frG leaves ENSL & website needs relocation

Hello Boys and Girls,

I am reporting you the sad news that i am gonna take my server offline, this has to do with the fact that i dont want to play ns anymore and with the high traffic costs the server generates.

The site will be up for another week or so, but NS needs people that can take over my job, so if you''d like to host the website (PHP + mySQL required) then you can either pm me or send me a mail at , i hope you all had a lot of fun with playing this season.

I hope i served the ns community well, hasta la vista!

frG on 25 November 06 00:06

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By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 25/Nov/06 00:09
Se o siinä pojjat.
By: FreeZe on 25/Nov/06 00:15
"The real death of ns"
By: aA on 25/Nov/06 00:18
By: NyCeR on 25/Nov/06 00:20
hasta la vista frG ;) thanks for all

can u unban me from shoutbox? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 25/Nov/06 00:22
I guess this makes this season the last.

It''s probably the right time to do it. 3.2 is awesome but there won''t be enough people to justify playing it- which is a crying shame as it *does* rock.

Time for us all to find a new game! I''m holding out for ET:QW as I have my doubts over Nuclear Dawn and I''d be surprised if NS2 gets released in 2007 despite peope being contracted to work (that''s an opinion and nothing more).

frG- you kept this community alive on your own! Thanks for the time you put in! <3
By: skipjack ( miau ) on 25/Nov/06 00:23
finaly you can say that ns is definitely dead
By: Saderi ( FINNSTACK ) on 25/Nov/06 00:28
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 25/Nov/06 00:30
time for everyone to get real lifes LoL
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 25/Nov/06 00:42
I can take this over, I''d like to see if we can get 1 last season going to finish things off. 3.2 should make it worth it. We''ll chat yeah, frG.
By: Roberboni on 25/Nov/06 00:50
adrenaline tramed... xd
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 25/Nov/06 00:55
Can''t believe people keep claiming NS being dead, assuming it would die has been going on for years now.. donkies :)
By: Maxx on 25/Nov/06 01:04
Youll be back frG, they always come back :] Thanks for everything you contributed to this league and the NS comunity in generall. Goodbye...for now :]
By: bKr on 25/Nov/06 01:04
WTF adrenaline wins o no?? 1hr and 30 mins and dont play vs mPr? WTFFFFF!!!
By: Maxx on 25/Nov/06 01:10
errr, think you got the wrong place buddy, try the shoutbox or the prediction thread :]
By: bp on 25/Nov/06 01:24
1. ns page down for a whole century
2. american clans joining ensl (the only present and steady league)
3. 3.2 public beta released after years
4. ensl page going offline
5. 3.2 final release
6. servers gone, players gone

rip ns
DOD:Source ftw
By: dugi on 25/Nov/06 01:24
UL ensl. Drama is better than NS as I see :p. Gl FrG you did fine ;).
By: yEnS on 25/Nov/06 01:24
shoutbox message was: "good jobs admins ;)"

finally: "Your shout abilities has been revoked. Contact a Head Admin."
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 25/Nov/06 01:25
youre a fucking idiot yens thats why =D
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 25/Nov/06 01:29
we need to keep the shoutbox clean, so no other languages then english :P
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 25/Nov/06 01:29
+ you are an idiot yes :P
By: scratchie on 25/Nov/06 01:58
why this instant quit :<
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 25/Nov/06 02:14
afaik its not instant, ive talked to frG about this before and i totally understand him, he''s done an awesome job for this community and im glad he put all that money and effort into it just for our pleasure, he''s a great guy.

with frG leaving we are gonna need some new admins, since fana -might- be hosting the new website, im not sure if he''s gonna take charge of it or so, but as soon as the ball is in motion expect some news updates about it. im sure this community wont let ENSL die with all the work frg,bob and me + all the previous/current admins put in it.
By: scratchie on 25/Nov/06 02:18
yeay, frG rocks. Unfortunately i only played a couple matches with him :< his dedication and input on ns wont be forgotten! big tnx!
By: tjo on 25/Nov/06 02:18
You''ve done a great job frG, I''m sad to see you leave. Thanks for everything.

Now lets make this league not die yeah.
By: NyCeR on 25/Nov/06 03:16
Remember this:

The fun NEVER stops.
(Øivind K "Fana" Foss)
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 25/Nov/06 03:20
By: Mike on 25/Nov/06 06:32
As long as Im alive, I won''t let ensl die. heh I''ve co-created it, and even if Im not involved in ns anymore I can''t see ensl shutdown (not dead it''s just a matter of ftp). But since fana proposed and he is still playing ns that''s fine. Although I hope he''ll get a faster host :D

Welcome in real life frg.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 25/Nov/06 11:50
Your work done to ns community is priceless frG
We will miss you.
By: GuiZ on 25/Nov/06 12:01
Yeah yeah yeah, nice job and bye bye !
"Ns is definitly dead" : ahahah, is-it the first time i read that ? No, sure no.
So, just play and gl hf seche-cheveux.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 25/Nov/06 13:21
ns is not dead, partly because tts is thinking about returning :)
By: Lego on 25/Nov/06 14:15
Well... Saying Thank you frG is not even enough to say, is it?
Since || i''d know you and you always did your best. You''d put up the whole dutch NS community, and did a priceless job for the whole NS community.

