Match Dates Season 4 [Update]

Hi guys,

All matches have been played now, this means that we can move on.
Announcing the Finals:

Division 1:
Epic vs Knife : Date 17 June 19 CEST

Division 2:
ns.ftw vs Keen Edge

Division 3:
Demon Knights vs Illusion: 4-0 for Illusion!

The maps that are being played will be ns_veil & ns_tanith
as tiebreaker ns_eclipse_ensl kicks in.

I want to thank all clans for participating in Season 4 and i hope a lot of clans will apply for season 5 again.

There are gonna be some major changes in season 5, and i hope we can play with ns 3.2.

Also stay tuned for a new NightCup event, it will take place after the ensl finals and will be somewhere in july!

Let the games begin!

frG on 16 May 06 20:34

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By: Skyice on 16/May/06 21:34
How do you expect new clans to join the ns competitive scene when the europeans main ns league is a complete joke.

look at div 3- were the only clan who has more than 1 player online every day
. I know that there is no real solution to this problem but it still sucks.
Please take extra extra extra time when making season 5 divisions. Maybe have more than 1 opinion on the divisions? cough.

Considering we have "high skilled" players choosing the low skilled divisions, its obvious its going to go wrong.

make season 5 good please... get some real opinions on the divisions. Get someone who actuly knows who reflection is to pick the low skilled divisions maybe...
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 16/May/06 21:36
I think the skill levels were mostly equal in every division, correct me if i am wrong.

The main problem was that clans were dropping out, and some clans folded.
By: Invasion on 16/May/06 21:38
whine off!
By: Skyice on 16/May/06 21:39
pfft... tmk is a nice guy and im not trying to offend him in anyway but..
Not knowing him personly and going on my knowloge of the average prem ns player, Isnt haveing a Prem player as the lowest division admin a little bit of a joke? i would like someone with a little more "nub" experiance
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/May/06 21:46
The game sucks.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/May/06 21:49
Cal style (same division except not everyone plays against everyone else) might work. There were a bit more clans at week 4.
By: Raza on 16/May/06 22:14
The clans would have died anyway. It wasnt the league system that killed them.
By: atman on 16/May/06 23:55
Having a division admin with experience isn't really something bad... and the admins didn't kill div 3, folding clans did

postcount whoa :O
By: atman on 16/May/06 23:57
it doesn't count comments to played games though :(
By: Cheese on 17/May/06 00:32
hmm are not the only clan of div 3 who has more than one player online everyday. that is bs and you know it.
The only more or less inactive clan in div 3 atm is Teamfantasy.

Illusion is playing a lot of wars atm. And we are starting to do so again (university mid term exams do ring a bell?)

for cfc, sp, fear and all these other clans who didnt play a single match...well...i wasnt surprised. If you have to wait 1-2 weeks to play a funwar against these clans there is no real chance of them succeeding at the ensl.

For Division 2...some of these clans didnt belong into div 2. especially those who dropped out later should have been div 3. But well...mistakes happen.

Last thing about the finals:
its 1st of the division against second of the division i guess?
Will these matches be around May 28th? or probably sooner?

oh and tmk did a good job...since we didnt have a referee for almost every game we played we always had to pm him to get updates...but he did a good job.

however not having any referees, match reports, etc made the whole division 3 a bit boring. Perhaps you could get some referees for each division next time who are really active. Because what happened this season gives div 2 and 3 players the feeling of playing for nothing. And it shouldnt be that way!

However...i think this season was better than the last one (which really sucked). Hopefully the next one gets better too.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 17/May/06 00:35
Raza, Im not saying that. I realize that folding clans killed the league but I still find the cal system would be best in this case. Assuming ENSL S5 will be organized.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 17/May/06 01:53
If you want something done, Cheese, you have to do it yourself. I honestly doubt any div 1 or 2 players would be interested in writing stuff for div 3 matches.
By: frost on 17/May/06 02:29
People don't want to follow the dogs round the park, while they shit on the grass?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 17/May/06 11:25
I think frG for world president.
By: Cheese on 17/May/06 13:29
well if noone cares lets just keep division 1 with about 5 clans and forget about the rest.
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 17/May/06 15:39
no one is stopping you from writing match reports on div 3 cheese.

The league is about playing matches, not writing match reports I'd think. I think all clans should be able to play in this league, for the sake getting the chance play some fun matches.
By: Skyice on 17/May/06 20:31
cheese is right. Div 3 is forgotten about when it should be at the heart? Everyone goes on about how ns is dieing but what do you expect with shit coverage on low skilled clans?

CAL league ftl. I for 1 wont be wasting my time playing knife on a friday night. im sure most of my members would agree.
By: ben on 17/May/06 20:39
If it was setup like CAL then you wouldnt play knife. Between manual scheduling and a calculated RSI the system avoids low tier clans playing the top tier clans but instead pitches them againist teams in a similiar position within the table.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 17/May/06 20:41
Provide me with the cal system , and i will implement it.
By: Skyice on 17/May/06 21:14
>.< Say that on a news post, if anyone can 1337 script a system similar to CAL .
By: Cheese on 17/May/06 23:33
Xur you are right. ENSL shouldnt be about match reports but about matches. But if everyone simply forgets about the lower skileld clans and only cares about 4 Clans of the ENSL the rest becomes a bit dissapointed. And dissapionted clans loose their interest in playing for a League were noone cares about them. So we get less active clans at the ensl. And then we all start whining about how ns is dying...

THIS is a point you can change! And if killed NS ^^
By: Skyice on 17/May/06 23:58
Following low skill lvl clans will have a bigger impact on the community.
i and all of my clan members dont give a shit who will win out of knife and semperfi.. we wanna know whos gunna win out of demonknights and team fantasy.
By: Skyice on 17/May/06 23:59
if you count the number of players who care about prem and the number of players who care about low skilled, i think you will find there is just as many players who care about low skilled as the prem.
By: SoLa ( Finland ) on 18/May/06 02:00
we want more cups :P
By: C11H17NO3 on 18/May/06 12:23
and how much has been written for prem division this season?
sherpa wrote something for week 1 and thats it.
By: GuiZ on 18/May/06 13:26
Make small season !
Give us 1 month to practise 4-6 wars . Ty

p.s: ensl season 3 and 4 are a BIG JOKE. We need real server too :/ .
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 18/May/06 15:30
When/if I come back after exams; I'll start doing predictions for all divisions.

But for the record, I'm pissed off that all the division 3 players are like "tell everyone how I played or I won't play".

I'm sorry, this will sound harsh, but you guys are division 3 players for a reason. I'm not saying you aren't skilled, but I've got no genuine interest in spectating lower division matches.

Also I would *much* rather play a video game than watch other people play a video game then write a dissertation on it...

As for next season, personally I'm in favour of a CAL-style league.
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 18/May/06 19:22
we need this and we need that. how about everyone who thinks we need something actually do something about it instead of taking for granted someone else will do all the work for them. i'm not here to bash on anyone, but seriously, if you want something done how about atleast giving it a try and help the admins?
By: tjo on 18/May/06 20:35

Skyice, that's a... well perhaps its not unusual and it's just me who thought it was.

When I play a game, I care deeply about what is going on at the top. Watching those games and talking about them helps me evolve as a player. I was always very keen on doing that when I started playing NS.

