Still resuming Season 4!

Hi guys and girls!,

Whats up ? Well i will tell you whats up, ns's activity drastically dropped below a Pana (thats another word for fana's ....).

Anyway why is this happening ?, dont you guys like ns ?

NS 3.2 Is coming up, and there are some good improvements where i can (unfortunately) not tell you anything about.

For the people that are still reading this newspost,

Once upon a time there was a petition by a very very wise guy, unfortunately that guy got hit by a plane, to honour his life we made this petition:



(18:00:20) (Shockwave) Yes.
(18:00:22) (Shockwave) I hate all life.
(18:00:27) (Shockwave) Categorically. Stick that in the news.


Schedule the matches and keep an eye on this page, since we are gonna post some information about the semi final and World Cup Finals!

And finally, sherpa's mobile number!

frG on 10 May 06 21:01

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By: Skyice on 10/May/06 22:13

By: Skyice on 10/May/06 22:14
Flayra replyed to a Email that i sent him about 4 weeks back and he said the fourms were fixed and they will be back in that week. 4 weeks later is still down. </3
By: Skyice on 10/May/06 22:15
oh yeah and gg div 3
By: frost on 10/May/06 22:18
"Flayra replyed to a Email"


By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 10/May/06 22:20
Ns is the best game, but fucking combat...
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 10/May/06 22:30
Skyice i think it was a joke email. Flayra doesnt give a shit about us little people. Hes up there laughing at us:

"lol those pplz are playing that game i made 3 years ago that i cba with n e more ul!"

im just hoping one day... the forums will be unhacked...

Yeah fuck that

By: GuiZ on 10/May/06 22:44
yeah yeah we know ... site coming soon ...
By: Cheese on 10/May/06 23:38
dumdidum...hey. Flayra sent me an email...

By: Cheese on 10/May/06 23:41
by the way...what happend to the B.U.S?

*runs away*
By: tjo on 11/May/06 01:49
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/May/06 02:29
plz dont destroy the layout, we can actually have a nice discussion or conversation here, without browsing to the forum!~

does bobby have manboobs ?!
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 11/May/06 10:48
Here's a thought.

By: tjo on 11/May/06 15:19
I care, for you! Lala.
By: cream on 11/May/06 20:37
07951687075 - whos number is that ?
By: CAssassin ( Saunamen ) on 11/May/06 20:59

By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/May/06 21:02
yes rofl
By: Cheese on 11/May/06 21:45
fear the 1.04 freaks ;)
By: Nephotep ( New Team ) on 12/May/06 02:04
lol this is some really fecked post :D
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 12/May/06 15:33
By: frost on 13/May/06 02:23
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 13/May/06 05:21
"The problem with Scotland- is that it's full of Scots!"
By: frost on 13/May/06 05:59
Statement of fact (anti-English)
The alternative encyclopaedia of Scotland
E is for England

A small irrelevant country which, humourously, thinks itself important. The source of much jollity the world over, England is a strong contender for the Country You Most Love To Hate award. From Mandalay to Mauritius via Timbuktu and Tasmania, everyone hates England. Indeed, England has it within its grasp to bring about global unification just by declaring war on the world. Every nation on earth would unite in the fight.

Strange but true; the reason England thinks it is the centre of the universe is because it won the football {soccer in N America} World Cup in 1966. Though irritating, this would not have mattered too much if it had learned to shut up about it for five minutes. England also had an obscenely big empire which, again, was noteworthy only for how much it annoyed everyone else.

A common misconception is that England lost its empire because the uppity natives noticed they were being exploited. In fact it was because English commentators couldn't shut up about the World Cup that host nations decided enough was enough and set about shooting Englishmen in the hope that one was Bobby Charlton.

Undeterred, England persists with its delusions of adequacy but has a terrible inferiority complex about Scotland - and is unforgivably dismissive of its loving neighbour. It has gone down various plugholes - economic, cultural, football, you name it - but the plucky little English (often referred to as Sassenachs) still think the world admires them.
By: weezer on 13/May/06 15:43
England is the bastard child of Europe. Originally cradle to the native Bretons, years of colonial rape and occupation by Europeans has resulted in the congealed mud-people now called the English who, in their oedipal complex, then proceeded to do exactly the same thing to everyone else. England is known among Europeans as the only country USAns don't hate, because England is the USA's bitch.


Scotland is a minor country-ette to the north of England. Renowned for its sex tourism, sheep shaggers from all over the United Kingdom travel to Scotland to enjoy its liberal laws regarding livestock appreciation (tupping). Scotland was once rumoured to be the home of the Scottish. Sadly along with Ireland, most of its indigenous population (Jocks, Sweaties) migrated to the USA and Australia, leaving the Neds behind. However, both are common places for whitey to wax hysterical about their ancestry there.
By: Tex on 13/May/06 19:15
Yes Flayra replies to mails. But it seems to be the only thing he does. Unless there's a sh|* load of new maps; A new version won't save the day. Whatever the version number is.

Support the M4NSC (Mor'maps 4 NS Collective).

