Mop Up week + Tie breaker week + Some Stuff

Hello everyone!

Some important stuff:

First of all we are going to have a Mop-Up Week.
Here is the chance to play your forfeits and youre un-played matches, also it's not just a chance, its required. All forfeits and un-played matches has to be played before the end of the mop-up week(or sooner). If the forfeit doesn't get replayed until the end of the week, the team who had the forfeit's benefit, looses the points. Also, if only one of the teams shows up on the default time of the forfeit's replay, that team recives the full 5 points. (Forfeit times for each matches can be found at the bottom of this news post)

In other news, if there is a tie in the point-table:

If Team-A ties Team-B in the point table, the following rules takes effect:

IF Team-A has beaten Team-B in their official match, Team-A has the upper spot.

IF Team-A has tied Team-B in their official match, the team with the more won rounds has the upper spot.

IF Team-A has tied Team-B in their official match, AND their number of won rounds are equal, than there will be a tie breaker, the winner of the tie breaker will take the upper spot.

The Tie Breaker week will start 6th of April!
If there is going to be a tie-breaker, we will post news about it(including tie breaker maps), so don't worry.

Matches that has to be played:

1st Division:

Quaxy - iPwn (Default Time: Mop-Up week, Sunday 18 PM CET)
Saunamen - Team Russia (Default Time: Mop-Up week, Sunday 20 PM CET)
Quaxy - Gibbz's team (Default Time: Mop-Up week, Sunday 20:30 PM CET)

2nd Division:

DS.Kor - 250DP (Default Time: Mop-Up week, Sunday 17 PM CET)
250DP - Kingclub (Default Time: Mop-Up week, Sunday 22 PM CET)

If you want to schedule your forfeit and/or un-played match, contact an Admin!

Important: Your scheduled times can be different than the times I've provided.


Voodo on 30 March 09 02:29

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By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 02:48
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/Mar/09 02:55
haha Mp down
By: multi ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 03:43
(voodo & jiriki) <3 Peach
By: multi ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 03:47
oh shit team sauname is not in the final lets make some random rules
By: multi ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 03:48
pls replay flatline vs sauname first
By: Hammer on 30/Mar/09 03:53
Thx Voodo :D
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 30/Mar/09 04:26
Multivac, tell me, how do you justify having 5p against saunamen?

Do you know the reason why forfeits exist?

Well let me explain it to you, forfeits were created because if Team A haven't played against Team B, and Team B turns inactive, they can still get points.

Guess what? Saunamen aren't inactive. Team Russia is just refusing to play because they get 5p without having to competete against them. If you don't understand whats wrong about this, then there's no point discussing any further.

Or maybe I can clear it out you in a form of dialogue:

Dude A: "Wow we are the best in NS atm!"
Dude B: "Great, how did you do that?!"
Dude A: "We showed up at some time!"
Dude B: "That's it?!"
Dude A: "Yep, that's it."
Dude B: "Wow, you are so pro."

No comment on the S11 finals as I wasn't in the staff but atleast in this season 3rd team can play if 2nd or 1st doesn't show up finals. We cannot delay this season any further if we want to have any action before summer.
By: multi ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 04:43
All times on the website are in CET (GMT+1), or when DST is observed, in CEST (GMT+2).

Whenever there is a a match during a week to be played, the respective teams are heavily recommended to contact each other and agree on a time. This however is not enforced and if teams have not contacted each other or cannot agree on time default time (Sunday 20:OO) will be used.

If teams have scheduled a match but another team wants to cancel it, the team in question should contact the other team and ask whether it is fine for them. Only if both teams agree, they may cancel it by contacting an admin.

If match has not been played nor referees contacted on match time, the match will be a double forfeit which cannot be turned to a forfeit in favor for either team by any later activity of the team.

Forfeits are allowed to be replayed, but they are totally voluntary for both teams.

Admins have to be contacted when scheduling matches that cannot be scheduled automatically via the website (finals). Match is considered scheduled when the scheduling is done by contacting a referee/admin, or done via the website. Private agreements do not count.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 30/Mar/09 05:58
Tell me, how can you be the best if you don't show up ?

