Predictions for Divison One

Thanks to Bacillus we have predictions for this week also!

Bacillus' Div 1 Week 1 Aftermath:

Flatline - Snowrollers

As expected, this turned out to be the more even of the two matches. Snowrollers managed to put up a good fight here and there, but eventually Flatline still finished with a comfortable 3-1 victory. Nevertheless, I was a little disappointed how both teams managed to fumble their marine rounds to some quite bad mistakes.

Flatline 3 quite solid rounds. Especially their alien play was still quite impressive. Phil's lerk tore SR's marine game apart with the constant sporing and LMG biting. Handschuh and Morvie's fades took care of the rest. Their marine rounds on the other hand left room for some improvement. Phil and Morvie were a little inconsistent and weren't the destructive force I had expected. Both still had their moments of great play, but then again also a pressure death to a single skulk, for example. Nevertheless, they're still doing a good job all around. Meanwhile Cosmic really stepped up her marine game. She got nice early lerk kills on both maps. Especially the Tanith round LMG solo on Enigmatic's lerk was crucial and allowed Flatline to set up for spawncamp a little later. The eclipse marine round, however, wasn't something I'd expect to see from FL. The early game was quite even, but the 2nd hive push from FL seemed like a bad fumble to me. Two shotguns manage to secure the growing eclipse hive area and force the fade to flee for healing. For some reason they still drop the eclipse siege area pg for a lone LMG, instead of getting the pg directly to the hive room with 2 shotguns covering. The LMG goes down and the hive goes up. The momentum swung for the SR and FL couldn't recover anymore. Obiously it's easy to comment on HLTV demos afterwards, but I still feel they should've been able to capitalize the situation easily.

SR was a little disappointment to me. They had some great moments, but then again a few more really bad plays. The alien part was ok, although the two flashed lerks weren't the best demonstration of Enigmatic's skill. On Tanith they played quite passive, allowing the FL 2 man pressure to keep skulks tied to the nodes. Meanwhile FL capped, pushed to the main hive with cappers and caused enough of carnage to seal the deal. Bergy's skulking was the biggest positive impact in the alien rounds. On Eclipse he took down most of the pressure teams in power sub area, and ensured SR a relatively early hive even though they lost a lot of nodes. SR's marine rounds were the biggest disappointment to me. They were sloppy both on individual level and on the map play in general. Phil's lerk effectively kept them at low upgrades and they never got any offensive PGs up. On Tanith round they had a nice opening to push the 2nd hive at sat while it was just being dropped. However, the two LMGs went into chem first, got taken out by Phil's lerk and the shotgun following 10 sec behind had very little chances of surviving to the sat. 10 sec spent waiting for the SG could've swung the momentun into a whole new direction. Gibbz was the cornerstone of SR's marine rounds, but you'll need more than one player playing on that level against FL.

Russia - Gangbang

The match went as expected. Gangbang was one step ahead most of the game and finished with a comfortable 4-0.

Once again Team Ru left me puzzled. Their top marine Snake went comming, which didn't turn out to be a great success. Interesting spread LMG pressure on eclipse had very little success, except for keeping the 2 marine nodes at T-junc and alpha up. Later on they managed to get a pg up at cc, and even get armor 1 into the play before Tane could get his fade rolling. Meanwhile, they didn't have 2nd ip or guns to fend off the fade and Tane took the cc pg down relatively easily, practically sealing the round for GB. On Tanith Ru lost obs early to a lone skulk and couldn't really recover due to the effecitve RT biting by GB. The alien rounds were little better for RU and on Tanith they even pulled off a semi successful baserush.

Gangbang was solid. They played well all around and I'd say they are the biggest favorites for the championship title as long as their game stays this good. Tane, Doogie and Kuitmo played well on marines and they capitalized most of the opportunities nicely. They left the base open for rushing in Tanith, but otherwise I didn't see any bigger flaws. On aliens they were never really forced to play to their best, but the overall scouting and lifeform synergy seemed to be working nicely.

