Week 3 Predictions

jiriki's Division 1 Predictions

Hi, here are my predictions too. Sorry for being a bit late.

DU vs Flatline

Impact players:
DU: Tane (marine), Scale (lerk), NsN (overall), zh (com), enigmatic (fade)
Flatline: Morvie (overall), L@ugh (com), HiVeFiSh (fade), phil (overall)

Lately DU have been getting stronger and stronger, newest recruit being NsN from saunamen and FRP. On the down side, their lineup is quite big and they still lack period of games with same solid roster unlike Flatline. Last week DU showed very good performances in a very close game against Insane winning them 3-1, arguably by their strong lineup. This makes them definitely one of the possible finalists. Flatline on the other hand have the same players, same lifefoms, same experience and probably the same tactics. Even though Flatline may not be just as good as NL or SM were, they are still very close and this is the season they have their best chances of winning. I'm quite sure these adamant and dedicated germans will fight for the win now that they have a chance for it. This week's map, ns_veil, is known for its marine-favour, even NS 3.2 has made the game more balanced, marine wins require good commanding and good performance from the whole team, whereas alien games relies more on lifeforms except the skulk game in the beginning. In the other words, I would say its 1-1 most likely by marines, if neither of the teams screw up. Origin is a more demanding maps for the both sides, maybe more for the marines, and I reckon Levitacus players Tane, Scale and Hopsu probably know the best ways to win this map. On the other hand origin is favours more techs than la rushes, which probably works for Flatline. Commanders and tactics play an important role in origin; intelligent pg placements may create critical lockdowns, footholds for hiverushes or opportunities for a lifeform hunt. As usual I would say the marine rounds will be deciding ones, especially good and bad moves in them. All in all Both teams have quite even rosters, with lots of impact players, and its hard to tell which team could win. The tactics, strategic (res) game and individual performance on that very day are the major cornerstones for a win. I would guess 3-1 is more likely than 2-2 but since I cannot say which team is going to take it I will rely on a conservative even game.

Du 2 - 2 Flatline

Reflect vs Domining

Impact players:
Reflect: Deimos, Duo, SlipKnot
Domining: Makaveli, Annihilator, Steve

Now that americans have have a chance to play against their domestic opponents, I would see a good chance of this match getting played. Apparently top american players, or what is left of them, are stacking to Domining so I assume Domining going to walk over Reflect but it is good to see Deimos still keeping his old clan together, and with some luck they might be able to win a round. I don't know about the activity of Reflect but I would say Domining's is probably not a lot better either. Therefore the decisions is mostly based on the past perfomance in the Domining vs DU game and a quick look on their rosters.

Domining 4 - 0 Reflect

Mike's Division 2 Predictions

This week will be the best week to watch all division's 2 games. On my left, we have sprogga versus =V, even if we didn't see sprogga play yet, I can tell you that =V will get hard time playing against them. On my right, we have kE| versus .ru, kE| who shown a very nice teamwork last week and ru unfortunatly had to forfeit last game and lost 3-1 against =V but played really good.

sprogga ~ - =V

Impact players:
sprogga: GibZ(fade), green(shotgun), tjab0(marine)
=V: Lump(comm), Admirable(marine)

On the first week, =V seemed to be very stong, even with their big lineup. Lump's comm was solid and I guess he lead the alien round as well. Only this could make =V a good team right ? But they have really good players too who, surprisingly, could play together. But this week, they have to face the favorite in division 2: sprogga. They have played lots and lots of pcw this week, I think they are all ready to face =V. They have a weakness though, the comm. I don't know who will comm between Tweadle or M0nk3h, but they both lack of experience and are not so great for a team like sprogga. Espacially when green got a shotgun, they don't exploit it enough I think. And that's where =V should count on, exploit that weakness to stole one or maybe two alien round.

sprogga ~ 4 - 0 =V

kE| - .ru

Impact players:
kE|: Arj(leading), Querformat(still tank), Meyfarth(marine)
.ru: Macpersil(marine)

On a very close game, last week kE| manage to win 4-0 against tK-ns who did a very good prestation. But arj's leadership and with the help of Querformat's unfortunate fade, they took every round. And .ru's task will be hard. Maybe I shouldn't say that, but well, it's my job to predict.. I don't see .ru winning against the kE| I've seen last week. Even with their progress over the past few weeks and the very good game they did against =V, they don't have much chances. I wouldn't go on a 0-4 lost though, .ru got ressources like 7IIV's lerk and Marcpersil's super pistol.

kE| 3 - 1 .ru

Admirable's Division 3 Predictions

Unfortunately I was A.W.O.L. somewhere in the Irish Sea last week and was unable to fulfil my duties as an E-Sports Journalist. Luckily, my Spanish understudy Verslayer was able to step into the fold and did a sterling job!

