Season 12.... where.. Where? HERE!

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemans! If you stood up this late, you deserve to know that we are opening the Signups for Season Twelve!

We really hope we are going to have much teams this season, maybe a bit more than last season, so don't hesitate, go forth and make some new clans!

In case you are still a lone wolf, feel free to register and join a clan!
If you're looking for a clan, the best place to start is the clan search or the member search forums!

To participate in the next season, the only thing you have to do, is to mark the next season's candidate checkbox at your clan's edit page.

Clans outside from EU are also welcome to join us, but they have to accept, that they have to play on an EU server, unless the other team agrees to play on a server that is outside from EU!

Signups will close at Fourth of February, and the first week matches will be played the same week (this means, you'll have four days to schedule, and play your first matches)!

As always the player team join waiting time does not matter at first week!

A small rule update we are planning to use for Season 12, is the 10 minutes forfeit clock (was 20 before)!

If you are a Clan Leader, and you are not in the ENSL Clan Leaders Steam Group, please contact an Admin!

We are also looking for Referees!
For Referees the requirements are:
-be active
-be experienced
-have responsibility
-idiots please leave us alone
-(ex referees are also welcome to sign up again)

If you think you fit the description, please contact an me (Voodo) via IRC, Steamfriends or email (voodo (a)

If you are having trouble contacting us, please use the private message feature on the forums, or read our IRC Guide!

Also Admirable's ventrilo is going down due to some reason. Contact us if you require a Mumble channel!

Please this season try to maintain an IRC Channel if possible, or at least show up at the #ENSL Channel, thank you!

ENSL Staff

Voodo on 25 January 09 03:00

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By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 25/Jan/09 12:21
vallan haamu is here
By: M on 25/Jan/09 14:32
By: Merrick on 26/Jan/09 04:02
in b4 404
By: AltFrthz on 27/Jan/09 20:21
Good night sweet prince

By: ZiGGY on 29/Jan/09 23:30
4th feb is a bit close aint it youth? :O still in exams here liek :/
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 01/Feb/09 00:42
ziggy, are you going to sign up a team?
By: Danny ( Perfect Peckers ) on 01/Feb/09 14:38
Well i am trying to, but its a bit stressfull finding players on so little time..

Its my fault for not working on it earlier, i know, but i do have alot of school these days. :)
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 01/Feb/09 19:59
Start in the clansearh thread, I would say there are about 5-10 people looking for clan atm.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 01/Feb/09 21:59
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 01/Feb/09 22:08
By: pyro on 02/Feb/09 21:07
looking for clan:)
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 03/Feb/09 03:16
Flags are a work in progress. Let's see tomorrow if they have updated properly.

Although, finns being armenians (that's the country to which Maddox is related!), Gibbz being slovenian and spaniards being albanians is a tad amusing.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 03/Feb/09 06:06
im practically roman.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 03/Feb/09 10:44
By: atman on 03/Feb/09 14:48
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 03/Feb/09 16:25
gypsys are romanian u div
By: TrC ( Exertus ) on 03/Feb/09 17:56
oh noes we fold if we dont startz 4th feb

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