Next Season Signups Open!


Many have noticed the apparent inactivity within the league. This is because of two things. Firstly, Voodo is away because of broken computer and x-man for personal reasons. Secondly, I was coding the new website and wasn't paying attention, because I assumed things were rolling. In consequence Nations Cup is in hibernation. We'll have to see if it can be completed, but it is possible we will cancel it. Sadly the first cup we actually have to cancel.

Then, I'm opening signups for the next season.

This season, 13th in our history, will be a summer season. Since most NS players won't have as much as time for NS during summer as they during the other seasons, we'll try to keep the season short. The rules will be the usual and signups are going to closed 3rd June. The 1st week will start immediately after that. This time there will be forfeits and there won't be any replay enforcement of forfeits, because I think one of the reasons for recent NC inactivity is the lax forfeit policy.

Read the rules and if you have suggestions about maps, rules or anything, please post them here. I don't want to hear anymore excuses for not being aware of the rules mid-season.

Teams from all over the world will be able to participate. As current rules say, European servers are mandatory when requested by either team. If enough non-EU teams show up, we'll consider making a seperate division with its own server rules, but by default we'll be doing mixed divisions as usual.

And about the website, the 14th season will have the new website be it NS2 or NS1. It will have lots of new features, and it will integrate all the sub-tournaments we have arranged.

If you don't have a team, consider signing up with your National Team! Aternatively you can look for a clan here.

Here are the instructions for signing up just in case:

  1. Each team member should register an account for these sites.
  2. The leader should create the team and tick the checkbox called "Next season candidate".
  3. Each team member should then join the team in question.
  4. After this, the leader can accept the members in.


jiriki on 23 May 09 19:48

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By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 24/May/09 00:51
Good work, keep it up.

Hope the activity will pick up now.
By: Yogi on 24/May/09 04:51
Good to have you back, jiriki!
By: Nec0 on 24/May/09 07:25
Freez NCSI
By: Miglecz++ on 24/May/09 09:02
Dear TTS!
jáccatok már többet basszátok meg!
By: verrektemongol on 24/May/09 11:03
welcome back commander
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 24/May/09 11:10
<- searching team for next season
By: SaperioN ( Flatline-Ns ) on 25/May/09 09:34
By: marmotte on 26/May/09 07:05
Looking for team :'( pm me !
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 26/May/09 10:54
l2p are looking for people that can beat dugi 1on1 =]
By: Mz on 26/May/09 19:25
I don't think ENSL can handle that many players on roster page, Doctor
By: dugi on 26/May/09 20:32
spawncamp initiated
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 27/May/09 20:20
Hello everyone!

I would like to appologise for being away, however this is beyond my control. There are numerous reasons for this, there are two main reasons. As you already know, my computer had quite a break down (namely falling out on the window from the 4th floor, yes epic rage). The other one is, that some of you already know, im running my own company, which takes a LOT of my free time to make it work. For the record, it is working real nice :)

I will be back, as soon as i can manage my things to finally get together, meanwhile, i am here as often as i can.

By: AliceTaylor on 28/May/09 04:58
one question, is there any plan in next season division, I mean non-euro division or something for non-euro team. or keep it same with last season?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 28/May/09 07:19
By: Miglecz++ on 30/May/09 08:22
epic rage FTW! :)
it seems that this season is failing due to not enough clans signed up
keep drinking guys it summertime!!

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