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The gathering of screenshots has been a relatively easy process for us and we appreciate everybody who made the effort. Unfortunately, the following players have missed the deadline and will be suspended from the league for 2weeks (3weeks if the suspension includes a bye week):


In future, the deadline will always be on the first wednesday after the game at 20:00CET. Wherever possible, we will inform the clan immediately after the match that screenshots are being requested to make things easier for the Clan-Leader. If you foresee any problems *BEFORE* the game, notify an admin and we will deal with it accordingly. Little tolerance will be shown towards players who bombard us with excuses upon receiving a request for screenshots.


Macpersil, Skipjack and Riddler have had their suspensions reduced to one week after handing in the screenshots after the deadline.

Tweadle on 07 May 08 21:13

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By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 07/May/08 21:23
internet victory
By: mu on 07/May/08 21:24
2 flatline down
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 07/May/08 21:37
Hmh... You'd better inform the clan real quick after the match. Let's say people are busy on the week and you might be suspending people because they've got better things to do than hang in the internet (not me though).
By: atman on 07/May/08 22:15
if they have better things to do than hang on the internet they should be suspended anyway
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 07/May/08 22:22
someone will invent and become rich with the USB - portable pussy
By: Tweadle on 07/May/08 22:35
"Wherever possible, we will inform the clan immediately after the match that screenshots are being requested to make things easier for the Clan-Leader."

I think answers your point Bac :P
By: hitokiri on 07/May/08 23:20
Or you couldve only informed them on monday night (US time) like you did with us. Hurray 2 days notice...
By: Jimmis on 08/May/08 00:26
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 08/May/08 15:20
I was mostly referring to the "Whenever possible". Monday morning somebody might be off to work for 4 days for example. Obiviously nobody playing ns has a job or anything, but I think you get the idea.
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 08/May/08 16:27
You have too easy question in poll. get more difficult ones!
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 08/May/08 17:13
ive got a job, now from there :D
By: aA on 08/May/08 20:38
w00t ns iz da serious buizness
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 08/May/08 22:50
more so then QW:ET lolozlozl
By: Johs on 09/May/08 02:32
Kill ns more plz
By: csm on 09/May/08 11:44
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 09/May/08 11:58
This is seriously stupid. Flatline will surely not play their match this week, and replay it later so MP and Skipjack will be able to play.
You're forcing teams to choose for replays, forcing inactive weeks.
Forcing screenshots is a good idea, the repricusion is shit. Try something else.
For instance: 1 warning, after that ban for the season (this could be interpreted as a shit solution also :P, but at least it is a repricusion that works).
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 09/May/08 13:27
Banned players are not eligible to replay games they were banned for.
By: qin on 09/May/08 14:22
Except when the team is missing 1 player and an exception will be made.. because if not, it would be too stupid just because someone had a puberty week or just plain wasn't online.
By: 360ms on 09/May/08 14:45
I agree with arj, people have enough deadlines as it is, you'd think the fact screenshots were dropped in the first season was a sign at their importance
By: Cobi on 09/May/08 14:53
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 09/May/08 15:35
Ad, that is in contradiction with the current handling of latejoiners (player joining a clan in week 2 or after).
You know as well as I do that any team allows the other team to use the latejoiner earlier then he is allowed to be used.
Same SHOULD count for banned people, if the opponent allows it, the banned person can play. If not, you wait with playing your match until the person is allowed to play.

Then again I have always said the admin team should FORCE to disallow latejoiners (or banned people, same situation imo) to play earlier then allowed.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 09/May/08 15:57
The late join rule is to stop clans recruiting "carry players" at short notice for an upcoming fixture.

As such any opposing clan leader with sufficient testicles can stop said players from playing.

Players who are banned have broken ENSL rules are subject to punishment. The banned games are a punishment for that player, where as the one week "cool down" time for new players is a period of grace given to opposition clans so they can adjust accordingly.

As you have pointed out the opposition clans can wave their rights if they wish, and ultimately it is their decision not the Admins'.
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 09/May/08 17:23
By tominatoR` (^rawR?), on 09/05/2008 "I agree with arj" *SCREENSHOT*!
By: mu on 09/May/08 17:29
the admins doing something is better than the admins doing nothing (ansl)
By: howdeh ( minions ) on 09/May/08 19:07
I personally disagree with this rule, but I'm not going to argue as there are more pros than cons. Only thing I want to suggest is increasing the deadline limit to friday, then there is no excuse.
By: Tweadle on 09/May/08 19:28
What we can only hope from this saga is that people will start to prioritise rules more. A great many people after last season felt and suggested that admins should be more strict because people are abusing the admins' good natures.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 09/May/08 19:50
Guys it really is not that much a hassle to get the screenshots in yet it serves as a big plus. Each season we get one or two complaints of possible hackers and now this is a more preventative measure. It keeps the game fair and fun for everyone with a slight time usuage of 5minutes.
By: 360ms on 09/May/08 21:22
andy, he says so much it's hard to disagree with everything :P
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 09/May/08 22:22
hahaha good point tom!

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