Oh, I am here to bash people. Please take what I say personally.
By: tjo on 18/May/06 20:39
What is it you want cheese, and skyice and all the rest of you? It seems like you want e-fame. You want to nurture your e-penis.

Why else would you be so interested in people watching your games and writing about them?

Well here's a newsflash. The people who watch and write about prem div matches are people who are insterested in watching them. If there was anyone interested enough in division 3, then perhaps they would have done the same? Or perhaps you should do it now and stop whine.

This is a flame.
By: smokealot on 18/May/06 20:53
i love skyce...

div 3's problem is not that no one cares...

it's just no ones starting ns (for a reason..) and so it will allways be boring and inactive at the bottom till we get better :/

i think a different league setup wont change much, maybe it could prevent you from getting totally sick of your div when half the clans dropped out.

also match reports wont get more people into ns..

we have to wait for ns:s ... (take it as a joke if you like)
By: Cheese on 18/May/06 22:34
im trying to explain to the ensl admins (and yes, almost all of them are division 1) that division 3 wants to get referees and match reports too. Is there a specific reason for you to treat us as stupid morons just because we don't invest as much time into this game as "pro" division 1 players do?

I dont want you to watch my matches. And i dont want you to write any reports about them since you are so stucked inside your pro behavior that you wouldnt be able to write anything else but how much this games sucked.

If you show lower skilled clans at least a bit of respect they will almost certainly try harder to play their matches at the ENSL and not to fold. If you show them that you dont care a bit about anything else but you and the 3 other div 1 clans they wont care about their League either.

this is not about watching our games so we feel better. its about supporting new and lower skilled clans and keeping the community alive.

Now please go ahead and write an ironic response about how stupid i am. Its certanly not what i expect from you
By: tjo on 18/May/06 23:51
I'm not the one who's being insulting.

Ok, so you've said yourself you dont want me with my "pro attitude" (that's a compliment actually, thank you for your high thoughts about my attitude) to write your match reports or predictions. Well, since I have abotu the same attitude as most other "high division players", that basically leaves you, and your clanmates, as possible candidates to write them.

Hey, come to think of it, my response isnt ironic. I'm just poiniting out what is ironic in yours.
By: tjo on 18/May/06 23:51
Oh sorry, "pro behaviour", not attitude.
By: atman on 19/May/06 00:49
"I'm not racist, but damn it, they all do look alike"
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 19/May/06 01:18
By: ben on 19/May/06 01:24
If you want to do something do it yourself. If you want division 3 coverage YOU do it. Don't look to others to do something if you're apparently unable or willing to do it yourself.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 19/May/06 01:48
Over the last 20 or so posts, Divison 3 players have asked for:

- servers
- reports
- referees
- predictions

To quote Benjie:

"If you want to do something do it yourself. If you want division 3 coverage YOU do it"

As admins we are happy to *administrate* matches. We aren't getting paid, we aren't doing it for kudos, and we certainly don't have dedicated server guys or predictors.

At the same time- if we can help we will. Lump has put a hell of a lot of work into chasing up clans, frG and bob did great work re-coding the website, and a couple of seasons back I did predictions for all of the premiership, and some of the division 2/3/4 matches on my own.

If you check the site history, you'll see that I made a post asking for help from other players to contribute predictions. No-one replied. What more are we supposed to do? Watch you take the piss out of us on the comments system?

I don't understand why you're making the admins look as if they are trying to oppose the players; we all want the same things here- a healthy, competitive league.

For instance, instead of saying:

"If you show lower skilled clans at least a bit of respect they will almost certainly try harder to play their matches at the ENSL and not to fold."

...why not "I believe that [this suggestion] will improve activity, and can be implemented by doing the following..."

Though I am still mystified as to why you think we are disrespecting division 3 players; I simply stated that personally I don't enjoy watching div 3 matches, and as pantsu said- aside from the first week, every divsion has had an equal amount of coverage.
By: weezer on 19/May/06 03:10
dont ask what your league can do for you, but what you can do for your league!
By: Cheese on 19/May/06 05:51
I believe that giving division 3 players the feeling of belonging to the ensl instead of beeing "just the noobs" will improve activity, and can be implented by searching and finding people who are willing to support these lower skilled clans by writing match reports and predictions for them.
By: tjo on 19/May/06 06:00
I dont argue against the suggestions, but you're annoying. Do it instead of whine about it.
By: Cheese on 19/May/06 06:05
is there any possiblity to make you shut the fuck up? yes? please do me the favor! your comments are much more annoying than my suggestions. basically you dont do anything constructive. i tried to write a suggestion. what you do is flaming.
By: tjo on 19/May/06 06:55
Ah, yes I flame I dont deny it. Flaming is fun.

You on the otherhand have suggested the same thing over and over and over and over, and have in return been given a suggestion of how to accomplish what you want. And you've ignored it.

Joke's on you.
By: ben on 19/May/06 11:41
Stop looking for hands out, fuck me, you're worse than Flayra. If you want division 3 coverage get some division 3 guys together and do it. Stop looking to someone else to do the job you want, why should we? We didnt even have premiership preds this season.
By: flt on 19/May/06 12:24
jejeje I love flames :D
Cheese I'll make u a short manual how to get your matches admined and reported.
1. double-click on icon called mIRC
2. select quakenet and click connect.
3. type /j #ensl
4. double click on one of the @ nicks
5. in window that just have opened say

[you] Hello [admin] can I become the referee of division 3 because we have now coverage and I want to do something about it?

[admin] That would be great mate

[you] thanks

[admin] No problem more referees is just what we need! cya

[you] cya

6. you dobule click on the IE, or Mozilla Firefox icon
7. you put into adress bar
8. You check when div3 matches are going to be played
9. At that time join the server, than walk under the big green SPECTATOR lettering and watch the match
10. Write the report
11. Post it to ENSL SITE k?
By: flt on 19/May/06 12:25
omg put no insted of now in point 5 :d
By: qin on 19/May/06 15:14
Cup is just too long, and has too many annoying rules. People get bored while waiting for the next round and start plotting to get def wins and stuff, that's about it. Make it shorter, and make it easier to arrange matches.

We need no refs during the match, hltv demo is just enough if there's any trouble, and even that is not needed if everything goes well and both clans accept the results. No forfeit wins. Every match has to be played. If you have to, play 1 map today, and 1 map tomorrow. Give them 2-3 weeks to play all the matches, and have the finals.

Clans can still spam hltv ip's to irc chan in time, if they want to. Predicts can be made too.

Yes, im actually doing something but whining and blaming the system. I'm playing in a div 3 clan and helping to keep it alive.

At least give it a shot, see if people can handle this. ... And dont force the division numbers. If there are no 7 div 1 clans, then make it 6 clan division. Ask for opinions, discuss in forum.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 19/May/06 15:38

"I believe that giving division 3 players the feeling of belonging to the ensl instead of beeing "just the noobs" will improve activity, and can be implented by searching and finding people who are willing to support these lower skilled clans by writing match reports and predictions for them."

As I have already said- I searched for match reporters and predictors but no-one wants the job.


"Cup is just too long, and has too many annoying rules. People get bored while waiting for the next round and start plotting to get def wins and stuff, that's about it. Make it shorter, and make it easier to arrange matches."

There's 2 paths to take.

