The Finals Week!


Sorry for the late update. I accidentally forgot to post news about the finals and because of 2nd division semi being played late yesterday, we are now moving the finals one week forwards which means the finals are being played this week. Here's a situation update:

2nd Division Semi-Final Results

Vital 6 - 4 B2B/Rawr (demos)
NS-Force (replacing Domicide) 5 - 3 TTS (demos)

Finals This Week
Div1: The Sproggalots vs Nine Legends
Div2: Vital vs NS-Force

Finalists should contact each other and schedule their game. Default time will be 20CEST on Sunday as usual. Maps will be team-chosen from the maps that were played during the season.

jiriki on 16 June 08 15:43

History | Comments: 98


By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 16:35
We did not have any other players ready, so we tried to use a merc, I don't understand why you wouldn't either allow this merc or call for a replay at a later date.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 16:37
Please respond Jiriki.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 16:37
You think that kind of benefit (replay for players with connection problems) is not abusable?
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 16:38
That's almost as brilliant idea like auto-replay for stuck fades.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 16:39
The point is that we did not abuse it, tell me where we did and I will agree with you.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 16:43
I'm just saying if we force rescheduling when a team cannot yield players because one or more of the players have been removed / banned for whatever reasons, people could break the rules intentionally to get the game rescheduled.

So I'm not saying you abused (or would abuse it) but its always possible and you need to understand the bigger picture.
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 16/Jun/08 16:46
WE rescheduled it because vital didn't have players, at that time, and when we couldn't custer a 6th up we was forced to play other game! that is both a biased action and also breaches our fair play rule! <-- which you have avoided answering for quite awhile.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 16:47
I understand this, but as I said you need to allow for the moments when this is clearly the wrong course of action.

Quite frankly I don't care any more, I guess that was what you were hoping for since you have consistently shown that you are wrong.

Nice to know the admins are completely useless around here isn't it everybody?
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 16/Jun/08 16:52
sublime, don't go off topic and go back to the real topic comment post=P
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 16/Jun/08 16:54
Vital breached no rules.

RAWR thought everyone could hold hands and heal the world, but instead Vital stuck the rule book in your ass and fucked you.

Lessons learned: Never trusted a Dane and take your fucking forfeits.

Welcome to online gaming, occasionally your players will be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances; arrange substitutes (it's the semi-finals!).
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 16:54
Just so you know Jiriki the comments I'm about to make I actually mean, rather than what I usually do, which is post shit to gauge people's reaction.

You are an ignorant, egotistical, inexperienced, mentally defective person.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 16:55
Like I said Doctor, enforce the fucking forfeit.
By: dAn00b on 16/Jun/08 16:56
Nah it's just Jiriki. (Uh oh!)
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 16/Jun/08 16:59
i demand a third party admin takes control =]
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 16/Jun/08 17:00
i'm suprised that another admin hasn't stepped in yet, or is pointing out ur on staff teams fault wrong?
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 17:03

I follow rules and you call it wrong. The fact that you replay a forfeit, does not give you any special permissions. You need to follow all rules, including having players on, or you get forfeit or something worse depending on the violation.

This is a moment when I'm considering quiting the whole league and let you or other guys (WHO KNOW BETTER), run the league and see how fun it is when all you do is enforce a rule by request, you get all this fucking shit and whine, and then some people have the cheek think they are somehow victims of this. But I guess your (Sub) agenda is to piss admins off so ENSL will die. Other rawr players are just repeating same mantra, even though they don't understand they are just cutting their own tree.

Yeah I think you are showing how adult you guys are by spamming "it was just a pcw" -argument with 10 players and think you can get it right, and hopefully admins will just love their job more and do more unpaid while you continue on doing that.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 17:06
My agenda is to prove you wrong.


By: dAn00b on 16/Jun/08 17:06
I decided to use admin's right to exception (1.3) and let lump play but not allow him fade or lerk.

Ow this is following the RULES??? Cool.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 17:07
I did not once say that it was a pcw.
I do not want ENSL to die.
I reasonable argued my points and you were just wrong.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 17:13
So you are whining for not banning him completely but showing some MERCY to him. That's just great.

You still wouldn't get reschedule, even if he was disallowed to play completely so I don't see the difference.
By: smokealot on 16/Jun/08 17:14
well u had like sanguin on most time and letting lump play as skulk was actually a gift from jiriki, instead of banning him totally from the semi.

everyone who has eyes can see on the demos his fade beiing unhitable on metal due to warp, dunno why no one of us complained about it earlyer i was late home sorry.

we really like to play games and not take forfeits but playing a semi with an unhitable player, what u guys think we are, stupid=?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 17:14
What is wrong with debating the rule enforcement? It seems like the only "adult" as you put it, course of action.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 17:18
I agree smoke, just let us replay it!?
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 17:19
If you both agree, you can replay it for all I care.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 17:22
What does big banana say, probably a no but Im willing to replay, dunno about the others
By: smokealot on 16/Jun/08 17:25
i say no
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 17:25
"What is wrong with debating the rule enforcement? It seems like the only "adult" as you put it, course of action."

