Season 2 Awards

Put on your best tuxedo and head down to Hollywood for the inaugural ENSL season awards!

(Note: only players who have completed the season in an active team are up for awards)

Best Player

Hickz of Always a solid marine, Hickz took this one step further this season (especially towards the end of the season) by becoming a one-man, all-action army. Unbelievable marine aim and some nice fading puts him head and shoulders above the rest.

Runner-up: Cortex of Insane. Awesome fading earlier on in the season.

Best Leader

b1 of As a previous co-leader of knife, b1 was already a player of known pedigree. A fantastic organiser, no round will show this better than the storm marine round on veil against Insane in the ENSL final.

Runner-up: Invasion of Levitacus. Levitacus have made huge improvements over the last 12 months. This season continued that trend, a 3-1 victory over eventual winners storm being the highlight of the season. Credit must go to all-round player Invasion. But you are still an amis.

Most Improved Player

Dt|Lance of Devil's Talon. As well as leading his clan to an impressive mid-table Division 1 finish, Dt|Lance is now a player with a great marine game.

Runner-up: phil of Flatline-Ns. How long has he been an awesome lerk for?!

Most Improved Team

Flatline-Ns of Division 1. Possibly exceeded many people's expectations with an impressive runner-up spot in Division 1. A clan with a solid alien round, watch out for these guys in the future.

Runner-up: Devil's Talon. A surprise package, this team prides theirself on fantastic team-work, possibly second only to Insane.

Best Fade.

Although no player had a perfect season as fade, this award goes to Cortex of Insane.

Best Lerk.

No dispute: ray kay of Insane.

Best marine.

See above, Hickz of

Other Awards

Division 1, most improved clan: Flatline-Ns.
Division 1, best player: phil.

Division 2, most improved clan: The End Effect.
Division 2, best player: ReD.

Division 3, most improved clan: Finnish Ranger Pöllorna
Division 3, best player: Sharpi.

Special mention goes to Sharpi's Finnish Ranger Pöllorna clan, for winning every single round in division 3!

Mike hopes to start season 3 in January, after the World Cup. New clans can sign up to the web-site now!

That's all for this year. Merry Christmas everyone!

sherpa on 21 December 05 18:08

History | Comments: 69


By: weezer on 21/Dec/05 18:13
what about best skulk, comm, gl'er?!
By: xassidy on 21/Dec/05 18:19
what about me??
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 21/Dec/05 19:00
By: Invasion on 21/Dec/05 21:05
What's my price.... When do I get it ;o
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 21/Dec/05 22:40
You won nothing Invamis!
By: Invasion on 21/Dec/05 23:42
best fade: sherpa , teh team UK fade. 0/14
By: bp on 22/Dec/05 00:43
phil haha
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 22/Dec/05 01:26
/*Special mention goes to Sharpi's Finnish Ranger Pöllorna clan, for winning every single round in division 3!*/

Hum whan the clan was asigned to 3rd div and it should be in 1st what result can u expect? xD

Anyway FRP well played in this session ;]
By: bp on 22/Dec/05 02:21
i mean grats.
By: FreeZe on 22/Dec/05 03:22
Rofl :/ hickz and ctx, "k"

100% agree for b1 & ray
By: Sharpi on 22/Dec/05 03:58
By: 360ms on 22/Dec/05 06:35
Finally someone put this idea into practice again. Would have been nice to see some more opinions going into it but still. good work
By: d- on 22/Dec/05 08:11
By: aA on 22/Dec/05 11:02
why i see awards only for fade, lerk and a rine :(.
By: crt on 22/Dec/05 12:06
ctx best fade? 0o
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 22/Dec/05 12:17
By: tjo on 22/Dec/05 18:51
great initiative... would be nice with a "best skulk" award as well, there really is more to skulking than not being allowed to fade or lerk.
By: aA on 22/Dec/05 22:49
good skullk can do a fade's job ;x
By: oma ( vetus ) on 23/Dec/05 06:08
best onos can do gorges job
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 23/Dec/05 08:00
I totally understand why they didn't do a "best gorge" award. No-one could ever hope to live up to klatu's impressive gorgeing.

This is kind of an inside joke for us oldschoolers.
By: pimppy on 23/Dec/05 17:36
Runner-up: phil of Flatline-Ns. How long has he been an awesome lerk for?!

..since he discovered mwheel
By: Skyice on 23/Dec/05 23:57
"Division 3, most improved clan: Finnish Ranger Pöllorna"

considering they were in the wrong division. yeah.
By: aA on 24/Dec/05 00:09
fera have you ever try to lerk with mousewheel ?

in my opinion it's imposible to lerk with mousewheel becouse

you just lose your whole adrenaline by using this as jump ;x.
By: pimppy on 24/Dec/05 00:51
yes i have
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 24/Dec/05 01:50
I find that I can pancake quicker if I use my keyboard. There appears to be a limit on mouse wheel- if I scroll it as fast as I can I hardly go anywhere. If I stroke it at a slow pace, I crash ito the ceiling; but in the heat of the moment I forget to do this, thus I prefer my keyboard.

But it has to be said that I don't like controlling 3 dimensions of movement. I GREW UP ON DOOM OK.
By: aA on 24/Dec/05 13:00
don't lerk fera then :>, if you still think that you can pancake with mousewheel.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 24/Dec/05 16:02
You really can pancake with mousewheel...
By: phil ( Flatline-Ns ) on 24/Dec/05 18:15
lol .. thx aA ..