1. Turn into CAL admins. Everything is heavily admined and much more organised, and matches are quicker because we will support you asking for a forfeit win if there is more than a 5-10 min delay between rounds. The downside is that we have to become nazi-esque, and this creates a rift between players and admins.

2. Keep it like it is. Fairly laid back and relaxed- we just want to play some comeptitive NS. The downside is that players have to take responsibility and actually turn up to their matches. It's obvious from the past 2 divisions that EU players don't like to do this.
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 19/May/06 16:17
path 2. easy enough.

the general "if you want more attention to come to div 3 no one is stopping you from doing it" line of thinking doesn't even seem that unreasonable to me.
It seems there are some caring and active div 3 players that want to (help?) improve the league. Don't be shy, go for it by all means!
It's just that simply saying to the admins, we want more attention to div 3, is not helping. They are busy enough and have simply got to prioritize ( as it is with all things in life).
I'm atm considering helping out with possibly doing some (lower div) predictions next seasons as I like to stay involved even though I have no time for actually playing comp ns.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 19/May/06 16:48
Sherpa is right. When you start heavily administrating, you just get enemies, start flamewars etc. just because you are doing your (unpaid) job. I think keep the relatively relaxed attitude will be the best option.

Cheese. We're not bashing you or dis-respecting you but you have to do the match reports and stuff yourselves. Don't ask others to do a job you will not do.

Qin wrote:
"Cup is just too long, and has too many annoying rules. People get bored while waiting for the next round and start plotting to get def wins and stuff, that's about it. Make it shorter, and make it easier to arrange matches."

Qin, don't use metaphrases like "too many annoying rules". Say what they are, and say why they suck.

Basically ENSL's have turned out like these because of the ns-scene's inactivity and ns's nature (being a hard-to-learn game etc.) not ensl itself (yeah you would think Im biased but I try not to be).

Personally I think there're some ways to make ENSL better (or less worse) next time.
- Bigger divisions and not everybody plays against each other. This way some dying clans wouldnt kill ensl but the league would be fast enough (about 4 weeks).
- Matches should be allowed to play anytime before the week it should be (lastly) played. So week 3 matches could be played at week 1, 2 or 3. Yes it sounds more like a ladder but the amount of matches would be a constant and in the end there could be finals for each division. This would be make the league more flexible and since we have no predictions, the time when the matches are played is meaningless compared to the issue of matches not being played at all.
- No forfeits. This way clans would be encouraged to come up with an agreeement than a flamewar.
- Matches could be broken into two pieces. So 1 map at saturday and 1 map sunday for example. This would be a nice solution when clan A cant have their best players (assuming its a big deal to them ;p) at saturday but clan B, and sunday it would be vice versa.

And theres one thing EVERYONE could do for the scene. Be nice to newcomers and behave on public. This doesn't mean you should miss bullets or play under your skill but make the public chanllenging. Cap the res, don't camp, build stuff, listen to the comm etc. Don't bash newcomers, ie. when a newbie gorge won't heal you - try to relax and not shout it like OMFG HEAL YOU FUCK, BAN THIS NEWB! I know its hard but try! The poor gorgie just might have installed ns and has absolutely no idea what to do.

The welcome for newcomers matter much, much more than a success of some league.

And something about following public comms. Many, many players think like "This comm is so fucking newb - I KNOW 100x times better - I have no need to follow his orders!" Well its just like democracy in this world. Let's assume some law will get through with 80% - 20% votes. Those who did not support he law (20%) should still follow it because that why they the support DEMOCRACY even if they don't like the particular law. Unless you think people should only follow laws they support (=gg). This means that when you follow your commander's orders you are supporting the idea of generally following Commander's orders even if you don't support HIS orders. This is giving out a good example. And exaggerating with some kind of nazi laws is stupid in this case.

tjosan was right when he said that ns having big skill differences makes better players look rude on public when they are not on purpose, and forcing players to play under their skill is stupid but ns has turned out like this and if something doesn't change, ns.. will continue dying or be in the state like this. But this is not about forcing, this is about telling you that theres an option. You have all the right to fragwhore as much as you want.

Remember, everytime you go to spawncamp on public, you might be exchanging newcomers for your frags. It's your choice. If you choose the spawncamp, don't then wonder why ns is not getting too many new players. Im not saying its your fault, Im saying its your choice.
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 19/May/06 19:57
I agree with being nice to new players, but spawncamping is a(n) (essential) part of ns. I'm always nice to new players, but than again I always talk too much on pubs ;p

Having the players decide the dates they play, along with more matches a week, along no forfeits will lead to disaster. every team will have 10 matches to play on the final sunday, chaos disorder ect. I don't think we can quite handle the planning ourselves. If one match a week is already a problem to schedule, imagine what would happen if you need to play more.
By: Skyice on 19/May/06 20:29
my clan can play at certain times, theese times are 2 hours apart from a time which other clans may be able to play.

Set play times may suck but could well be the solution!
-less admin waste of time
-less flame wars
-more organised and planned
And if the date/time is anounced at least a week before the match is to be played then clans can make sure they can have there best line up.
However reschedules should be alowed to a certain extent.
By: Skyice on 19/May/06 20:35
and jiriki's comparing public ns to a democracys is quite funny.

Leap is the anti spawn camp, its obvious.

But then again, if your shit enough to let a spawn camp be set up against you then you should be playing on a server with spawn camp protection!! (loller imune plugin for when you spawn)
By: Skyice on 19/May/06 20:38
Oh yeah and the whole point of a democracy isnt just to follow the law or idea that the majority want. It is about thinking what those over 20% of people want to do and how we can change the law/idea to suit them a little more.

80% of team go kill res and the other 20% kill stuff and spawn camp. everyones a winner.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/May/06 21:02
Starting to feel a bit like a grouchy old man whining about how lucky youngsters nowadays are and how ungrateful they are as a result, but:

When I played in a clan that wasn't exactly a spectator favourite. no-one wrote anything. Not even for the top matches. So be happy with what you have. At least bitch less and work more. Bitching only pisses off people like me and makes us even less inclined to do anything to help you out.

It's your choice.
By: Skyice on 19/May/06 21:08
lol? thats the worst advice ever. Possibly worse than fananation.

I think everyone has actuly had something decent to say, untill that completley stupid comment.

Your clan wasnt a spectator favourite for a reason.
By: tjo on 19/May/06 21:22
Such as it being a div 3 equivalent clan.

I know the punctuation stinks, the parapgraphs are all wrong and honestly it doesnt make much sense. But if you read it again you might just notice that HE'S RIGHT.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 19/May/06 21:34
You take my server, without asking, and you call us ungratefull ?
By: smokealot on 19/May/06 23:22
mean our game today on knife server?
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 19/May/06 23:49
By: atman on 19/May/06 23:58
Talk to Rutix about that.

We are, however, sorry for any inconvenience.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 20/May/06 00:15
"But then again, if your shit enough to let a spawn camp be set up against you then you should be playing on a server with spawn camp protection!! (loller imune plugin for when you spawn)"

If you wanted your friend to play some sports, tennis, badminton, etc. with you - would you just beat the crap out of him with all your abilities to feel the best or maybe give him a chance? "Lol your problem you - just can't!"

Oh but wait, you don't. You just asked him to get owned.

Or imagine pro hockey players going to a youth hobby game and spoiling the whole game. Its just in ns, everyone is mixed up (except in leagues like this).