Bacillus' Div 1 Week 2 predictions:

Gangbang - Snowrollers

The match of the week. Snowrollers have a lot to improve from week 1 and Gangbang gets tested by tougher opposition than last week.

I'd say it boils down to whether Gangbang can keep their game going as smooth as it was against Ru. SR needs to step up their individual performances, because GB isn't definitely going to slip behind in teamwork. Especially Atman and Bergy have to start hitting aliens on marine rounds. SR also needs to be more aggressive on aliens, since the nice spawncamp manouvres were one of the most effecitve GB moves against. SR simply can't afford to have marines like Kuitmo and Tane running around for too long. Yet another big question is whether the Swedes can manage their resoucres better. Against FL they never got their upgrades and PGs rolling properly and I doubt its going to be that much easier against GB as Peach seems to like to play the res wars.

My pred : GB 3 - 1 SR, Finns taking both round on Origin

Impact players:
GB: Tane, Peach, Kuitmo.
Snowrollers: Atman, Berglund, Gibbz, Enigmatic.

NS-Ru - Flatline

This match is going to be a big indication to the rest of the season. Flatline wasn't as powerful as I expected in week 1, so this week they'll need to prove they can play as cool and controlled as the GB did. Ru on the other hand needs to get their game rolling properly, another 4-0 would raise a lot of questions whether they can match any team in this div.

Both teams need to work on the first week flaws. Ru needs to get their marine tactics and comming rolling better, because otherwise Phil's lerk will absolutely dominate. Snake's medding and res control skills are going to be tested big time against the nice sporing of Phil. On marines FL just needs to keep their game rolling and avoid the mistakes they did in week 1. Phil and Morvie are going to have a nice opportunity to get their marine play back into form before the week 3 GB match. Ru on the other hand has to keep their lerks alive better and generally speaking avoid losing map control like they did in w1 rounds, resulting in PGs planted in middle hives.

Impact players
Flatline: Phil, Morvie, Hivefish, Cosmic
Team Russia : Macpersil, Snake

Voodo on 16 November 08 18:18

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By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 16/Nov/08 18:50
Hmm, I'd better get a little better layout for longer texts next week :>
By: Tweadle on 16/Nov/08 20:44
I like the aftermath being done on news and good content too!

By: atman on 16/Nov/08 23:28
excellent work bacillus
By: M on 17/Nov/08 00:08
gj and good read
By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 17/Nov/08 01:55
Good report, atleast i didnt suck this week :D
By: ShEePy on 17/Nov/08 19:19
niggz wtf flashed twice xD. choked under the pressure?
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 17/Nov/08 19:33
Ye must be tough playing in the ENSL. So much pressure..... lol!
By: Tweadle on 17/Nov/08 19:39
By: ZiGGY on 17/Nov/08 23:50
a lady? :O kinky bitch
By: ShEePy on 18/Nov/08 00:53
three times, niggz stop lerking seriously. i don't think it's for you.
By: atman on 18/Nov/08 01:14
three times? o_O
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 18/Nov/08 21:18
aww leave niggz alone! He couldn't marine either that day! He was just fucking terrrribbbblleeee....

Don't worry he's been zconing it this week with some awesome lerking too!!!!
By: ShEePy on 18/Nov/08 22:04
He's a good a public lerk, but plays too aggressive in matches so he gets dicked......
By: Tweadle on 18/Nov/08 22:06
Nah he's a pussy lerk. He just sucks, that's why he dies.