Quaxy vs. AntiLego

Quaxy are a team with an axe to grind, having been in Division 2 last season they have now been asked to prove themselves worthy. Early indications suggested that they might not have what it takes to compete with the likes of - v3 - and .blitzkrieg, but both teams better take note, the Finns don’t mess about. The exponential increase in activity since the start of the season and the return of the highly underrated N@de, puts Quaxy within reach of the title. With an energetic line-up who play pub and PCWs everyday, and a Marine Round that is starting to come together under with Kuitmo in the chair they should have no problem in this weeks tie; watch out for Bacillus’ tanking abilities!

A few thousand miles south of Finland, things aren’t looking so good for Spanish clan AntiLego. Recent defeat by their arch-rivals LEGO seems to have lead to the departure of two players in their line-up who I actually rated, GrN` and yEnS. A few new faces have been drafted in to fill the void, Portuguese tuna merchant, x!, but I really don’t think they will be stand up to a Quaxy side that is bring with confidence and talent. HLTV fans keep an eye out for DDoS, x! and DaRkNe0, but I can’t promise anything ;)

Quaxy 4 - 0 AntiLego

Veni Vidi Vici vs. Blitzkrieg

I think there were a few puzzled faces last week when Blitzkrieg only managed to tie with Perfectly Dirty last week, partly this was due to a shake-up in the French camp but also I would cite complacency on the Germans part. There will be no illusions about this upcoming fixture, it is most definitely WAR. I have a feeling they will be pulling out the big guns in the form of veterans .bp, premium and saba, and the up-and-coming gobot will most definitely feature in the action. SaperioN is a solid commander and I think with a good .blitzkrieg line-up we could see the – v3 – Alien Round stretched out thin, but I not sure if they have the constitution to take the Marine Rounds.

Veni Vidi Vici definitely seems to have bounced back from the pre-season debacle that saw many of their members forming splinter-clan Blitzkreig. I have noticed mag and GoUrAnG seem to be really getting their NS groove back after being away from the competitive scene for some time, their efforts behind the shotgun and in the fade-mobile will definitely be the focal point of this game. My spies tell me that Born’s commanding has reached maturity and is giving off the pungent aroma of ‘pwn’, I have yet to see him in action but I expecting big Marine Rounds from – v3 – too. I’ll be watching CraZy_ Ivan who is not only an excellent leader, but a highly effective marine.

This one has been in the making for a good while now; I can only imagine it will be both E P I C and C R I T I C A L.

Veni Vidi Vici 2 - 2 Blitzkrieg

Perfectly Dirty vs. LEGO

I wasn’t to sure about this one, so I asked God (Zamma wasn’t available), looking for some divine inspiration. The Power of Christ compelled me, and I can guarantee the score line will be…

Perfectly Dirty 1 – 3 LEGO

jiriki on 14 June 07 20:50

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By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 14/Jun/07 21:27
Mike, you make the best predictions xD
By: khelben on 14/Jun/07 21:30
lol,div 3 now ?
By: pathy on 14/Jun/07 21:35
lump ddnt even play week 1 lolz
By: Mike on 14/Jun/07 22:57
he wasn't ? My mistake.
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 15/Jun/07 01:33
what does prestation mean, mike?
By: lump on 15/Jun/07 02:17
corrections... i didn't play. player and beefi are impact players
By: beefcake on 15/Jun/07 03:07
lul.. I was the commander :P.. hehe.. but thx mike:D
By: lagga ( 9L ) on 15/Jun/07 05:20
distinct lack of the long time duo impacting sprogga :P
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 15/Jun/07 05:33
The real beefi.
By: Meyfarth on 15/Jun/07 11:27
Links don't work on this site :x
By: marmotte on 15/Jun/07 11:47
By: zhadow on 15/Jun/07 12:39
lol beefi comm xDDD hi :p
By: GuiZ on 15/Jun/07 13:03
Mike has been traumatized bye Green when he had a sg or what ?!
By: Nirgal on 15/Jun/07 13:09
HAHAAH Beefi as a comm !
I'ld like to see that !
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 15/Jun/07 21:15
yes. as headadmin i get to delte your posts that abuse me :)
By: P3anut on 15/Jun/07 22:28
Do i need to spam u more Gibbzinator!
By: WalkingTarget on 15/Jun/07 22:50
Beefi was comm for the first game Nirgal
By: tjab0 on 16/Jun/07 02:14
impact player \o/
By: lump on 16/Jun/07 05:37
shame ur not on their roster yohan >_<
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 16/Jun/07 05:38
tjab0, it is because of your Irish heritage!

I actually just pay Mike to put me as impact player to wind up Zamma...