Or get back to ns. Its like setting Knife (or any good clan for that matter) in div3 and when the whole division has beeen owned, say "lol you fags, stop bitching or die in a hole".

Anything you say won't change the fact that going to the hive for a spawncamp is a conscious choice and it has effects. One of which being newcomers quiting. Most competetive players seem to think its worth the frags. Well its their call.

"Oh yeah and the whole point of a democracy isnt just to follow the law or idea that the majority want. It is about thinking what those over 20% of people want to do and how we can change the law/idea to suit them a little more."
You got me wrong. I wasnt comparing public to democracy, just following commanders orders. It doesn't matter whats the whole idea of democracy. Democracy would not work if pople would have to follow only those laws (orders) they support. Its same thing with commanding. I don't see how anything you said, changes this.

Sometimes there're laws which (orders) can be adjusted to please both sides but when its not possible, everyone still has to follow the law.
By: frost on 20/May/06 00:25
"Most competetive players seem to think its worth the frags"

People who have lost at life, like to expand e-ego, to make up for the shit hole they have found themselves living.
By: frost on 20/May/06 00:38
The point there is, there is only a few complete assholes who will spawncamp, or try to everygame. That being said, it is still a 100% viable tactic.
By: anderval on 20/May/06 03:39
who's the most retarded SKYICE OR TJOSAN?

place your bets now!

ps i like this new posts comments thingy, NIFTY OR WAT
By: tjo on 20/May/06 07:49
At least I dont have to capitalize to make a point. :P
By: Disqo on 20/May/06 15:25
Die NS, DIE!
By: Skyice on 20/May/06 15:49
am i alowed to vote for my self?

Has anyone got anything usefull to say about set playing times?

"Having the players decide the dates they play, along with more matches a week, along no forfeits will lead to disaster. every team will have 10 matches to play on the final sunday, chaos disorder ect. I don't think we can quite handle the planning ourselves. If one match a week is already a problem to schedule, imagine what would happen if you need to play more." -Xur

thats a obvious problem with a obvious solution. yet everyone ignored that comment.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/May/06 17:46
Basically ns is dead and nobody ever gave a shit about watching glorified pubbers playing "clan wars" anyway so you may as well fold


Go talk to fana and stiman and make the necessary arrangements D:
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 20/May/06 18:42
have you ever thaught about the point that we dont have ~10 servers, so default match times are never gonna happen.
By: Cheese on 20/May/06 20:33
one of the problems is that the player base of competetive ns isnt getting larger. this is because new clans just consist of old players under new names.

If Teams would start to have farmteams there would be new competetive players who could later join/create new teams which are better skilled than their farmteam.

There are many Public Players with Skill. And i guess there are enough for a lot of farmteams. You just have to find out who d like to play competetive and give them a shot.

And yes...this IS a thing i/we are doing. But its not enough to have 1 or 2 farmteams. There have to be much more.

I think this is still the best possibility to get new players into the competetive scene and to keep it alive.
By: tjo on 20/May/06 20:51
Christ, it took this long for you to catch on Sublime? Incredible...
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/May/06 20:58
Catch on to what you fucking enormous moron
By: pimppy on 20/May/06 21:11
By: PhOeNiX on 20/May/06 21:42
By: Cheese on 20/May/06 22:18
lets end this with the fact that everyone hates him...should work for now ;)
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/May/06 23:12
You are shit
By: Cheese on 20/May/06 23:54
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 21/May/06 00:43
I'm going to allow this.
By: aA on 21/May/06 01:45
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 21/May/06 04:22
By: anderval on 21/May/06 16:43
Sublime, to the fact that ns was dead you enormous moron.

ps. Sublime quit ns because dux got picked to lerk in teamuk over him, oh and lol hi aa!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 21/May/06 19:26
Or that he was bored with NS?
By: anderval on 21/May/06 19:33
By: cheeZ on 21/May/06 22:45
what a pointless discusion
By: Cheese on 22/May/06 14:29
just like every discussion in the comments section
By: 360ms on 22/May/06 16:47
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 22/May/06 17:04
Where is Tom plz? D:

Fill me in, my favourite geordie?
By: smokealot on 22/May/06 18:20
bye lump :(.....
By: C11H17NO3 on 22/May/06 19:15
im eXo
By: genZ on 22/May/06 19:51
By: vara on 22/May/06 20:16
FTW TOOK A FORFEIT WIN (i can host a drama website quaxy, if u want)
By: vara on 22/May/06 20:20
gg frg and bob for the website, recoding is hard, but its starting to look good :)
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 22/May/06 21:39
Tom fucked off to revise afaik
By: 360ms on 23/May/06 04:49
by pantsu
im eXo

By: 360ms on 23/May/06 04:51
urm revision++
I'm not coming back tho, need to make more of my spare time than computer games :S
By: cream on 23/May/06 12:00
By: Cheese on 23/May/06 13:40
which maps are going to be played in the finals?
Is each team choosing one map?
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 23/May/06 16:13
maps are decided by the the admin team!
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 23/May/06 16:37
frog likes siege maps ul
By: oma ( vetus ) on 23/May/06 18:39
My opinion is that there should be some knowledge about lower division clans before arranging them into wrong divisions where they really dont belong.

I know newbies are newbies no one really cares about them they are just newbies but the should be more attention to newbie clans :). There should predictions for other divisions also like div 1 has in the news page. There should be more news about the games like "newbie clan 1 won even when everyone predicted that they would lose.". I think its a big thing to write news about everything but there could be some information from lower division clans. I think it would make lower division clans see that they are "important" to this league and everyone loves 'em.

The referees should be more willing to write match reports. What i really loved last season was that 'u chose the best "lifeforms/players" from each divisions that was great.

I hope 'u guys can understand what im saying :).
By: oma ( vetus ) on 23/May/06 18:41
shit i can't even write correctly.
By: oma ( vetus ) on 23/May/06 18:42
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 23/May/06 20:16
No-one is stopping you from writing something...
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 23/May/06 22:01
oma- of the existing clans, who do you feel is in a league they shouldn't be? It looks balanced to me- I don't see the top team of one league beating the bottom team of a league above them.

As Fana, Ben, myself and others have said: we are tired of you saying "why don't you write reports about our/lower division matches?"

Reports *might* help, but saying "you should write them" doesn't help anyone. It's like me saying "UWE team should fix the website". It's the right thing to do but saying it doesn't accomplish anything; all it does is frustrate those you speak about for not appreciating what has been given.
By: Cheese on 23/May/06 23:47
"oma- of the existing clans, who do you feel is in a league they shouldn't be? It looks balanced to me-"

coldspell, pureumi, expand²...

are the first who come to my mind
By: tjo on 23/May/06 23:54
Oh I can assure you, no one in Division 2 would have fared better than coldspell.
By: frost on 24/May/06 02:36
Atleast coldspell stuck at it though.
By: Raza on 24/May/06 03:27
Pureumi shouldnt be in div 2??? Where else plz?!
By: Skyice on 24/May/06 15:08
Sherpa wrote
"oma- of the existing clans, who do you feel is in a league they shouldn't be? It looks balanced to me- I don't see the top team of one league beating the bottom team of a league above them."