Else a little laugh:
By: lump on 13/May/06 20:20
finland has santa.. gg
By: vara on 14/May/06 06:10
Australia is an island of criminals and prostitutes that won against spain in the last NSWC

w00t, thats a fact
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 14/May/06 22:37
You hear that tommi!?
By: oma ( vetus ) on 15/May/06 09:46
European Natural Selection League is DEAD thanks for participating. HAVE A NICE LIFE
By: Magpie on 15/May/06 10:09
Oma - your comment isn't rly helping sir.
Some people still like the mod despite the fact that the development is somewhat stagnant nowdays, and would like to see a league such as ENSL thrive.
With all do respect, may I suggest that you throw yourself in a lake.
By: Cheese on 15/May/06 13:49
great wikipedia entry!
I had several good laughs while reading the mail about flayras blog :D
By: weezer on 15/May/06 13:54

do your homework, bitches
By: oma ( vetus ) on 15/May/06 22:44
MAgpie - the mod is great but this ensl season just sucks
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 16/May/06 02:25
i challenge you to do a better job :)
By: aA on 16/May/06 02:43
it's not admins fault that teams just die or they don't schedule matches...
By: Cheese on 16/May/06 04:11
hmm i think this season was way better than the last one. even though division 3 only consists of 4 teams now at the end.
By: tjo on 16/May/06 06:11

| s&m 1 - 1 <3

Division 1, Week 3

If I remember correctly, we won 3-1.

Way to abuse admin and tidying up your score.
By: anderval on 16/May/06 06:18

ahem, not entirely sure why this was changed, sure it doesnt matter really considering both the clan and the league have gone into the light so to speak but still, changing match results without telling anyone? psh i actually expected better don't know why.

hopefully im wrong about this and it was done for some convoluted but semi valid reason as we dropped out of the league or something (though i checked the results of armless' matches and shockingly their wins wernt overturned without comment)

if not than it's doubly hilarious whoever did it would even bother in the first place - congratulations! you still place 4th in an inactive league of a basically dead game
By: Invasion on 16/May/06 10:14
There should be somekind of prizes for divison winners.. That would motivate everyone to play. The question is, where to get money...
By: frost on 16/May/06 11:33
They must get sponsors!! I'll call ati, you call nvidia!
By: Cheese on 16/May/06 14:31
Oh Noes! Lets start teh constellation programm!!11!
By: ben on 16/May/06 15:48
So let me get this straight. It was bs_0, you wanted bs_1 but you still typed ready and played the first round. And then of course if you were unhappy you could of F4'ed, or said something in pregame before round 2 but no, despite apparently still being unhappy you typed ready again and played another round? Then after the match was over you thought it might be a good time to say the server variable was incorrect? Well played genius. No wonder you're #5th you're fucking retarded.

So then you tried to shaft <3 by running to m//ke and getting the map replayed and me suspended but frg saw that you were just basically being a cry baby and abusing your admin powers so he overturned it. I guess now we're dead though you can make yourself look better by claiming you tied my clan. Well done lump, you finally achieved parity through technicalities. How does it not feel to be my bitch anymore?
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 16/May/06 20:40
I am sure this has to do with technical website errors, since i didnt change the results and i dont assume that lump would change it.

I changed it back to the normal score just to satify you :)
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/May/06 18:20
We won that <3 match. FACT.
By: lump on 30/May/06 19:13

For a start you pathetic little boy, we asked you about 4 times to change and you ignored every time, including the referee, you clearly saw we asked and had access to the variable as you changed it when i connected to the server (condump is a magikal tool and you also denied that you had the control to do so, nice one :P). So "you could have asked between the rounds".. Ben, I'm not dumb enough to think you would listen to me if I asked again during the second round, why the fuck would I bother? Then to rub salt into how much abuse of the rule you clearly showed that you used a pathetic spinning script to show off.. Well done! you just proved you broke the rules..

Now technically I could have just demanded Semper got a win because lets face it.

Your server (danster was in your clan and on your vent, you have control).
We asked numerous times for bs to be turned on and you ignored each time.
You clearly used 'a script' during the round meaning you were fully aware scripts were on.

And if you wanna look at the rules, it's all explained quite clearly ;)

So me being not a little shit that only cares about winning (HI!) decided that I'd rather play the round again.

"So then you tried to shaft <3 by running to m//ke and getting the map replayed and me suspended but frg saw that you were just basically being a cry baby and abusing your admin powers so he overturned it."

That's a very nice theory, overlooking the fact I spoke to frG 1st to get his view, then I spoke to mike to do the same. By all means I could have abused my admin powers to kick you out the league, mike was more than willing and 2>1 but I didn't.. Instead I waited for mike and frG to come to an agreement because I was technically 'biased'.
All I told them was what happened to get their views, stating my general peave and you fucking about with league rules and what it would say to other clans if you can get away with doing this shit whenever you feel the need. If you are unclear of the rules ben just look to the link on the left labelled "Rules" yeh?

Yes I know the rules hadn't been forced in previous seasons, but I'd been putting in more effort than you think to make sure this season wasn't the same - and no I didn't think it would be fair to punish without warning.. That's why I was suggesting a second chance D:

The reason for my actions after were nothing to do with s&m getting points, who gives a fuck about that.. seriously, it was you blatently taking the piss out of league rules, you'd already caused enough shit with the amount of bollocks you talk and I'm not one to take rules lightly. So the point was to set an example for the rest of the league and start things moving in a decent direction, but you being the ignorant cock you are thought it was all about you.. awwww. I'm sorry benny baby but you're not that special, maybe you can go wank in the mirror for a bit and think about all the 'bitches' you have.
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 31/May/06 18:26
Seriously not a proper post for an ENSL admin, whatever happened.
By: lump on 01/Jun/06 04:45
By: lump on 03/Jun/06 05:30
viva la troll!

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