I supose fr4ggie (=-P) wouldn''t realy like to see the comments of "NS dies..." as he put this great effort in it.
With the new Beta there are new played playing, i''d see more play testers then i''d ever saw before (;-) ) . I see more new names, and as i read above people are not willing to let it go.
Since the start there where people saying that NS will die... and when they came back they were suprised that it still didn''t die.
(Maybe if they had the website up earlier (the NS one) they were maybe able to get more Conti''s/money and get NS2 faster but... thats just a geuss)

So lets just Play and not let it die....
If the last server disapears... then its dead...
Which is NOT now...
By: ZoR on 25/Nov/06 15:46
Thanks frG. :[
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 25/Nov/06 16:05
Its just a fucking game lego..

frG will be back anyway, maybe he wont host a server but nobody ever quits ns

On another note this is the funniest thing I think Ive EVER SEEN

Remember this:

The fun NEVER stops.
(Øivind K "Fana" Foss)
By: dugi on 25/Nov/06 16:29
fana is well gay
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 25/Nov/06 16:37
It''s not really funny because the spaniards have been saying that ever since I made spaniards.avi and exposed them as the ratehacking bastardos they are!?
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 25/Nov/06 16:39
Also after playing a game for 3 years, getting to know a lot of people (over the intarwebz) pretty well, you''re bound to think of it as a little more than just "a game".

Unless of course, you''re Sublime: lean, mean, poor humor machine.
By: ben on 25/Nov/06 16:45
I just ignore what they have to say because they''re fucking hideous at this game and always have been.
By: NyCeR on 25/Nov/06 16:57
<3 Fana
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 25/Nov/06 17:01
anyway thx frg :)
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 25/Nov/06 17:06
frG ur a true legend. My e-love goes out to u. Goodluck getting a boyfriend <3.
By: exCa on 25/Nov/06 18:29
thx for everything i did for our community,
i wish you a much fun in your
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 25/Nov/06 19:53
Thanks for your work and dedication frG, good work. Good luck later in your life. =)

ps. Don''t blame americans for this.
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 25/Nov/06 20:05
frg plays wow.. GET THE TORCHES !
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 25/Nov/06 20:45
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 25/Nov/06 21:46
Thanks for the awesome work you''ve done frG
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 25/Nov/06 22:27
gl&hf with whatever your doing now frg.
By: TrC ( Exertus ) on 25/Nov/06 23:29
Game overda <3
By: yEnS on 26/Nov/06 01:06

By: aA on 26/Nov/06 01:09
shush kid
By: dugi on 26/Nov/06 04:14

By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 26/Nov/06 05:31
By: Tobold on 26/Nov/06 08:43
Good night!


And good luck!

muhaha i win the cheesiest comment award.
By: GrN on 26/Nov/06 11:14
u are a well gay frG.

gl whit next projects.
By: Invasion on 26/Nov/06 12:00
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 26/Nov/06 13:42

gj Frg
By: xassidy on 26/Nov/06 14:00
hm... who the fuck cares?? :?
By: dugi on 26/Nov/06 15:05
By: kg on 26/Nov/06 15:10
Fana : "Unless of course, you''''re Sublime: lean, mean, poor humor machine."

thats gotta be one of the best quotes I have ever fucking seen
By: bp on 26/Nov/06 16:43
indeed, i lol''d!
By: lump on 26/Nov/06 17:23
something socially deep there surely.

Fana, i bet you have webbed feet or something.

Fucking good job frG and glad to have been on the team with you! Because we all believe you fully when you say quitting ns...

By: naduli ( Exertus ) on 26/Nov/06 18:57
ragequit :-D
By: ray ( Legendary Snails ) on 26/Nov/06 20:16

(for fuck sake, u fking fuckerZ loLZ!)

Hope u''ll find a wife and have a lot of children xd
By: Nirgal on 26/Nov/06 21:30
Thank you frg, you did a great job.
By: narc on 26/Nov/06 21:39
So frG when can we expect a byebye-movie from you?
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/Nov/06 22:09
Webbed feet? I don''t get it.
By: Lego on 26/Nov/06 22:46
Sad this is a digital world =-) Who''s gonna host a statue? =-P
By: Tahforgothispass on 27/Nov/06 04:31
the gentle warrior ololol! i <3 u :>
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Nov/06 18:03
blizzard called they wanted frg''s soul back
By: Sleepy on 28/Nov/06 01:41
I can temporarily host this website, no problem at all. Just have to check load and stuff. Won''t be forever though and i''d have to work with you to start using a different kind of system to get the money for the webserver and everything around it.
By: scratchie on 28/Nov/06 13:37
i think the problem is solved already
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 29/Nov/06 21:49
Yeah it is, thanks though.
By: sancezz ( NewStyleD Return ) on 30/Nov/06 16:10
ok it`s time to say goodbye, Thanks for the nice Time. Thanks for the perfect work, much success in the Real live......HF and GoodLook....

cYa Sancezz
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 30/Nov/06 16:52
oh you learned english? :P
By: sancezz ( NewStyleD Return ) on 30/Nov/06 17:55
still 14 years?

By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 30/Nov/06 19:40
15 :P

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