Bending the rules like this is kinda ridiculous, hell if we knew this was gonna happen, squad 6 might still be alive.

I love the game, and i rather see games played then forfeits, so i somehow agree with the spirit behind the rule.
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 30/Mar/09 10:41
I'm not aware of all the S-6 stuff that went through, but taking a look at this only:

Am I the only one thinking: "Ya, more activity and matches"?

Who cares being in the finals of a dead league more than the fact that ensl runs one more season where we have roughly all the games played? Quite a few it seems.

You'll need some rule bending and co-operation to run a league on a inactive scene. Of course this should've been implemented in Squad-6's case already.
By: Tweadle on 30/Mar/09 11:10
I agree with the spirit of the rule but I can see it being abused badly. As if we didn't have a big enough problem as it is waiting for team's to field their best six, this rule exacerbates things further. I also don't agree with macpersil claiming the forfeit so I'm in two minds about this. What i'm not in two minds about though, is the fact that this rule has been introduced specifically to penalise mp and as much as I like to penalise him for being a twat, that's not the place of admins and especially not in the last week of the league.

The only rule that can encompass sporting behaviour whilst beig able to deal with silly clans is one that gives admins discression to use their better judgment. Make it so that an Admin can quietly force a replay in private rather than openly give teams a chance to delay and procrastinate matches. And put the rule in place the following season, not in the mop-up week for pete's sake!
By: Tweadle on 30/Mar/09 11:10
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 12:53
We are in finals anyway if forfeits arent played. We have lost 3 rounds in whole season shoudnt two best team play in finals? We woudnt have needed mop up week if russians would have played the officials last week instead of playing pcws.

Most funniest thing is that their forfeit from us isnt even "official" atleast I didnt noticed that. They didnt have 6 in a server at default time or referee. So we could say as well that we have forfeit from them! Oh the irony is killing me...
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 13:29
i knew that something like this is gonna happen. it is totally crap. tell me why are you changing rules AT THE END of the season not in the middle? or at the start? and tell me why should i waste my time, waiting for opponent till 20-00 cet (0-00 my time) and then get noticed that sauna didn't get their best line up and they can't play now? why teams can't just say to other team atleast 2 hours before official that they won't get 6 in time?
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 13:39
tane, we had 6. noway was there too. u didn't came so...
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 13:48
You knew?.. There was Hidden Rule: No forfeits in this season.
Best Lineup.. Dont know what happened, but I was gone 2 weeks and Peach cant live without me :DDDD Like frG said you wanted take forfeit against Squad-6 (they did have really good chance to get finals) OR that was just MP,, like usually. Doogie wanted play it but Your team refused to play.. but yeah I cant REALLY know what happened.. Same goes to Saunamen vs Squad-6, Zamma and Tweadle dont have any idea what happened, but THEY still KNOW (fucking Drama Queens, Said by My BEloved Dugi)
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 30/Mar/09 13:49
Snake, as far as I know, Peach informed MP well in time.
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 14:29
S-6 wanted to play at 2-30 my time, so match would be finished at 4-00. i have to wake up at 7-00 to go to work, so i said no. we tried to reschedule it, but ... i don't know what happened with s-6 after
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 14:51
The funniest thing is jiriki
Saunamen became the best last season because flatline didn't show up in the finals.
So how can saunamen be the winner of the ENSL ??
Just because they showed up @ some time ??
Talking bullshit because its in your advantage.
So when i asked for a mop up week when this happened with squad 6 it got denied but when sauna needs it you add it right? Seems like Peach jiriki and Voodo are in a dominatrix union.

and Bac is 3 hours before the match well in time ?
The same day is too late already....

I wanted to play Squad 6 in a mop up week N@de but Voodo and the others denied the mop up week.

And lets talk about how Sauna won last season?

