Team Admins

Tired of being sat around waiting for a referee?

Team Admins have the same power as a referee and refereeing is optional.

If every team would have a Team Admin, this would go much smoother!

One condition, clan leaders should not be Team Admins.

One Team Admin from each team can agree to whatever during pregame and can use the website for ordering a HLTV for each match without a referee or Admin.

Please apply in the comments.


PS. Saebellefuntzcin, whatvar yeh!? I'm a man of many identities :P

lump on 28 October 10 15:12



Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

same for deputees?

28 October 2010, 18:51


Blank dogo

Can you make a list of "Team Admin" to get a referee next match?

28 October 2010, 18:56


Blank lump

gobot, just the main clan leader.

Dogo, check the staff page

28 October 2010, 19:09


Blank fitoX | 250 de ping

In "Staff" u have the list of Refs, Div admins, etc. Included the Team Admins

28 October 2010, 19:10


Blank dogo

Ok ty, add gobot to the list if him want to be a referee in ensl please.

28 October 2010, 22:23


Blank lump

gobot, team admin or referee?

29 October 2010, 02:44


Blank IsoK | Anonym Anti Anti A.

Can we ban tom for admin abuse? Kept abusing forfeit clock and made us wait over half hour to game to start!

29 October 2010, 10:44


Blank lump

omg mutiny

29 October 2010, 12:46


Blank SaperioN | Flatline-Ns

staff needs stuff

29 October 2010, 13:11


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

rather team admin tom :)

29 October 2010, 13:13


Blank vallanhaamu | Anonym Anti Anti A.

So this means vallanhaamu can be admin? :))))))))))999999 rules of the game have changed

29 October 2010, 18:08


Blank Voodo | Two Team Squad

oh fuck me, vallanhaamu with rights :DD

29 October 2010, 18:39


Blank EisTeeAT

PS. Saebellefuntzcin, whatvar yeh!? I'm a man of many identities :P

so u are scizophrenic?

29 October 2010, 20:57


Blank lump

more like james bond!... maybe a little scizo

30 October 2010, 13:21


Blank pyro

Please apply in the comments
admin win

30 October 2010, 22:13


Blank SplinterSteve | TROLLS

TROLLS have all agreed to make me our team admin


14 November 2010, 20:26


Blank LITERALLY_GAY | 3D happy land

you're an enormous faggot.

14 November 2010, 20:28


Blank PaLaGi

I would like to apply. Thanks.

14 November 2010, 20:32


Blank LITERALLY_GAY | 3D happy land

You're not allowed to be in a position of authority with alternating caps in your name, sorry.

14 November 2010, 20:40


Blank lump

Steve and PaLaGi, ur both team admins now.

20 November 2010, 03:19

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