Beginners Division Final Finished

News Update:
Just a reminder about the shoutcast.. Premier Finals will most likely be played default time (3/12 20.00 cet), so if your team/final wants to have a shoutcast, the best idea would be to talk with your opponent and arrange a different time. It´s abit hard for our shoutcast team to do them all at the same time :-)

The ENSL staff has decided that, aDreNaLine wins by forfeit in the Beginners Division, due to mpr-crew not being able to field a team. This is very unfortuneate and sad to see, but this is how it turned out.

There is still some matches and finals to look forward to like:

Premier League: Nine Legends vs Levitacus (finals)
2nd Division: Prevert vs Good Luck Fuck You (?)
and 3rd Divison: Team Fantasty vs Pitchfork (finals)

Thanks to all teams that participated, but big thanks to the teams that kept playing and didn´t fold for various reasons. Don´t worry about ENSL, I can say that there will be a season 6 with a 100% certainty. So keep watching and enjoying the game.

All matches must be played on 3rd december latest.

B1 on 27 November 06 20:07

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By: zeDracul on 27/Nov/06 20:22



RAGE ()§/"()§"$"$"$
By: Invasion on 27/Nov/06 20:27
oh my god. Shut up nigra
By: Tahforgothispass on 27/Nov/06 20:28
hihihihi! Cause he ''s a n00b!!!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Nov/06 20:32
I said that it was up to adrenaline whether they should allow you to reschedule.

Asking to reschedule without giving a day''s notice isn''t cool.

I don''t know about anyone else but I''ve had to reschedule stuff IRL so I can play matches and it''s real annoying when the opposition doesn''t bother to give you plenty of warning in advance (*stares at levi*).

You took it to extremes by asking adrenaline on the server, 20 mins after you were scheduled to start, to reschedule.

adren can''t put a team out now and as you couldn''t play during the scheduled time you lose.
By: DeathAngel on 27/Nov/06 20:32
wtf? kinda gay?
refree told us to reshedule, and a forfeit in final thats not how a final should look like .........

thx to crew...
By: scratchie on 27/Nov/06 20:32
lol i dont agree with this either...
levi waiting weeks
ke vs glfu taking ages
div3 messed
but on div4 they give forfeits...
By: zeDracul on 27/Nov/06 20:32
we are fkkn first in the division
with fkkn almost 6 points ahead ( if you dont count forfeit wins )


cmon inva bring it on, some problems?
any racism ? cmon bring it on ...
By: zeDracul on 27/Nov/06 20:34
can someone get the hltv demo from smoke please?
i told adrenanline at minute +-3 that we may reschedule it


By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 27/Nov/06 20:36
from the admin forum:

- mpr makes it clear they dont have players before the game starts, but adren lets them get a merc
just so they can play. 1 player crashes and they are 5 and cant start.
- All division finals are dead-lined on the 3rd december.¨
- mpr is therefor entitled to reschedule to this date.
- They tried to play on set time (24/11) and made adren wait 1 hour+ on the server for 6th.
- adrenaline refuses to reschedule cause they are going on holidays with most players next week.

* mpr is nice and tries to play even though they cant field players and if they would wait instead for 3rd december they would have 6 and get forfeit win cause adren wouldnt have players.

* adren is nice and lets mpr get a higher skilled merc just to play, but mpr ends up losing 1 player to an internet disconnect. adren is playing on set time with 6 players.

So I have no idea who should have the win? No one of them can play again and basicly both are entitled to the win. Adren cause they showed up on the date set and mpr cause they can reschedule, but didnt since adren couldnt play so they tried to play anyway, but were unlucky with internet.

I want you to help me sort this out cause either way it fucks someone over for being nice and thats totally shit imo.


Its the fact that you are trying to play this match at the set date that you have agreed on, that leaves the forfeit win to adrenaline, even trying to play it with a too highskilled for this div (beefi, not approved by admins, but by adren after some whine).

I also told you that you can reschedule but that was something like 3 hours before the game not 3 minutes. Its sad, but cant be helped.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Nov/06 20:37
It''s not up to YOU whether the game can be rescheduled, it''s up to BOTH teams.

Because you were too late in asking for a reschedule, it''s totally within adren''s rights to deny you a reschedule.

Bummed? I can empathise. Look at nL- we''ve waited for a month so Levi can get Tane back. Because we''ve waited so long it means that wltrs probably won''t play.

We''re losing our best player so they can get theirs.