Yeah we have had 3-1 against ns.ftw. 2-2 horror.
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropes we have beat every time if i can remember. We have our days. i do feel that some of the div 3 clans play better than a few div 2 clans.
By: Skyice on 24/May/06 15:09
if anyone from team fantasy is reading this please get in touch with myself or one of my members because ur like omgwtfinactive.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 24/May/06 15:10
Coldspell should be in the div1 unless they dont personally want it. :b
By: Skyice on 24/May/06 15:10
By: smokealot on 24/May/06 18:30
skyce if you read this get on irc plz NOOB!

(ment slightly ironic..)

Team Fantasy folded btw....
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 24/May/06 18:30
puerimi and semper fi are removed from this season.
By: Raza on 24/May/06 19:22
lol yes skyice you won a single match against us and we won a match vs elpheer so do you think pf should be in div1? xD
By: Skyice on 24/May/06 19:38
why would pf be in div 1 if you beat elpeer?

nice 1 raza ahaha zo/
By: EagleEye on 24/May/06 21:37
Its your own logic Skyice...

You played 3-1 against ns.ftw and 2-2 horror, but you beat Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropes every time. So you feel that some of the div 3 clans play better than a few div 2 clans, which means in indirect words pf should be in div2 cause you can beat pureumi?! But if ns.ftw is in div2 and you won 1 match against us so u should be in div1...

btw cheese pureumi was far too good for div3...
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 25/May/06 02:04
I think what EagleEye is trying to say is "PCWs mean nothing".

I've beaten clans better than mine, and lost to clans less skilled in PCWs.

Doesn't mean anything.
By: frost on 25/May/06 02:08
I refuse to believe your first point sherpa! ;)
By: ben on 25/May/06 03:14
Ignore PCW results, people who take them seriously are just being dumb. PCWs are there to practise for match time, to try new strategies and discover what works best. It's irrelevant that you lose 4-0 for a week whilst ironing out the best strategy for a map if you bring the bacon and win 4-0 on match day.
By: frost on 25/May/06 04:05
Well, that and people aren't flawless.
By: Cheese on 25/May/06 05:24
hmm we beat pureumi every time before the ensl started. i didnt really follow their matches (at the ensl) much to be honest.
By: Cheese on 25/May/06 05:26
btw. what the fuck is going on at division 3? pitchfork plaxed 5 games. everyone else 3 oO. not that i have anything against a final between pitchfork and us...but this seems kind of...wrong!
By: scratchie on 25/May/06 13:52
Ofcourse ppl are happy and proud when winning from a better clan :D , Pete Sampras lost games to when he was Ruler NO.1. You cant ignore the results but you shouldnt take them to serious. I think ENSL just needs time to get better. Like the nr 1 from each devision goes up one devision and the last one goes down.( I have no idea what happens now) Balance comes in time....
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 25/May/06 15:56
But all of Sampras' games were competitive.

We are saying- imagine Pete playing a warm-up match with his trainer and deciding to play with his left-hand.

scratchie- the original plan was for the top team to get promoted and the bottom team to get demoted but it's simply not practical. For one thing, dead clans messes up the system (e.g. look at the premiership- if Flatline, Coldspell and el'pheer died, we'd be forced to demote knife); and it's mighty harsh if a good new clan is formed and has to start in division 3.

As for balance, I feel things are pretty good.

Personally, I'd love to see one large league. I'll try and talk Mike into it after my exams.
By: Cheese on 25/May/06 16:01
i think pre-tournament-matches are the solution to this problem.
By: Skyice on 25/May/06 16:14
cheese that wont work because of ever changing rostors.

CAL system would work if we could get hold of it.
By: oma ( vetus ) on 25/May/06 16:34
Sherpa, do u think coldspell is in right division ?
By: qin on 25/May/06 16:36
no? they r only there due lack of prem. clans.
By: frost on 25/May/06 17:55
Have they quit? Then they are in the right place.
By: scratchie on 25/May/06 18:26
Pete with his left hand is a bit over exagurated, just imagine him trying more drop-shots or something like that. It still is no excuse to say, yeay DOH I lost , i was trying something new... but hey dont get me wrong i know my place..
By: scratchie on 25/May/06 18:28
I am not like pf > .ftw now ;)
By: smokealot on 25/May/06 20:15
hm, i think we would just have gone under in div 2...

everythings fine, ns is a great game, the community is so loving and my beer is cold!? what i want more? play in div 2? nahhhhh
By: Skyice on 25/May/06 20:24
ive played in the bottem div last season and the skill lvl was SOO MUCH lower than it is now. Seriously. Everyone prem team needs to have there own farmt eam tbh.
By: Skyice on 25/May/06 20:32
"Everyone prem team needs to have there own farmt eam tbh."

By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 25/May/06 20:43
Yes oma, I do. At least, more so than any other division 1 team.

By: Cheese on 25/May/06 23:14

By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 26/May/06 01:08
my eyes :/
By: 360ms on 26/May/06 19:37
I spent about 2 weeks harrasing clans to find pcw results for the division tables at the begining of the season, you simply can't have a perfect structure unless you have a division of 2 clans thrown in at random.


If you're purposfully trying to finalise the death of the EU competative community, please carry on being whining little shits about anything you can find - just keep blaming everyone else for your own lack of efforts to fix the game, it REALLY helps.

So glad to be out of all this shit, just get to sit back and laugh at how masochistic this game really is.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 26/May/06 21:28
See I knew this would happen to you, lump. It happens to everyone who tries to do anything for this game.
By: weezer on 26/May/06 21:53
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 26/May/06 22:17
Problem is every on-line community is like this.

example: had a CS:S PCW for a laugh in April, I got glocked through the *tree* by the caverns next to the T spawn on dust2, my comment was "?" and I got "wtf no comments dick" "lol nice one kid" as a response!

It's only a matter of time until each and every one of us cracks and rage quits (of the current admins, I think there's only 2 who have never said they will quit NS). Combine this with a lack of new players = problem.

And with NS becoming stale, it's down to the community to keep competitive players interested... actually screw it, this point has been made millions of times before.
By: frost on 26/May/06 23:25
"It's only a matter of time until each and every one of us cracks and rage quits"

Its because the majority are just kids (18 or younger), since the only kids someone will look after is their own, or someone elses for money, its highly unlikely any of the admins will enjoy this.

Although ofcourse many in that age group will be more mature, and less self centered, it is clear from this that the majority are not. That does however fall down to their upbringing more than anything else. Although some will do it to fit in.

Thats why CAL's system works, with strict admins they keep the spotty teens in check.

There are only two problems, as I see it. Lack of respect for the league and its staff, and lack of loyalty to team mates and clans. The first is overcome with strict admins, the 2nd can't be dealt with, but is the one that causes clans to die and drop, they lose a couple and 3 or 4 from the team think they are better than that, and leave.

The problems are not due to NS though, thats todays society. Parents not tough enough, school teachers no longer allowed to take a strap to the bad kids hand, hell even putting the bad kid in the corner isn't allowed now. They wonder why kids are such ass holes now? =/
By: frost on 26/May/06 23:34
First line should read "majority of the community"
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 26/May/06 23:37
The world is indeed going to hell in a handbasket.

Example 1: the nursery rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep" is not allowed to be sung at English nurserys as it is considered racist.

Example 2: my Junior school banned *running* on the playgrounds and fields. Banning 9 year olds from running?! What?!

