The 8th ENSL Season Signups Open


As the NSNC (see brackets and schedule) is still going, we are opening the signups for the Eighth ENSL Season. The signups will close on Sunday 14th of this month at 18:00 CEST, after that division tables will be announced shortly.

The system will be the traditional ENSL league system. Every team plays one game per week against every other team in one's division. After the league stage, the two teams with most points in each division play a division Final. This means a division with size of 6 teams lasts 6 weeks. Division sizes will be adjusted depending on the number of clans signed up but it will 1-2 divisions.

Normally every won round gives one point, but we also plan to give 1 extra point for each played match. For example 3-1 game would give 4 points to the winner and 2 points to the loser. Forfeits give the maximum of 5 points. We are using Scale's pointing system again.

Preliminary maps for the next season are the following:

1st Week: ns_lost & ns_tanith
2nd Week: ns_tanith & ns_veil
3rd Week: ns_veil & ns_origin
4th Week: ns_origin & ns_metal
5th Week: ns_metal & ns_eclipse
6th Week: ns_eclipse & ns_lucid
7th Week: ns_lucid & ns_lost
Finals: chosen by the teams from the list above

Not all maps are necessarily used. For the schedule, check this page. Additionally the rules have been updated with small corrections all-around. Nothing major, but re-reading the rules is strongly recommended to avoid confusion.

To signup with your existing team, simply go here and tick the 'Next season candidate' -box from the clan menu.

Here are the instructions just in case you need.

  1. Each team member should register an account for these sites.
  2. The leader should create the team and tick the checkbox called "Next season candidate".
  3. Each team member should then join the team in question.
  4. After this, the leader can accept the members in.

If you have any questions, just drop me a pm on IRC or use other methods.

ENSL Staff

P.S. Naturally we are also seeking predictors and referees. Contact staff if you want to participate.

P.P.S. There were some DNS problems but they have now been corrected.

jiriki on 04 October 07 04:28

History | Comments: 32


By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 04/Oct/07 04:52
gogo :D
By: P3anut on 04/Oct/07 05:09
As a proud pitchfork member i would like to be a referee.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 04/Oct/07 06:04
By: marmotte on 04/Oct/07 10:18
referee ROFL for WHAT !

one clan, one division, one match gg.
By: MrS on 04/Oct/07 11:41
last clan,last match, last season...
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 04/Oct/07 16:47
ns_orbital_anslv2 should be played!

ns_lucid is lollerimba!
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 04/Oct/07 17:36
ns_eon is a good map tbh
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 05/Oct/07 02:00

Marmotte and some other: stop bitching. People are just overdramatizing the issue, and just increasing the inactivity. Of course that is very logical if you truly want ns to "die".
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 05/Oct/07 02:17
Yeah I completely agree here. The only thing killing NS at the moment is peoples attitudes...

The game was alright last season because although the playerbase was small everyone was still positive. During the time since last season and now so much negativity and overdramatizing has gone on that NS isn't dieing. It's being killed.
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 05/Oct/07 02:27

Seriously though, we have to grow the player base, its too small and temperamental with activity.
By: smokealot on 05/Oct/07 02:44
im gone dramatize a bit:


By: atman on 05/Oct/07 03:04
oh god
By: Tweadle on 05/Oct/07 04:09
On behalf of sprogga, we are choosing to ignore smoke
By: P3anut on 05/Oct/07 04:17
Since im the new pitchfork leader ill deal with this nonsense immedietaly
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 05/Oct/07 05:45
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 05/Oct/07 05:45
peanut made a funny :O
By: smokealot on 05/Oct/07 11:03
im cut :(
By: 360ms on 05/Oct/07 18:07
By GibbZ (sprogga ~), on 04/10/2007 @ 23:17 - Posts: 145
Yeah I completely agree here. The only thing killing NS at the moment is peoples attitudes..

By: Tweadle on 05/Oct/07 20:42
stop with your attitude
By: 360ms on 06/Oct/07 04:07
I'm not the one being negative :P
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 06/Oct/07 18:37
Smoothrollers back in business.

Den glider in.. -95

But then.. 5-6, what?
By: Alatriste on 07/Oct/07 02:37
peoples attitudes? hehe i cant get a clan for my attitude? I can play daily and i cant get a clan, the rest of the spanish community is dead because the bad organization of the last leage, no farms, no players.And problem is attitude?

The problem is the division system, when we only need a UNIQUE leage with real ACTIVITY

You now the reason because we dont have one clan in spain.The delays.
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 07/Oct/07 05:43
=skk1=, why complain about something you arn't helping to get rid of?

make a farm team like the rest of us who don't want ns to die.

stop crying.
it isn't everyone else's job to get Spanish players to play, its yours.
By: pathy on 07/Oct/07 16:00
prefix wins 7 internets.
By: 360ms on 08/Oct/07 01:49
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 08/Oct/07 03:12
whoever makes spanish to play ns again, need to be shot irl >_<
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 08/Oct/07 03:31
Otsy McFatfat
By: nomoresmoke on 08/Oct/07 18:40
as im banned i guess this season will be good!
By: 360ms on 09/Oct/07 20:53
you dishonour me
By: atman on 09/Oct/07 21:07

By: P3anut on 10/Oct/07 03:21
New Clan Inc: P3anut And People Less Gud

Whose in you ask?

and people less gud
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 10/Oct/07 15:43
You're not P3anut... who are you imposter? :P

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