, you are german !

i always laugh my ass off with ur shoutcasts 8) !

so i wanna hear comm shots vs. teampol !!!!

7 October 2010, 11:13


Blank noway | The Team

blind U can do it for Degz-prostokvashino just from the field))

7 October 2010, 12:03


Blank SaperioN | Flatline-Ns on payTV would be nice blind... care of it plz

7 October 2010, 13:17


Blank jiriki | old people

I remember when one NS world cup match was almost shown on german Live TV. Too bad players didnt show up.

Anyway, field cast would be epic. ;)

7 October 2010, 13:23


Blank huhuh | Danny Est Gros

Well, it is possible. If you watch Honcast they have done it a few times, it was a ventcast actually. Meaning one shoutcaster (vent microphone muted) on one of the team's vent. So basically we listeners can hear everything the players say between them + the shoutcaster when there are blanks / need for explanation.

I believe actually recording the vent/ts of both teams in the grand final and then release on youtube a camview of the hltv + vent 1 // camview + vent 2 // camview + shoutcaster could be very cool =D

7 October 2010, 13:31


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

blind nice thing but pls make sure one thing: the most interesting games are not always the div1 ones...

7 October 2010, 13:34


Blank GrT- | Danny Est Gros

@huhu, it's easy to shootcast while playing hon, since you just have to right click to play it.

7 October 2010, 13:59


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon


7 October 2010, 14:28


Blank dugi

Huhuh, that would be epic because probably I'll rage like a motherfucker as I usually do :DDD

7 October 2010, 14:28


Blank aA

man if you've seen 300 and you want to refer to madness then go ahead and cast us ; D

7 October 2010, 15:16


Blank homik

hmmm live stream while 72players plays the match so they wont be able to watch this, live streamed matches should be after other matches are done.

7 October 2010, 18:12


Blank blind | onFire

Actually, homik has a good point. From the "votes" so far I think this week should be U GO vs. gorgerush - possible to schedule the match at 21:00 instead of 20:00? So we have more viewers :D

Otherwise, the cast will of course be uploaded on my youtube channel, that takes only about 1-2 hours.

@gobot: Yeah, that's why I leave the decision to the community. So you can't blame me for it :P

7 October 2010, 20:11


Blank fitoX | 250 de ping

ugo vs gorgerush

7 October 2010, 22:51


Blank Arj | Ant

comm shots vs teampol

8 October 2010, 13:24


Blank blind | onFire


shit doesn't work well, lot's of lag with HL and flash media. Didn't figure out how to fix yet. And also this week schedule is a bitch, playing at the same time as UGO vs gorgerush

Sorry folks guess there won't be a stream today.. :(

I'll just go as usual and cast those demos.

10 October 2010, 18:25


Blank sublime | Spastic Colon

We're playing at 21

10 October 2010, 19:42


Blank blind | onFire

still didn't get flash media working correctly, ns keeps lagging every 10 secs for about 5 secs - impossible to watch that. fps also keep dropping below 20 fps constantly causing flashing screens...honestly no clue how to fix that shit

10 October 2010, 20:03


Blank sancezz | NewStyleD Return

Get a fucking hltv up

10 October 2010, 20:04

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