These things happen.
By: atman on 27/Nov/06 20:38
why cant adren play, they got 13 players in their rooster
By: zeDracul on 27/Nov/06 20:40
oh yeah great, then make a new rule for finals
else those things keep getting more shit

they dont deserve this
god im raged, i think you can understand me
sorry for some hard words, but ... damn im just raged

By: scratchie on 27/Nov/06 20:40
makes more sense after b1''s post. i agree, either way is fckd and adr showed up.
By: scratchie on 27/Nov/06 20:42
and after all Adrenaline was the ONLY team with beginning clanplayers. [ i think god is watching ]
By: zeDracul on 27/Nov/06 20:43
if the final could not have been played until the 3rd december, we would not even have bothered to get the forfeit win, because thats not sportsmanship

it is just not ... fair to win a final
( division ) with forfeit wins

bah :/
By: MeDi on 27/Nov/06 20:44
weeee ADRENALINE WIN!!! thx for all!!
By: tjo on 27/Nov/06 20:46
If your team isn''t interested to either make sure everyone can be there on the set date before you schedule it, or turn up on the agreed upon date, then you shouldn''t have to play the match either. That simple.
By: zeDracul on 27/Nov/06 20:47
come and play a pcw under ensl rules and get bashed please like everytime we played you ...

you dont have any balls, adren do you? get some kind of sportsmanship
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 27/Nov/06 20:49
i totally agree, you both deserved it. its just unlucky that it turned out this way and gloating about winning by forfeit is just . unless thats irony medi and i cant tell on the internet D:
By: zeDracul on 27/Nov/06 20:49

1 guy got broken leg
1 guy got inet problems ( thx german telecom )
then gummi lagged out ( thx to his useless router )

i call that bad luck or faith ...
but i dont think that i even could TRY to predict that happening before this day, could i?
By: scratchie on 27/Nov/06 20:56
its optimism b1 ;)
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 27/Nov/06 20:58
vlad u couldn''t but it''s not admins fault that adrenaline didnt want to reshedule it and becouse the dont have time to play in next week (as the told) we need to make some decision and whatever it would be it wont be good
By: HtOkrbAttOuSa on 27/Nov/06 21:10
d2 ke?
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 27/Nov/06 21:13
"1 guy got broken leg"

He plays NS with his legs?! European NS player of the year right there.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Nov/06 21:18
By: weezer on 27/Nov/06 21:19
you''ve waited for a bit over a week sherpa.

ps: "I don''''t know about anyone else but I''''ve had to reschedule stuff IRL so I can play matches"

time for someone to start putting things in perspective it seems.
By: scratchie on 27/Nov/06 21:19
Fana how are you able to play with a leg in a straight position. Every suprising skulk make you move/feel pain. Besides wouldnt even fit under your desk. get a life?
By: SplinterSteve ( TROLLS ) on 27/Nov/06 21:56
Play your damn matches, people.
By: smokealot on 27/Nov/06 22:06
i heard the guy with the broken leg was in hospital, and no the doctors didnt allow him to bring his pc..
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 27/Nov/06 22:11
Quite easily, it would fit under your desk unless your desk is a fucking box, and who the fuck gets shocked by ns?
By: scratchie on 27/Nov/06 22:19
i''m sure being active with youre fingers/arm does make ure leg move and if i stretch my leg, I hit my desk(not wall) unless youre a midget
By: smokealot on 27/Nov/06 22:30
By scratchy (~flatline.ns `) <- im still laughing about that :D
By: Jimmis on 27/Nov/06 22:46
wow adren wins wtf, they should have played at a later date, adren knew they had no chance of winning against mpr, mpr is the better team and should be beginner div winners, fuck the spantards reali..


By: GuMMIdk on 27/Nov/06 23:02
well.... right is right we didnt come up with a team cos my router crashed 20:34... gogo...

well it realy dossent matter... we all know whos best... and aint that really whats important.?

btw aDreN hf with ure 1st place..
good to see theres a reason why everyone hate spantards.. pffffffff
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 27/Nov/06 23:10
2nd Division: Prevert vs Good Luck Fuck You (?)

wtf not Ke??
By: GuMMIdk on 27/Nov/06 23:12
just because we dont have 15 members... lolz
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Nov/06 23:28
"time for someone to start putting things in perspective it seems."

