ENSL Finals and The Leaving of a Head-Admin

Hey guys,

First off I would like to say well done to all teams playing this season. On the whole you made it very easy to run (apart from a few small slip-ups). Secondly I would like to congratulate all the teams who have won their designated divisions, and to tell you guys that the NineLegends - Saunamen game has been postponed. Sorry about this guys but we aren't having forfeits here.

In other news, it's sad to say, that Head-Admin x-man is quitting the staff after this season. While many of you saw him as a head-admin who was making rather rash decisions he did other things and without these things being done ENSL wouldn't have run as smoothly without him. He did a fine job in most cases and in my opinion I am gonna be sad to see him go.

There will be a shoutcast for the finals, done by me and esJ (yes Mark Edgecomb). So stay tuned and make that date clean so you can hear more words like, CRITICAL, and EPIC.

Peace out homies,
GibbZamma` <- see what I did there?

GibbZ on 03 April 07 07:11

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By: kurze ( Velvet Coat Squad ) on 03/Apr/07 10:42
thx for ur contributions x-man, gd games all.
By: lump on 03/Apr/07 11:21
gj x-man
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 03/Apr/07 11:37
Job well done x-man!
Will you still play?

It is good that George has come to terms with his Zamma past...


P.S. Die TomT :D
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 03/Apr/07 11:39

By: P3anut on 03/Apr/07 11:40
wow gg on everyone leaving next thing u know there wont be a next season
By: zhadow on 03/Apr/07 11:42
ban peanut plz !
By: Maxx on 03/Apr/07 12:14
sad to see you go x-man, thanks for all your work!
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 03/Apr/07 12:31
Yeah thanks for all the work you have done x-man.

LoL at Admirable's link though. =D
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 03/Apr/07 12:45
Admirable - yes i'd probably still play ns
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 03/Apr/07 13:16
Epic adminquit, critical match delay.
By: P3anut on 03/Apr/07 15:40
now that xman is quitting i should be head admin.
By: scratchie on 03/Apr/07 16:10
Bad written news!! x-man was has always been a good contributor!!
By: ben on 03/Apr/07 19:12
By: Talis ( Quaxy ) on 03/Apr/07 23:16
You think you're tough guy showing off your cock here, guess what IT'S TOO SMALL FOR THIS PARTY!

By: ben on 04/Apr/07 01:20
Just cause I rock doesn't mean I'm made of stone, talis, that hurt me inside.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 04/Apr/07 04:31
next season?
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 04/Apr/07 08:32
next season after nations cup and possibly night cup
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 04/Apr/07 08:39
By: P3anut on 04/Apr/07 09:25
we should make a season right after another so teams wont die out
By: Talis ( Quaxy ) on 04/Apr/07 09:33
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 04/Apr/07 10:37
That's a bit of a random quote Sub :D
Good show tho...
By: lump on 04/Apr/07 21:21
instaseason ftw
By: bp on 05/Apr/07 04:27
By: kurze ( Velvet Coat Squad ) on 05/Apr/07 10:13
talis wins the award for best comedy post
By: dugi on 05/Apr/07 23:29

By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 09/Apr/07 05:38
some respect doogie... if it wasnt for him we wouldnt have this ensl season. so please.
By: dugi on 09/Apr/07 16:06
either me playing with irate!
By: Leon on 10/Apr/07 16:03
salut doogie

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