By: tjab0 on 16/Jun/07 16:30
:) well they kicked me out since im in the army until december and failed to remember that ill be home for a 3 week holiday lol
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/07 19:28
15 players yet Zamma? ;)
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 17/Jun/07 03:36
lol why is 3rd div preds never done at first? :<
3rd div players arent just for Christmas.
By: Mike on 17/Jun/07 03:40
3rd div players have hearts !
By: P3anut on 17/Jun/07 04:52
ok this fucking team is pissing me off fuck reflect now
im looking for a new team dont give a fuck as long as u let me play speak spanish/english and im american so that makes even more uber pro
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 17/Jun/07 06:34
lol bout time reflect got rid of ye
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 17/Jun/07 16:44
no one will have you p3anub :D
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 17/Jun/07 18:55
Admirable, div3 is your job!
By: P3anut on 18/Jun/07 00:48
got rid of me i fucking quit (prefix is a irish wannabe)

By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 18/Jun/07 05:07


By: P3anut on 18/Jun/07 17:49
By: P3anut on 18/Jun/07 18:32
Jikiri I would like to ask you if you would give me my shoutbox abilities back. I give you my word that i will not disturb or insult anyone in any kinds of way.

(besides zamma or frenchies oh and prefix)
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 18/Jun/07 23:10
I will give young P3anut a character reference,

He is infact, NOT, I repeat NOT, a cock.

No, really!
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 19/Jun/07 00:12
theres nothing wrong with bashing frenchies, they deserve it
By: bp on 19/Jun/07 03:41
By: Meyfarth on 19/Jun/07 12:24
By: P3anut on 19/Jun/07 16:24
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 19/Jun/07 16:53
Yeah and ad gave you that brilliant reference to...
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 19/Jun/07 23:03
You know what they say Jonny,
You Can't Shine A Turd :D
By: P3anut on 19/Jun/07 23:12
wtf sorry i dont speak irish ( talking to admirable NOT PREFIX-wannabe)
By: gobot ( Stray Dogs ) on 20/Jun/07 00:06
thanks for div3 predics
By: CraZyIvan on 20/Jun/07 02:18
cheers :D
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 20/Jun/07 04:50
rofl ad, peanut isnt even a turd tbh :)
By: Verslayer ( Whipped ./` * ) on 20/Jun/07 05:45
Btw admirable u could say something more about PD vs LEGO, my brother is in LEGO (TuRGoN) and i would like more work from ur side bitch :PP

I think the v3 vs BZ match will be nice t be watched (or played) we got in our hands the league if we dont fail, but u can see LEGO is improving from an starting predictions of admins "forfeit clan with not many players" to 1st pos in the division :D
By: CraZyIvan on 20/Jun/07 06:11
but we have games in hand! plus no point saying much bout pd v lego vers since match is already played :P

dumbass :D
By: P3anut on 20/Jun/07 06:14

Did u say that correct?

Sorry my spanish is a bit rusty since i chill with alot of white boys that are irish(not like prefix-wannabe)

p.s Admirable cheated his way into my hear my saying he had cancer. You will feel my rage frenchy
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 20/Jun/07 11:17
Admirable - you suck.
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 20/Jun/07 12:15
Zamma got e-Arrogance
By: Verslayer ( Whipped ./` * ) on 20/Jun/07 15:10
lol ivan i was concentrated on posting that i didnt remember that was played.

PWNED jajajaja >.<

PD: Sad i wasnt here to watch that match and hear LEGO voices in vent screaming for victory :(
By: Meyfarth on 21/Jun/07 12:13
Ban him.
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 21/Jun/07 13:54
I liked the one upside down but then it got retarded :(
By: Verslayer ( Whipped ./` * ) on 21/Jun/07 14:44
By: Mike on 21/Jun/07 15:58
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 21/Jun/07 20:23
By: P3anut on 21/Jun/07 20:32
By: P3anut on 21/Jun/07 21:21
spam and eggs
By: atman on 21/Jun/07 22:53
and peanuts
By: GrN on 21/Jun/07 23:14
rage antilego
By: P3anut on 22/Jun/07 00:20
green eggs and ham
By: bp on 22/Jun/07 02:52
By: P3anut on 22/Jun/07 03:52
wow ur gay
By: bp on 22/Jun/07 13:18
u r nuts!
By: Prefix ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 22/Jun/07 20:58
By: lump on 24/Jun/07 02:27
these predictions are like sooo last week. >_>
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 24/Jun/07 11:24
*throat punch*
By: IsoK ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 24/Jun/07 14:56
By: bp on 24/Jun/07 19:12
clapclap admirable predictions ;D
By: NsN on 24/Jun/07 21:17
relax take it easyyyyyyyyy
By: bp on 04/Jul/07 03:08
green impact? lawl

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