Very Late Update!!

Division 2


The division 2 schedule has finally been updated so that every team only plays each other one time, I am very sorry it took this long to be updated. With the matches now finally being updated. Any team that did play a duplicate match, the score has been revoked. And we will be keeping the score from the first game that was played between the two teams. There should only be a few matches left now before the playoffs can be scheduled. So let’s get them played everyone!


*Please message me politely if I missed a match or overlooked something, I will adjust it accordingly.




Please note that December 11 will be the DEADLINE FOR ALL MATCHES. So if there is any match left unplayed it will stay unscored and the playoffs will be scheduled accordingly. There will be no adjusting of the deadline, especially since we have drastically cut the amount of matches that will be played in Division 2.


So far I would like to think we have had a successful season, especially after the meltdown that occured last season. And that would not be possible without the participation of all the teams that have signed up this season. We have had some very great casts so far, thank you to everyone that has tuned into them and thank you to all of our casters! Hopefully we can finish out this season as strong as we started! Good luck to all the teams that still have matches left to be played.


And to all the Americans today, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tico on 24 November 16 17:23



Blank Deck | Team Awesome

Thank you Tico for the update. Good to put a deadline on it, we have some matches to be played.

24 November 2016, 17:57


Blank CmdrKeen

God bless America. Thanks for the update, Tico.

25 November 2016, 15:19


Blank Home

yes nice update

25 November 2016, 15:23


Blank Kash | For The Lolz

Great to see you responding to community feedback. the work you put in is much appreciated.

25 November 2016, 18:11

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