-Sprogga support
By: ShEePy on 18/Nov/08 22:28
Div 1 looks so piss weak without sprogga there.
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 18/Nov/08 23:23
hey guys, whats going on? i hear firths a prick
By: Tweadle on 19/Nov/08 02:52
what was that enig?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Nov/08 08:31
yea sheep... tanes been playing so bad recently... now hes not in sprogga hes terrribbbleeee

its hilarious!!!!

im so drunk ahahahahaha

but no seriously niggz is learning to lerk! hes alright! better then before! Alot so!!!!
By: Johs on 19/Nov/08 10:59

By: Afasia on 19/Nov/08 12:56
Go Sprg`s =D
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Nov/08 13:35
By: Tweadle on 19/Nov/08 15:19
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 19/Nov/08 15:42
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/Nov/08 18:00
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 19/Nov/08 20:50
who the fuck is deleting my comments :( ?
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 20/Nov/08 11:12
Superb aftermath report, keep up the good work!
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 23/Nov/08 22:35
enig what are those two letters next to your name?
By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 24/Nov/08 19:42
Dunno and stop deleting my bloody comments u little faggot
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 24/Nov/08 20:14
lol faggit niggz.
By: Drc on 24/Nov/08 22:44
Awesome writeup Bacillus. I hope you continue doing these, I really enjoy reading them. Thanks!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 25/Nov/08 00:12
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 27/Nov/08 20:31
mp stop deleting the fuckin comments, thanks
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 27/Nov/08 22:12
If you can still type coherently whilst drunk Zamma, you're doing it wrong.
By: ShEePy on 28/Nov/08 05:22
A lesson in life from sublime........
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 28/Nov/08 05:34
sorry sublime, from what I've heard from mark, you're quite the lightweight ;)

Some of us don't get drunk off two beers and actually have some tolerence =D
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 28/Nov/08 23:45
it just means gibbz that u cant drink
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 28/Nov/08 23:53
geez lets all say we drink lots on the internet to look well hard...
By: ShEePy on 30/Nov/08 06:31
Zamma you are the only one claiming to drink more than others.....
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 30/Nov/08 16:54
Haha you bellend I wasn't at all drunk I just had some fucking exams to sit and revision to do kthx
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/Nov/08 18:32
Wrong dave. If you read again I never stated I drank more then anyone! I just said sublime was a lightweight as mark had told me. :p
By: ShEePy on 30/Nov/08 20:33
"Some of us don't get drunk off two beers and actually have some tolerence =D" woops zamma did you say that?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/Nov/08 22:08
i did forget about writing that. It doesnt mean I state I drink more then anyone tho.

No one here has said they get drunk on two beers. And I never said anyone did. I just said "some" people don't get drunk on two beers. So WAY in your fucking face!!!! :DD
By: ShEePy on 01/Dec/08 04:11
You were clearly talking to sublime and using "some of us" implies you were talking about him. It implies that you think you can drink more than him, come on zamma i thought you understood how english works.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 01/Dec/08 06:41
I'm dyslexic. We don't do implying, us dyslexics.
By: Tweadle on 01/Dec/08 14:00
Some of us are metaphorically face-planting. Not that i'm saying anyone is metaphorically falling on their face or anything.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 01/Dec/08 20:13
"geez lets all say we drink lots on the internet to look well hard..."

^ I never stated anyone drank alot. I was more following from IRC where voodo claims to drink lots (and early)

"Some of us don't get drunk off two beers and actually have some tolerence =D"

^ In retort to sublime as sublime, from what I've heard, got drunk very easily

Now I never said I drank "ALOT" as you said sheep. I just "implied" that I don't get drunk off two beers. Of which two beers is not "ALOT".

So actually claiming to drink more then others is different to claiming to drink "ALOT" sheep. Infact I never claimed to drink alot, I just implied I can drink more then two beers.
By: ShEePy on 01/Dec/08 20:33
too long didn't read
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 01/Dec/08 21:41
yea well i actually win.
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 01/Dec/08 22:14
prefix is gay also
By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 02/Dec/08 00:53
No one can drink more than vallan haamu. 100-0'd.
By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 02/Dec/08 02:33
what about hopsu?
By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 02/Dec/08 02:44
Not even him, he was well noob last time i drank with him at summer.
By: dugi on 03/Dec/08 02:26


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