Do you really think its fun running this league, especially yesterday when I had to get my own team to wait hours, and suddenly when I enforce a rule, I have to wait and argue with some bricks for 20 minutes and today even more (for hours). You really think this is fun when I don't get paid for this? Really?

And all I did was enforce a written rule, by showing a little mercy too which Vital didn't seem to object.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 16/Jun/08 17:41
The moment the game started RAWR lost all previous claims to a forfeit win.

Jiriki did his best to avoid a forfiet and used his magical admin powers to allow lump to play in a manner that would minimise the impact of his warping.

Sublime's argument seems to be that by allowing lump to play you did, in fact, not enforce the rule which states that lump should not have played.

This argument seems trivial to me because the end result would have been the same: Vital would have not allowed a merc and RAWR would have lost (by forfiet).
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 17:48
I'm all up for civil discussion. And if you have a suggestion for rule updates, please post it on feedback forums. We did a thread for input before the start of this season, just so people could give some feedback about the rules and not whine when they are enforced.

However all this nagging, whining and debating in a game (and even today) is just pain for the other team, admins, spectators which delays the game and eats all motivation from people to participate and admins to work for common benefit.
By: frost on 16/Jun/08 18:33
"RAWR would have lost (by forfiet)."
Just to point out, I'm 99% sure they were not allowed to forfeit.
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 16/Jun/08 18:47
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 16/Jun/08 18:53
Jiriki wouldent this prelonging under the game fall under the rule "obv waisting a member of the ensl staffs time"? Because i sure know it was a pain in the ass around 11 aclock sitting and listening to all this whine..... !
By: Cobi on 16/Jun/08 19:06
hmm crap matches.... poor Lump with his shit connection, no wonder he is an island tbag
By: Maxx on 16/Jun/08 19:17
To be honest Im very disapointed in Vital, I just found out that rarw did have a chance to use a merc which Vital denied them...Rawr could have just taken the forfeit and gone on to the finals, instead they let Vital replay the game, and this is how you guys thank them for being good sports, well done...
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 16/Jun/08 19:37
Whats this? A troll war without Adam "troll" Firth?
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 19:43
No you're wrong admirable because when vital didn't have 6 we allowed a replay, so they would've done the same.

Anyway Jiriki if you had a life you wouldn't be arguing this for hours and hours you fucking spastic.
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 16/Jun/08 19:48
Do I remember incorrecty or didnt rawr had a change to replay the game before next sunday two haurs before default time?
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 16/Jun/08 19:48
And you they refused.
By: Maxx on 16/Jun/08 19:53
No need for insults people, jiriki tried a compromise, it may not have been the best decision but as far as I know Rawr did agree to play with those restrictions so theres nothing to talk about. Its over, the resault stands and while Vital may not have been good sports on the merc issue you guys arent exactly shining at the moment either.
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 16/Jun/08 19:54
well macpersil isnt really div2 semifinal merc in my opinion.
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 19:59
I was completely reasonable until I realised Jiriki just wanted div2 title so he shafted us because yo-clan clan aka ns-force are shite...
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 16/Jun/08 20:06
Oh right, I thought Vital was better than your team and hoped rawr could pull a shotgun rush or something, so we could face them in finals.

Anyway, its not very likely we are gonna get div2 title. But if say so, I cannot change your mind. I'm sorry but you really have to quite biased glasses to think I follow rules just to get div2 title - sure.

Are you really saying I enforced the rule just to get div2 title? You cannot possibly consider the possibility that I enforced the rule because I knew I would get a massive shitstorm if an admin wouldn't follow rules.

Seriously, its a really simple question.
Do you want use to follow rules or not?
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 16/Jun/08 20:12
yes, but only if they suit him
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 16/Jun/08 20:13
Who in ^rawR? said we wanted to replay? i wanna know, i havent been on for a week, havent spoken to anyone, but as i remember, We took the forfeit, Admirable knew about it, Who from Rawr wanted to replay? tell me right now.
By: Altbst on 16/Jun/08 20:22
Sublimes Diary page 213.
By: GreeN ( cisequaltothree ) on 16/Jun/08 20:23
By: Starchy ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 16/Jun/08 21:56
I think we should have replayed another day. Rawr were nice enough to allow a replay when we didn't have players. It's just a shame that our german/danish teammates are hard ass knobs..oh well, sorry rawr :(
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 16/Jun/08 22:33
nobsock - a sock that you put your nob in
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 16/Jun/08 22:44
jiriki it was 6-4
By: Altbst on 16/Jun/08 22:51
You need one big sock for that head Noblime.
By: Tweadle on 16/Jun/08 22:57
The moment the game starts a team loses all previous claims to a forfeit win.