By: pimppy on 24/Dec/05 19:11
By: mu on 24/Dec/05 20:02
get a 2 jump
By: aA on 24/Dec/05 20:47
sub you're a bad lerk so shh.. :)
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 24/Dec/05 21:51
Please name a better lerk than Sub in the ENSL?!
By: dema on 24/Dec/05 21:52
hitboxes for sale! get ur hitboxes here! half priced!!
By: lagga ( 9L ) on 24/Dec/05 21:53
By: lagga ( 9L ) on 24/Dec/05 21:54
Or frG he's well pro at lerking.
By: pimppy on 24/Dec/05 21:55
"don't lerk fera then :>"
By: pimppy on 24/Dec/05 21:57
or Cassidy he's well good ":D"


fuck... bant.. :(
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 24/Dec/05 21:57

Leave frG out though, he is a smart lerk.
By: 360ms on 24/Dec/05 22:23
I'm a better lerk than sub.
By: ben on 24/Dec/05 22:35
That's not saying anything
By: mu on 24/Dec/05 22:45
i'm the best eu lerk
By: aA on 25/Dec/05 01:00
well fera i'm not lerking, only sometimes and yeah mu is teh best lerk in eu!

Sub just knows "how to stay alive" hmm i heard that somewhere :O.

e-dramma :(
By: mu on 25/Dec/05 01:20
this isnt drama

drama is community-wide and more fun
By: 360ms on 25/Dec/05 01:55
mu, i'm pregnant and it's your child! also.. i'm your mother and am from the planet Zomg! *Du.. du du.. DA DA!*
By: CAssassin ( Saunamen ) on 25/Dec/05 02:03
Now , THATS drama :o
By: weezer on 25/Dec/05 03:16
By sherpa (Semper Fi), on 24/12/2005 @ 19:51

Please name a better lerk than Sub in the ENSL?!

- scale
By: TaH on 25/Dec/05 06:37
Merry X-Mas to: Saeppel!,aA,bobbi dick(best Leader!!!!),frG,n44bj,my mum,all the flatline n00bs ;D ,all the Germans,sherpa(do not delete the post^^), emmmm beefi,TUTU and his french friends :>,Freeze,Nella
By: TaH on 25/Dec/05 06:42
i forgot something! the team "s&m" looks like b00nsquad aka rage.ns!

pls dont quit if you 'll lose 1 leaguematch,nothing against you but it happend twice!

By: word on 25/Dec/05 15:17
wtf who is tah? Aaaaaa i remember ur the one that eat skipjacks welder as fade and died :>

mary x mas back tah
By: aA on 25/Dec/05 16:19
By: pimppy on 25/Dec/05 17:13
By tmkay (Levitacus ~), on 25/12/2005 @ 01:16

By sherpa (Semper Fi), on 24/12/2005 @ 19:51

Please name a better lerk than Sub in the ENSL?!

- scale

By: aA on 25/Dec/05 17:47
By: 360ms on 25/Dec/05 18:32
lol there are 3 people from bs and 2 different people from rage in s&m, it's mainly cfg'ers. WE WILL LIVE FOREVARRR xx
By: C11H17NO3 on 26/Dec/05 01:25
and rage got to play 2 matches in 5 weeks, keeps you motivated to stay active
By: phil ( Flatline-Ns ) on 26/Dec/05 01:50
ray ftw :D
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 26/Dec/05 04:03
Almost was running out of things to do when in ab queue, thanks to this post + replyes, that time went down fast laughing. GJ!!
By: oma ( vetus ) on 26/Dec/05 11:38
I still think Triggerhappy is the best lerk in eu
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 26/Dec/05 18:12
Scale is a great lerk, very smart in his decisions, but he doesn't have that killer "omg how did you solo 3 SG marines" ability that Sublime does, IMO.

Also, Sublime doesn't get Mr. Ben'd on eclipse like Scale did against storm.

By: weezer on 27/Dec/05 13:46
By sherpa (Semper Fi), on 26/12/2005 @ 16:12

Scale is a great lerk, very smart in his decisions, but he doesn't have that killer "omg how did you solo 3 SG marines" ability that Sublime does, IMO.

who were those 3 sg marines
By: crt on 27/Dec/05 14:36
some 3rd division's ones?
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/Dec/05 15:20
Okay slight exaggeration, but hopefully you know what I mean ^^
By: weezer on 27/Dec/05 17:10
no, i seriously dont.
By: tjo on 27/Dec/05 17:41
There might just not be enough good aimers left around to prove him wrong though tommy... :(
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 27/Dec/05 23:27
Don't worry guys, I'll save NS.

Oh wait I'm leaving for the army.

(saves me the embarrassment of folding under pressure as Fade yet again I guess hahaha)
By: 360ms on 28/Dec/05 02:44
don't stop you from never connecting a bullet tho! xDDD
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 28/Dec/05 14:27
Shut uppppppppppp
By: beefcake on 01/Jan/06 22:52
Hmm.. lol at alot of the shit you guys can say..

(Tah: marry christmas and the happies new year ever mate..)

No matter what "buggeh", will always be the best lerk in eu, just insane to watch him. Thats the best lerk you could find in ns history I have to say. None can do it better than him, frG are close to it, but still far away.
By: Disqo on 02/Jan/06 03:29
Triggerhappy, now theres a flapper!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 02/Jan/06 15:05
No offence to frG, because I love both as a player and a sex toy(:9), but he dies way too much as Lerk to be considered a top europe Lerk.

When talking about skilled Lerks, you also have to take into account what kind of Lerk we're talking about. Obviously mst is the archetype of a sporing adrenaline Lerk, while Buggeh is one for the biting celerity Lerk.

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