Example 3: taxi drivers in England aren't allowed to wear England shirts- whether it's an English football shirt, or a plain t-shirt that has the St. George's cross one. Apparantely it instigates racial hate. Taxi drivers can't affilliate theirselves with the country they are in. What a crock of shit.

Ha! If this were on the NS forum it would have been locked long ago for discussing a point not made in the first post! ;-)
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 27/May/06 01:02

By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 27/May/06 04:23
By: verrektemongol on 27/May/06 04:26
poor guy had to sell his pc, house, wife and children just to support ns2 :(
By: weezer on 27/May/06 05:21
i dont quite follow the connection between international ns teams folding due to lack of team spirit and the fact that teachers arent allowed to beat up students anymore
By: ben on 27/May/06 11:55
I'm sorry but people aren't arseholes because of their upbringing, I happen to be very polite. This is the internet, you're allowed to be an arsehole because guess what: my attitude doesn't fucking matter and I'm only being overly sarcastic and taking the biscuit anyway. Moron. That wasn't serious either, don't cry.

Most people just mistake harmless banter as serious discussion.
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 27/May/06 13:18
And with NS becoming stale, it's down to the community to keep competitive players interested... actually screw it, this point has been made millions of times before.

still a valid point to make though.
By: Skyice on 27/May/06 15:40
Only just sat back and looked at the amount of new talent comming into ns.

and theres more comming. It just takes a while to get a full rostor.
#mc.ns recruiting any skill lvl btw :D tell your friends and family!
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 27/May/06 16:52
<frost's rant quoted>

Best example of a logical fallacy I've seen in a while. Good job.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 27/May/06 16:58
Oh also, in addition to the logical fallacies, your point is bad and you're wrong.

Good day, Sir.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/May/06 17:12
"Best example of a logical fallacy I've seen in a while. Good job."

I don't know- mine was fairly random and irrelevant.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 27/May/06 18:08
P.S. Fana = tjosan?!

You don't have a discussion with either one of them, they simply tell you why they are right and you are wrong o_O
By: frost on 27/May/06 18:24
Of course, thats called denial. ;)
By: tjo on 27/May/06 23:26
But if I give a good reason why I am right and you are wrong, shouldnt that be enough? Or perhaps you want me to pretend you have a point so that you feel better...

Honestly I dont care enough about fake people playing a fake game to be bothered about politeness.

By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 28/May/06 03:42
Fake people playing a fake game? I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I'm a real person and NS is a real computer game.

Why bother, sherpa? I gave up trying to convince people they're idiots a long time ago.

The bullshit meter is reaching red, frost.
By: ben on 28/May/06 04:04
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 28/May/06 04:15
By: frost on 28/May/06 05:15
heh, your witty fana. oh wait, thats the meter just gone way of the scale.
By: scratchie on 28/May/06 13:49
lock this useless discussion?
By: cream on 28/May/06 14:35
nar , its fun , i can read an laugh now and again :P xxx
By: Cheese on 28/May/06 14:35
its not even a discussion any more...
By: aA on 28/May/06 18:05
By: tjo on 28/May/06 18:16
I assure you Fana, you're not real to me. :)
By: frost on 28/May/06 18:59
nooo it can't be locked, we need more insight as to why tjosan thinks fana is fake.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 28/May/06 19:47
I truly wouldnt care if you died (general flame aimed at anyone)
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 28/May/06 19:54
i am gonna suspend you from ensl, just to make sure you quit for good.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 28/May/06 20:56
Don't say such things, tjosan. You're going to make me cry at night.
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 28/May/06 22:14
Am i an idiot, Fana?
By: Skyice on 28/May/06 23:35
By: Fb ( #YouOnlyLerkOnce ) on 29/May/06 02:42
NS died Years ago,

live with it
By: Fb ( #YouOnlyLerkOnce ) on 29/May/06 02:44
xXi also cut myself at nightXx
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 29/May/06 04:20
new poll ladies.
By: weezer on 29/May/06 13:08
By: cream on 29/May/06 15:37
polol skyice


hawthorne heights rules

<cue flame>
By: Fb ( #YouOnlyLerkOnce ) on 29/May/06 15:40
looks like the NS community has changed about an Average of None in the last year
By: V4D on 30/May/06 02:48
forget about this new and go play ...
anyways i am back
and i want everyone to know it =]
lets spread the new ^^
By: qin on 30/May/06 05:23
182 already, let's make an unbeatable RECORD !
By: CAssassin ( Saunamen ) on 30/May/06 12:20
By: smokealot on 30/May/06 13:24
no flame or insult in the last 2 posts? come on ns-community you can do better!

btw 184
By: Cheese on 30/May/06 13:49
arrrh 185. you all suck :D
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 30/May/06 16:07
Sublime is banned from Euro NS!

Cheese is an over-weight novice.

By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/May/06 16:44
Im actually happy to say this is the mosted tarded set of comments ever.

Tomekki your doing great - gj

Fana you are real dont worry

Sublime unban him plz

Cheese go on a diet u fatty

V|4D welcome back

and yes #farmteam.ns

- Okay. GJ FRG!
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 30/May/06 16:46
By: aA on 30/May/06 17:08
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 30/May/06 19:18
try making your comments readable.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/May/06 19:43
froggie has actually tried at ENSL pretty damn hard. IM well like happy at him and stuff.

You guys are well ungrateful.


Goodgame Havefun Goodluck

By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 30/May/06 19:46
i am still trying, i think season 5 will work ouy really good.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 30/May/06 20:34
frG wins.
By: Skyice on 30/May/06 21:23
Fana wins - post number 195
By: M on 30/May/06 21:32
When will s5 start ?
I will go to the army in october and would like to know if there will be a season before.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 31/May/06 00:27
"Ok superstar guys just remember sherpa, that you won a round on ns_tanith vs us only because you have'nt any fucking hitbox, 3/1 s&m wtf ? Are'nt you galactic's players... Fun war forever ^^

Div 3 player very very noob... or not xD

I hope ENSL wont stop but tbh I dont know how to solve the problem, gl."

What?! Which comment of mine are you referring to? I don't remember posting any flame-bait. And I have never, ever thought of myself as a pro player.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 31/May/06 00:30
P.S. I vote for ENSL to be put on hiatus until 3.2 comes out. IMO it needs a break- having consectutive seasons makes the whole thing stale- even with revamps.

A break would be kewl.

Not that I can be bothered with comp EU NS anymore. Check out my match history, yo!
By: Cheese on 31/May/06 01:42
perhaps shorter ensl seasons would keep more clans alive. if they know they only have to hold through for 1 month istead of 2 they could perhaps stand it easier without folding :)

(new farmteam is doing great btw :D)
By: tjo on 31/May/06 02:58
Hiatuses kills leagues and teams and makes players leave the game.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 31/May/06 03:33
Cheese- I think we tried that with season 2 and 3 (though those seasons ended up lasting longer than they should because clans didnt play) and we all know how season 3 in particular finished! Congrats with success of your farmteam! :-)

tjo- based on the evidence you've given in that post, I'm going to change my mind and agree with you.
By: weezer on 31/May/06 14:09
"tjo- based on the evidence you've given in that post, I'm going to change my mind and agree with you."


