ENSL 7th Season Signups Open

Hi guys,

As the Nations Cup is still having its last games, the 7th ENSL Season signups have now been opened. Even though the Sixth Season was officially closed only few days ago, most NS clans haven't had a chance to play official games for some time and now its time to change that. This is also a good chance to participate as a National Team for those who missed the Nations Cup or feel they didn't get to play enough matches.

The system will be the traditional ENSL league system. Every team plays one game per week against every other team in one's division. After the league stage, the two teams with most points in each division play a division Final. This means a division with size of 6 teams lasts 6 weeks. Division sizes will be adjusted depending on the number of clans signed up. The signups will close at 18 CEST on 23rd Wednesday which means the first week will be a bit shorter, but since ~95% of the games of last season were played after wednesday, it doesn't really matter.

Normally every won round gives one point, but we also plan to give 1 extra point for each played match. For example 3-1 game would give 4 points to the winner and 2 points to the loser. Forfeits give the maximum of 5 points. This idea was suggested by Scale to encourage playing the matches, and to get your toughts of this, there's a new poll.

I'm aware that Summer draws near and this ENSL season might lack some top clans, but it definitely beats NS competitive scene getting even more inactive. Besides, ENSL exists to organize games fun for both players and those who watch them. Even a bunch of them makes ENSL worth it.

The map list will be as below, but is still open to changes:

1st Week: ns_metal & ns_tanith
2nd Week: ns_tanith & ns_veil
3rd Week: ns_veil & ns_origin
4th Week: ns_origin & ns_lucid
5th Week: ns_eclipse & ns_lost
Finals: chosen by the teams from the list above

I would like to thank all referees who refereed the matches during the last season, and naturally we are also seeking referees for this season. In this Season there will be a small special price for the most active (also by reports) referee.

All participating clans should remember tick the 'Next season candidate' -box from the clan menu.

Also below are the full instructions to all newcomers who would like to play in the next Season:

  1. Each team member should register an account for these sites.
  2. The leader should create the team and tick the checkbox called "Next season candidate".
  3. Each team member should then join the team in question.
  4. After this, the leader can accept the members in.

jiriki on 14 May 07 02:12

History | Comments: 29


By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 14/May/07 03:30
sprogga ~ sherpa will play.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 14/May/07 10:01
humm hummmm
By: Nova on 14/May/07 11:01
Well, let's hope that the season will not die completely when summer kicks in.

Quaxy is in, and I didn't even ask anyone first KEKKEKE.
By: jzide on 14/May/07 16:35
emmm... :)
By: smokealot on 14/May/07 20:23
no pitchfork next season :(
By: atman on 14/May/07 21:27
omg more russians
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 15/May/07 00:49
no teams next season :(
By: M on 15/May/07 08:29
no orbital ? :(
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 15/May/07 11:30
By: Vision ( Quaxy ) on 15/May/07 13:19
lol Quaxy.
By: Nirgal on 15/May/07 21:24
Where is ns_machina? ffs !
By: smokealot on 15/May/07 23:50

By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 16/May/07 01:40
You want your server!? Hey FUCK YOU, I want my fucking money!!
By: aA on 16/May/07 19:41
By: premium on 16/May/07 19:53
how much is it? ^^
By: aA on 16/May/07 23:13
enought to buy new mouse pad xD
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 17/May/07 04:42
Orbital and Eon are both worthy maps; both are played in the ANSL....

... especially when I see Metal and Lucid are included!
By: Talis ( Quaxy ) on 17/May/07 06:46
well metal is a good map, lucid dunno
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 17/May/07 16:31
BB clan + zamma clan - top clans = sprogga win
By: smokealot on 18/May/07 00:45
a pot of flowers maybe
By: aA on 18/May/07 21:06
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 18/May/07 22:00
cockeye ~ Fana will get snipered by a "hacker"
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 19/May/07 02:25
sprogga - sherpa not sprogga ~ sherpa

By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 19/May/07 14:28
lies Arj. Flatline pwnzorz us hard =(.

Plus BB is like well bad at comming rofl... I dont think we've won a game with him yet...

Plus we have like 2 Div3 players? ^_^ (3 INCLUDING ME LOLOLOL)
By: aA on 20/May/07 04:55
By: kurze ( Velvet Coat Squad ) on 20/May/07 18:32
sherpa was only using us anyway ;>
By: Tweadle on 20/May/07 23:17
what a cuntmuncher
By: csm on 22/May/07 00:57
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 22/May/07 06:30

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Unconfirmed - Div 4A: Diamond Gamers vs. M.A.C.S. (twitch.tv/isegaming)

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Div 2B: 2hrsLater vs. -/AUS/- (twitch.tv/ren26)

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Div 3A: »ACV« vs. Neuromancers ( )

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Div 4A: UKTeamplay vs. M.A.C.S. (twitch.tv/thesingingskulk)

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Div 2A: Gorge Casting Couch vs. Perfect Peckers (twitch.tv/ren26)

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Unconfirmed - Div 3A: Frequency vs. TkMaster ( )

20:00 CEST

Div 2B: RadicaL vs. Work In Progress (twitch.tv/LoopyCaster)

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Unconfirmed - Div 2B - Whipped ./` vs. Table For Six ( )

22:00 CEST

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