Ha! I don''t know anyone who takes the internet more serious than you, tmk.
By: atman on 27/Nov/06 23:41
no non-english-speaking clans next ensl so we can avoid shit like this

im kidding

(or am i)
By: GrN on 27/Nov/06 23:58
Sorry for cant reschedule, but the next week have a lot of holidays (6-10 of december) and the players have social life, girlfriends, etc.

U understand?

Thanks all admins for understand this, really, thanks.

By: tjerge on 28/Nov/06 00:38
<.< thats twice in one season spantards have fucked someone over. Gotta love them!
By: aA on 28/Nov/06 00:48
nice grn, deadline is on 3rd.
By: scratchie on 28/Nov/06 01:02
seems to be a fashion to hate spanish people now...
I''m gonna hate england from now on
they make no sense at all

There is no egg in the eggplant
No ham in the hamburger
And neither pine nor apple in the pineapple.
English muffins were not invented in England
French fries were not invented in France.
By: silence on 28/Nov/06 01:08
kinda sux... for us ;)

i dont really care for winning and stuff, but the spantards were pretty much the worst team on the division with like no chance to win ...

btw. i think we would have played the final with 5, we just didnt because the ref told us that there will be no div. 4 winner if the match cant be rescheduled so we did and a few days later its forfeit for adre ...

but who cares? it isnt wort fucking around about that crap because everyone who cares pretty much knows that we would have won it ...

spantards suck -.-
By: silence on 28/Nov/06 01:09
@ scratchy: try having a conversation with medi ... you''ll see :)
By: scratchie on 28/Nov/06 01:13
check my predictions ;) ''nough said :P
By: silence on 28/Nov/06 01:14
good point :D
By: EagleEye on 28/Nov/06 01:21
kE got only 5 players atm. All other players got kicked due to the only team left in Div 2 is prevert.
By: Invasion on 28/Nov/06 11:15
Real life comes first. Obviously some people doesn''t ha ve it.
By: tjo on 28/Nov/06 11:28
Time for someone to whip out the banstick.

This is the greatest amount of bullshit nationalistic crap I''ve seen on a messageboard since I accidantally read a discussion about the aztecs on some gamefaqs forum. You make me sad.
By: weezer on 28/Nov/06 12:36
"Ha! I don''t know anyone who takes the internet more serious than you, tmk."

youre absolutely correct. i dont take anything with more seriousness than the internet. i monitor all ns-related activity on the internet with utmost vigilance and process all of it, because of this i often end up sitting in front of my computer for 30 solid hours before i pass out

ps. youre all a bunch of immature dicks, especially mpr. get a life and learn to play ns, preferably in that order so i dont have to put up with you whiny bullshit for a while.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 28/Nov/06 14:25
"Real life comes first. Obviously some people doesn''''t ha ve it."

Is the most sensible thing said in 50 comments. QFT.

So anyway- how about ''dem aztecs, eh?!
By: tjo on 28/Nov/06 14:56
Those anti-european pro-indian bastards are stupid and don''t realize how insignificant and stupid wild savages the aztecs were.

What do you think?
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 28/Nov/06 15:04
"Fana how are you able to play with a leg in a straight position. Every suprising skulk make you move/feel pain. Besides wouldnt even fit under your desk. get a life?"

Funniest thing I''ve seen so far today.

"i heard the guy with the broken leg was in hospital, and no the doctors didnt allow him to bring his pc.."

Not quite as funny, you try too hard.

Lastly, directed with love to tmk:

Please stop pretending you''re Swirl, it''s getting tiresome. You''re not funny and you''re certainly not clever. You''re just another dime-a-dozen wannabe.
By: zeDracul on 28/Nov/06 15:29
what do you mean by learning how to play ns?
we are 1. in our division, without any lose.
and our teamplay was even strong enough to defeat some division 3 clans in pcws, so please tmk ...

of course we are whining just imagine being in our or my situation, it just came really UNLUCKY for us
dude watch what you say, beside you are not even in this division, whats your problem? just because i raged at the beginning? gg i think you would have done the same ... everyone would have done so
By: TrC ( Exertus ) on 28/Nov/06 15:33
you have mistyped Fantasy, shame on you

btw where do you get energy to argue, its stupid
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 28/Nov/06 16:16
Defeating AFK is not much of a merit.
By: scratchie on 28/Nov/06 16:32
to much testesteron here, nana is right
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 28/Nov/06 16:33
Kinda glad adren won, mPr have given such a retarded picture of themselves o/
By: zeDracul on 28/Nov/06 17:29

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