By: Arj ( Ant ) on 31/May/06 18:16
About the kids thing.. first thing you should do is remove the kids from the ENSL staff?
By: weezer on 31/May/06 20:34
what are you talking about, we are all over 18 and have full legal status as adults.

but that doesnt mean you cant be a child at heart <3<3<3
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 01/Jun/06 02:10
Now THAT'S flame bait, Arj.

Let's stoke it: who do u think should be removed?

P.S. Happy birthday Tommi. Hope you got a new sauna, or something :-)
By: C11H17NO3 on 01/Jun/06 14:21
yeah gratz
By: weezer on 01/Jun/06 15:13
i got enuff euros now to get pissed half the summer sherpa
By: tjo on 01/Jun/06 15:30
Oh, he's "grown up". Happy birthday Tom!
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 01/Jun/06 16:16
Arj wrote: About the kids thing.. first thing you should do is remove the kids from the ENSL staff?

I would like to know what kids you are referring to.
By: lagga ( 9L ) on 01/Jun/06 16:31
I think you went wrong when you had 2 northerners on the ENSL staff.


By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 01/Jun/06 16:54
We do the manual labour around here \o/
By: vara on 01/Jun/06 20:47
lol singapour is going to win, why am i the only one that believes that?

lag makes you powerfull, the lag be with you my padawan
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 01/Jun/06 21:06
lol vara, singapore got 11 votes in the poll ;)
By: mu on 02/Jun/06 09:26
fyi its United Kingdom for a REASON

the reason is that dux is WELSH
By: aA on 02/Jun/06 19:14
ugly finns will win!
By: Xur ( Netherlands ) on 02/Jun/06 22:52
gratz tmk (bit late but better late than never)
By: scratchie on 02/Jun/06 23:20
nswc will not be broadcasted on TV, what about broadcasting a div final? If ppl are ready.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 02/Jun/06 23:37
why isnt it gonna be broadcasted ? :(
By: frost on 02/Jun/06 23:56
Last we knew, it was being broadcast.
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 03/Jun/06 00:33
last i heard was that it will be resheduled to next week... and i heard it from a giga moderator cause they want one of the germans to be co-moderator :P
By: scratchie on 03/Jun/06 00:50
Post Unexpected Changes
Due to some turn of events, Finland cannot play the final on Saturday. UK and Singapore are having troubles with reschedules, but will probably play this weekend (June 3rd or 4th). The GIGA broadcast was scheduled for Saturday night at 10pm and a rearrangement could not happen, GIGA is booked for next weekend, there isn't a chance that the NSWC would be able to be shown. However, despite this the finals will be played on the June 10th/11th weekend.

this is why, kinda blows, so if we still have the time to broadcast maybe a ENSL final would do it!
By: Cheese on 03/Jun/06 01:01
omg hi mom im in tv :D
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 03/Jun/06 02:11
rofl gj nation players
By: cream on 03/Jun/06 02:37
ye you could have like revived ns , o well

By: scratchie on 03/Jun/06 04:23
would be great if you knife vs epic gets broadcasted
By: ben on 03/Jun/06 04:34
By: 360ms on 03/Jun/06 05:27
fyi its United Kingdom for a REASON

the reason is that dux is WELSH


was godon the one accused of hacking?
By: 360ms on 03/Jun/06 05:29
D: some bastard removed my admin today :P wanted to edit that, lol
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 03/Jun/06 16:15
Yea he is, Tom. I always said after the first WC than Godon is the best marine I've ever seen- it's not like any other player got accused of aimbotting and you know how good the stereotypical Korean gamer is supposed to be...

And I assume that becase Finland can't play this weekend due to graduation, and because Finland = epic, that we won't see the ENSL Premiership final this weekend.
By: scratchie on 03/Jun/06 16:45
Or what about a devision 2 final?
By: atman on 03/Jun/06 16:53
It's not going happen scratchie...
By: scratchie on 03/Jun/06 17:14
what about devision 3 and 4,5,6,7,8? come one! Broadcast 2 public rounds then!
By: 360ms on 03/Jun/06 17:54
yeh but it's not like no1 ever gets caught for hacking either ;)
By: mu on 04/Jun/06 04:19
whats all this about broadcasts
By: 360ms on 04/Jun/06 22:52
they're filming your mum
By: FlashNaabZ on 04/Jun/06 23:49
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 05/Jun/06 21:43
Someone might look to a kid in my perspective.. doesnt mean you'd agree. I was laying it on the table.
Read the general comments, it's plain obvious.
Not that I mind alot, tho its very hypocritical to talk about others and not considering your own :)
I was laying it on the table to make a point and hopefully improving future staff execution.
By: 360ms on 05/Jun/06 21:47
It's very easy to assume anyone is a kid without knowing much about any of the reasons for what they say or do. If you want to make any sort of judgements and for them to be considered serious, 1stly you'll get judged yourself by everyone reading it... On a side note, I don't have a clue what you were trying to say.
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 05/Jun/06 21:55
Choices, actions and appearances are the things that would give a perspective on a person. I don't have to know the person real well to get a perspective. And then the question that follows would be; what makes someone know someone?
By: ben on 05/Jun/06 23:23
Here's a bag of STFU
By: Tweadle on 06/Jun/06 00:39
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 06/Jun/06 00:42
And thats the end of that chapter...
By: 360ms on 06/Jun/06 01:25
Arj, that's why we all think you are a cock :)
By: PhOeNiX on 06/Jun/06 02:13
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 06/Jun/06 03:24
thats what smileys are used for... shit i thought they meant "THIS STATEMENT IS ALL TRUTH AND FACT"...
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 06/Jun/06 05:01
By: vara on 06/Jun/06 16:19
By: Cheese on 07/Jun/06 00:48
n1 :D
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 07/Jun/06 01:00
that owns bobbi...
By: Sprengi on 07/Jun/06 01:13
gg noobs
By: Aph on 07/Jun/06 16:45
gg noobs
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 07/Jun/06 20:16
We just need the script wars to get 250 more pots.
By: weezer on 08/Jun/06 10:59
a pt team in ensl? you have got to be kidding me. gl hf, i guess
By: tjab0 on 08/Jun/06 17:05
All these comments just made my day, just love this community :D
By: Skyice on 08/Jun/06 20:15
email flayra "" seriously getting pissed off with a never updating home page. i think ill change it back to google.
By: ReD on 08/Jun/06 21:07
lol @ having ns as ur homepage :x
By: scratchie on 08/Jun/06 21:24
hahaha thats accualy funny, skyice just check it once in an ice age and you wont miss anything ;)
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 08/Jun/06 21:46
ReD skyice is well pro.

my homepage:

innit nigs?
By: scratchie on 08/Jun/06 22:14
yes mr GIBBONS. Whatever you say
By: ReD on 09/Jun/06 00:47
any idea on a deadline for the finals to be played by ?
By: cream on 09/Jun/06 03:51
like 28th last month ?
By: ReD on 09/Jun/06 14:09
watch out, theres a post on the NS site
By: cream on 10/Jun/06 02:39
zomg , red tell no lie ! xxxx
By: aA on 10/Jun/06 03:44
another news wich sounds like "hi guys, site is going back soon" OL.
By: FreeZe on 10/Jun/06 04:01

Jesus iz back!!!
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 10/Jun/06 12:44
idd aA each time hes just phrasing it differently.
By: aA on 10/Jun/06 14:28
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 10/Jun/06 16:49
I atleast believe he is trying to do something, but that doesn't change that we won't see NS:S or the likes for another year or so :[
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 10/Jun/06 17:48
Source will ruin ns.