Yes/No? Yes, i'm afraid.

Vital said no to macpersil because they deemed him better than you. You can't argue with this. Likewise, you can't complain that you were unable to find a different replacement as it's your responsibility (I also find this hard to comprehend). So you offer *ONE* *TOP-FLIGHT* player to replace one tominator *cough* and moaned when they said no. You then couldn't find any replacement and whined that tom couldn't fade (lol - and this is after a courtesy on jiriki's part to let him play in the first place). You then whined that tom had 50 res and a terrible score. You then whined that you had "lost the motivation to play" (haha). You then whined that we didn't bar tom completely in the first place (my god, are you devolving?).
By: Altbst on 16/Jun/08 23:06
does shit devolve into a lump sir.
By: Tweadle on 16/Jun/08 23:07
To get things straight, which combination of the following are you complaining about?

1) The replay being allowed
2) The replay being played with both teams having to follow rules
3) The ping rule being used by vital in response to a supposedly laggy player
4) Jiriki allowing tom to play under the condition that he couldn't take lifeforms
5) Jiriki allowing tom to play in the first place
6) Jiriki suggesting a merc be used
7) Vital saying no to macpersil
8) The community not offering itself up to you in macpersil's place
9) Jiriki saying that if rawr couldn't field a team, it would be vital's forfeit win (this is #1)
10) Vital being dicks
11) Admins being dicks
By: Logan ( The Sproggalots ) on 16/Jun/08 23:31
By: doctor ( Team Four ) on 17/Jun/08 00:08
12 i don't give a shit no more.
By: Handschuh on 17/Jun/08 08:26
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 17/Jun/08 12:09
Voodo, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it:

ns_veil 1-1 : 1-1
ns_origin 1-1 : 2-2
ns_metal 1-1 : 3-3
ns_tanith 2-0 : 5-3
By: smokealot on 17/Jun/08 13:35
nah tanith was 1:1 with, after that i commanded and we won on lucid :D
By: Starchy ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 17/Jun/08 14:25
shut up smoke you are dire
By: tjo on 17/Jun/08 14:32
#4, #7, #10, #11

By: Starchy ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 17/Jun/08 16:15
Altbst all you do is post 'Dear Diary'. GET A FUCKING CLUE EVERYONE SAID THAT WHEN THEY WERE 12. You spend around 6 days a fortnight sitting at your computer on ventrilo saying DOMINING, 8DOM8 and ILL NEVER PLAY GAYLIENS, WHY ARE YOU EMULATING A FUCKTARDED AMERICAN. GET A FUCKING JOB OR DIE. People like you should be culled.
By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 17/Jun/08 17:04
By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 17/Jun/08 17:05
n1 Starchy D:
By: Altbst on 17/Jun/08 18:53
I rarely say them phrases Shitchy,

Page 23 Starchy's Diary : I got up today looked in the mirror, realized what a ugly motherfucker i was. I then went down to the shops to buy some balls, now i'm going to try use them on alty. Now that you have balls you can start playing sprogga?

By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 18/Jun/08 00:35
To stoned to figure out some fanzy pants comment for this stupid ass comments some ppl made about the semi`s... All i can say is that tweadles post covers the most... I mean sit back and THINK! why we felt it was kinda weird playing vs a fade that were fucking teleporting (not blinking)
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 18/Jun/08 06:02
Jiriki.. the whole point Sublime and other are trying to make:

Vital was allowed to replay. Rawr was not.

Meaning Vital could not field a full team during the first match, replaying the last rounds as result.
During the replay Vital got, Rawr no longer had a full team to field, and they were not allowed to replay another time!

Try being fair to both teams would be a good idea. If you don't want 2 replay's for 1 match, make a rule.. it would be a stupid rule though.
By: Admirable ( coolclan ) on 18/Jun/08 09:02
We are trying to finish ENSL 10 before 2009.
Every week that goes by whilst RAWR and Vital replay is a week where all the other teams are sitting idle.
Time and the schedule is one of the most important factors in our admin decisions.

Both teams agreed to replay and once the game had started RAWR lost their previous forfeit win. Sportsmanship does not grant you any special privileges or exemption from the rules of league.

