New Admins and we are starting Season 12

New administrators at the NSL

Starcetereus and Spring have been promoted to NA Admin and EU Admin, respectively. Currently, the ENSL staff is as follows:

Thank you, Knox and Ololoi, for the work you put in at the ENSL.

Season 12 has begun!


The Group Phase will last in

Div1 till 03 of December

Div2 till 26 of November

Div3 till 17 of December

As soon as a group ghase in a Division finished the playoffs start there.

With the community’s feedback, we’ve decided to seed the teams according to Seeding Option 2.


The Poll for the Season 12 Map Pool resulted in

the replacement of ns2_summit with ns2_summit_and_above

and no additions to the map pool.

The Season 12 Map Pool will be:

ns2_biodome, ns2_descent, ns2_jambi, ns2_mineral, ns2_nexus, ns2_summit_and_ above, ns2_tram, and ns2_veil.


View the official NSL rules here:

Thank you to all who collaborated on updating the rulebook.

Mega on 12 October 17 06:49



Blank BauerJankins | Gone Camping

nice and clean post i lIKE
gl hf n00bs

18 October 2017, 16:21


Blank Keats | African Money Bees

i don't like that the date of the post isn't the date you made it public. it confuses me and being confused makes me feel things i don't enjoy

18 October 2017, 17:10


Blank Cr4zy | one brit too many

it took these admins 6 days to proof read a mega post, how can we let any of them run this place

18 October 2017, 17:32


Blank Tyr | Invite Gathers

Keats says

i don't like that the date of the post isn't the date you made it public. it confuses me and being confused makes me feel things i don't enjoy

PM sent. - T

18 October 2017, 17:34


Blank Mephilles | ELOgain

they were working hard on that post. It took 6 days straight to correct the spelling and grammar mistakes

18 October 2017, 17:35


Blank loMe | Gone Camping

Gather Concil

Nice proofreading btw. Another solid flow chart.

18 October 2017, 17:54


Blank Starcetereus | Toxicity9000

Unlike the cruel Ololoi, who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel.

18 October 2017, 20:22


Blank Spring | Toxicity9000

Wait, who proofread any of this. I think you should be glad it doesn't have more mistakes.

18 October 2017, 20:57


Blank phonee | OOP

can i be a gathet mod now

18 October 2017, 22:10


Blank Golden | Toxicity9000

Hey Spring, your avatar isn't loading

19 October 2017, 01:28


Blank BauerJankins | Gone Camping

apparently we'Re all mods now phone
lets GO where's my gather kick power

19 October 2017, 03:15


Blank phonee | OOP

im hoenstly sick of my internet i thoguht ig to the 100 dolalrs a month plan to get a 560uuplaod and downaload and this shit skeep sapphin

19 October 2017, 05:51


Blank loMe | Gone Camping

Phone would honestly be a good communications concil member.

19 October 2017, 13:38

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