The fact is NS is quite a skillfull game as of the HL Coding-

Source will change this and cud take out alot of nice things.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 10/Jun/06 20:19
source ruined everything, so yes you are right.

cs source anyone ?
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 10/Jun/06 23:06
Zamma what the hell do you know about HL coding?

Also, I hope that Source does take some of the skill out of NS1- it's too hard for newbies to get into the game at the moment, as we all know.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Jun/06 16:55
sherpa wat the fuck do you know about me?

the fact is

I cant see the current NS team bothering to add in Wall Strafeing, Double Jumping, and strafe jumping. Yes they will probably add in alien bunnyhopping as the dev team think its more of an alien abilitiy but all the marine movements will probably be removed and I just cant imagine that. I assure you it will be buggier. The hitboxes will be even worse and if you all whine at aA now just wait till u play him on source.

Yet source brings some benefits - nice physics (ragdolls \o/)
- better graphics ... effects ... ect..
- more mapping functions
- bigger playerbase (most likely)

Sherpa you dont need to know how to code if you know how the game works.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 11/Jun/06 17:36
I wouldn't put any money on a bigger playerbase. NS:Source will have exactly the same problem NS had -- it was released too long after HL and most of the major HL mods.
By: Skyice on 11/Jun/06 17:56
3 years too late.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Jun/06 18:10
Fana im guessing on that most of the NS community will move from source and source (like the original NS) will gain some players that will stick with it.

Im not talking a drastic playerbase. But im sure it will be slightly larger. Its just a pity that as you say it will come out to late and will get completely owned by the likes of Dystopia, Empires and other mods that by then will have been perfected and probably taken alot of players all ready. (ALSO Nuclear Dawn looks pretty nice)

Then again Aliens and Marines will be a new concept to alot of people so i still think on the whole ns will gain some players.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Jun/06 18:11
excuse the poor grammar. If i could edit it. i would.
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 11/Jun/06 18:11
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 11/Jun/06 18:12
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Jun/06 18:15
lets go?
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 11/Jun/06 18:23
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 11/Jun/06 19:26
"all the marine movements will probably be removed"


"I assure you it will be buggier. The hitboxes will be even worse..."



Mind telling me how you know this? As a PT it's news to me; and you obviously have hard evidence as you describe it as "fact".

Also, the NS:S playerbase will most likely be huge, as I think it'll be supported by Valve, and could well share the same playerbase that Nuclear Dawn will get.
By: aA on 11/Jun/06 19:49
can to stop making me as example ?
my hibtox is same as the other players so plz ppl piss off from me... you all really annoying and that makes me rage.
i've never seen ppl whining about zaiko's hitboxes and his bh was more crazy than mine, you ask why? maybe cause he just ignored you all enought.
By: aA on 11/Jun/06 19:50
and yes like sherpa said you know shit about hl1 and hl2 coding zamma, 100% agree on that.
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 11/Jun/06 19:55
hibtox =D
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 11/Jun/06 20:22
i thought zamma was actually developing plugins, so now you should ask yourself the question: What do i know about hl1?
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Jun/06 20:32
aA you dont have to fuckign know shit about coding

I even said i dont know shit about coding it.


As frG said i did used to code plugins but even so i dont give a care about that as yes its generally neglable to actual hl.

BUT sherpa your saying i said it as fact?

"probably" generally means that its probable. I never said "definately". So your wrong there.

Second of all ALL Source games so far have worse hitboxes then there counterparts. CS:S? Plan Of Attack even has bugged hitboxes.

So from what ive seen yes ns will have worse hitboxes.

Sorry to aA i for know your reg is fine and was just using you as most people usualy whine at your reg.

And about the Playerbase - no one knows wat its gonna be like - there are too many factors supporting either side. But I for one think its gonna be larger. But not incredidably larger.

Sherpa i didnt want an arguement i wanted to display some opinions and points. This is the most pointless debate ive ever had on a comments board.
By: ben on 11/Jun/06 22:24
Ricohet was supported by valve that doesn't mean shit. NS:S will happen but it'll be too late. Production hasn't even started fully yet, by the time it starts and finishes who's going to care about NS:S? The same number of people that cared about NS 3 years ago. And then 3 years later we'll be back here again, it'll just suffer the same fate as NS, a popular game that could of been so much more but missed its prime.

Flayra should just fucking axe NS:S, plan NS2 in detail and wait for the next next-gen engine and just fucking rock it out with that from day 1.
By: scratchie on 11/Jun/06 22:31
I care about ns:s, even if i have to wait for 1 more year. Still a fun game to play. The only one I play. Being negative on youre chair and moaning about it, will not help ns what it needs. So lets just all be positive and have a strong believe in it.
By: scratchie on 11/Jun/06 22:32
People are bitching about this for 2 years by now, it doesnt have any affect, and only makes it worse. Just enjoy what you have.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 11/Jun/06 22:37
"BUT sherpa your saying i said it as fact?"


"the fact is... I assure you (NS:S) will be buggier... The hitboxes will be even worse..."

Sounds factual to me, Zamma.

Ben, comparing NS:S to "Ricohet" is possibly the most retarded thing you've ever said. There's a game inside NS, not too sure about Ricochet. As for the future? Who knows when "too late" would be. A fair amount of people (myself included) are excited by the upcoming Nuclear Dawn, despite the furore of the next-gen game consoles all being released by then.

Will people be using Steam in a year's time? Maybe I should rephrase that: will people be playing C-S/C-S:S in a year's time? (Yes!)

On an unrelated note, I'm getting totally owned by hayfever.
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 11/Jun/06 22:40
consoles lol.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 11/Jun/06 22:57
Yes sherpa i will agree i did say "assure" but tbh from what i have seen so far from every source game ive played the hitboxes are one issue this engine has yet to sort out.

OFC it may get fixed.

And i hope you get well soon. God damn hayfever!
By: Cheese on 11/Jun/06 23:08
wow... *counting the flamecomments in this single news*...amazing :D
By: ben on 12/Jun/06 14:13
I'm not comparing NS to ricochet, I'm simply saying that "supported by valve" means shit all, fuck head. And the point is, sherpa, NS:S won't have even been started by the time nuclear dawn is even released.

By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 12/Jun/06 21:23
By: C11H17NO3 on 12/Jun/06 22:21
im offended
By: atman on 13/Jun/06 05:08
ninja admin \o/
By: ReD on 13/Jun/06 15:45
300 comments plx
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 13/Jun/06 17:21

By: tjo on 13/Jun/06 17:32
Who needs spacejesus, I'm here.
By: static on 13/Jun/06 19:04
Die in a hole cuntbag
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 13/Jun/06 19:22
spacejesus is back delivering more drama and insults :o
By: oma ( vetus ) on 13/Jun/06 19:26
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 13/Jun/06 20:28
guys, do i need to lock this ?
By: naduli ( Exertus ) on 17/Jun/06 22:14
do that
By: mu on 18/Jun/06 01:53
spacejesus is like sublime

neither of them deliver drama, theyre just raging faggots
By: 360ms on 18/Jun/06 08:22
"HI JIMMS! *twinkles eyes*"

I sense denial.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 19/May/10 03:27

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