I don't recall any admin actually saying that they couldn't replay again. If both teams agreed to replay and the game was played before the scheduled finals on Sunday 22nd June, I don't see any reason why they couldn't.
By: Scale on 18/Jun/08 10:39
I think that this season has been total failure. There has been so many forfeits and drama. Plus admins have just bragged with their authority by banning players from league.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 18/Jun/08 11:15
This season has not been good because I let the season slip into summer, that was a bad decision. I thought the summer wouldn't cause inactivity this soon, but now it did and I'm not gonna repeat the mistake. But I don't regret banning people who harrass us. Most people who criticize us from that have never been head admins or had to take any of this crap. Like I said previous head admin(s) quit because they were not interested in arguing for nothing on their free time. This season instead of using /ignore I tried /kickban to see if it would make people be more decent with us next time.
By: Scale on 18/Jun/08 12:27
"This season instead of using /ignore I tried /kickban to see if it would make people be more decent with us next time." -jiriki
And make big news out of it!
By: Scale on 18/Jun/08 12:33
I think you just have lost all of your respect admins by posting these drama things straight to frontpage. When leagues admins lose respect the league it self will lose respect.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 18/Jun/08 14:08
Scale, I don't care about respect. If the only thing I care about was respect, I would always take the popular choice without caring about the rules. If we lose respect for following our rules, so be it.

Secondly, if we ban people, there's no point being quiet about it, I explained this in the other news comments. The point of bans is not to whip the shit out of the villains, but serve as an example to other people to not repeat the behaviour. More people know about these, the more people know how to behave. That's why we want to make our bans public.
By: frost on 18/Jun/08 15:00
Clearly too many people haven't got anything else to do, other than natural selection.
By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 18/Jun/08 15:48
no, my current hobby is called: ENSL
By: vallanhaamu ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 18/Jun/08 16:00
it differs quite much from ns
By: Scale on 18/Jun/08 16:29
Jiriki of course you need to keep some kind of respect up if you want to be taken seriosly as a admin and not just some clown trying to get order.. That kind of things causes ppl this attitude: "who cares about ensl?"
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 18/Jun/08 17:27
Arj pls dont comment on things u have no clue about...
We never said we dident want to play vs rarw!!
We said that we did not accsept Macpersil as merc for them instead of tom. Because of the huge skill gap!.
Get a fucking clue about whats going on before u open ure mouth
By: Sharpi on 18/Jun/08 20:58
android, arj never has clue what he is commenting about
By: atman on 18/Jun/08 21:44
arj, fuck off
By: Hammond ( coolclan ) on 19/Jun/08 07:00
you are just closing your eyes from the truth!!!!!!!! bow to arj
By: mu on 19/Jun/08 10:27
too long didnt read
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Jun/08 11:41
LOL arj is agreeing to me, fuck this I'm outta here!
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 19/Jun/08 11:42
with me*

By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 19/Jun/08 12:26
Still have my scars on my wrist since i agreed with arj. Enjoy sublime! ;)
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 19/Jun/08 12:43
I think pat is lost forever!
By: smokealot on 19/Jun/08 15:01
having some player who has not been playing for ages or anyhow active in the community commentating every thing without ANY knowledge about any event is really retarded, so arj pllllllzzzzz shut upppppppp
By: Starchy ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 19/Jun/08 15:35
who is arj?
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 19/Jun/08 17:12
arja saijonmaa?
By: qin on 19/Jun/08 18:45
Jiriki = Ari = Arj !
By: FatManMGS2 ( Indie Game of Year ) on 19/Jun/08 19:43
congrats vital and ns-f
By: SoLDieR ( Two Team Squad ) on 19/Jun/08 19:53
OTS !!!
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 19/Jun/08 21:01
Starchy (is vital), on 19/06/2008 @ 18:35 - Posts: 23
who is arj?
I think he is known as ure unknown father!
By: Johs on 21/Jun/08 15:36
Their common stupidity proves that theory!
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 22/Jun/08 02:30
Well there is some kind of link to this i think.... look: Common retard- Starchy - Arj!
By: AltFrthz on 22/Jun/08 12:46
lol i r worst tank on wows
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 22/Jun/08 14:11
pve is hard
By: Psy ( Two Team Squad ) on 25/Jun/08 07:48
By Ots, on 16/06/2008 @ 21:47 - Posts: 137

- This is clearly racism, ban him pls;)

Anyway Ots why you hate us so much , you got fragged to much by TTS members? Go to anger managment therapy , it will be usefull;)
By: KeePeR ( Two Team Squad ) on 26/Jun/08 06:41
nemnem.. a faszopo az én szöevegem. FASSSSZOPÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓÓ

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