Sauna: oh Flaltine has no comm lets play them
Flatline: Could we replay this please another day?
Sauna: NOOO Finals won't be replayed were gay and we know that youre better than us so we dont play you...
we play another clan instead for ALIBI-FINALS
so we get longer cocks and were cooooool winning an ensl (QUOTE OF JIRIKI IS FOLLOWING:)" BEING IN THE RIGHT TIME AT THE RIGHT PLACE " UHHHHHHHHHHH

nvm if you dont see the gayness of these rules. And if you dont see that they are anti flatline and anti russia you really need a cock of an ENSL admin in YOUR ASS!

thank you.

By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 30/Mar/09 14:55
iPwn was dead for last 3 weeks of the league but we still played all matches knowing that we will loose. Just to keep the spirit and the league alive
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 30/Mar/09 14:58
From ensl rules (section 1)

3 The Head Admins have ultimate jurisdiction and may create an exception to any rule.
4 Rules may change and news will be posted on the front page when such happens.
5 In doubt about interpretation of a rule, the spirit of the rule gets priority.

those rules are written to give us ability to have quite fair and alive league. We are not perfect, we try to objective we spend our time to keep it alive. Sometimes you just can't make a decision which everyone will like....
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 30/Mar/09 15:12
MP, 3 hrs is one extra hour to Snake's request. That is all.
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 30/Mar/09 15:27
Oh and btw... 'The same day is too late already....' sounds a little inflexible at the point where

1.) Admins and teams are doing this without any pay
2.) It's a unprofessional league with no money, publicity or anything involved.
3.) NS is inactive as it gets.

The league lives or dies with people being able to co-operate with each other.

I don't know the full background of most of the admin decisions, but I'm quite confident that they're doing their best to keep even some sense to this. Feel free to questionize the admin decisions, but do so in a respectful way. Fun drama is fun, this is wasting admin time unless you stop flaming and create a nice segmented post of your views.
By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 30/Mar/09 15:41
Banhammer required! stop whining about things that are now there and just live the day that it is. Don't bother to remember something that happened years/months ago! The rules that are now here are here there is no arguments on the case.
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 15:44
im ok with replaying forfeits. if we will get 4 place it will be ok for me, because i know that we played not awesome and deserve less than we got now. but admins should be unprejudiced and fair for all teams without any exceptions (yes flatline for a example). and now u see how changing your mind affects on activity. in the middle of the season u were saying no forfeits needs to be replayed. S-6 folded and now u saying we have to replay all game
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 15:51
it is just kinda unfair and stupid a bit
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 30/Mar/09 15:58
MP, flatline recived the forfeit loss for searching for a damn pcw when they said they didnt have 6 for an official.
By: king_yo ( Legendary Snails ) on 30/Mar/09 16:41
I dont understand what's the problem of replay a forfeit match, if the team was unable to play. I mean, the best thing is to PLAY, even if you get ur ass kicked instead of a 5pforfeit. I can understand if you dont want replay a team who try to use the rules as his advantage, or are just retards who win with drama and blind admins like esj/NRS.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 16:46
Well Voodo i would have done the same.
First of all why should i play an official without a commander? This is SENSELESS. Also Voodo it were the finals and NOONE wants to see shitfinals except of them who want to win the finals for every price.

Voodo what you are doing is deciding as the case arises so you as the admins just decide how you like to aslong as it is in your own advantage.

So tell me Voodo or Peach when i asked you if it is possible to play Squad 6 @ the last weekend after all weekend in something like a mop up week, why you have said NO THERE WONT BE A MOP UP WEEK!
and now youre saying that there is a mop up week just because peach needs it?

And now tell me that youve decided 100% correctly. Your decisions made a Clan fold and other clans raged at you just because youre deciding like you want.
You won't keep the league up for long if you go on like this!
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 30/Mar/09 16:47
I just have to make one point clear here now about the last finals. Flatline wanted to reschedule the finals 2 weeks before chrismas. People should use their common sence that no one is not going to play on christmas or new years eve! Our players were going to theyr families just days after and after the new year 2 of our player were going to army, so the team wouldn't even be the same after that. Seriously, who would ask to rechedule a match 2 weeks before chrismas? It would have just been another one to "never played finals". Thank you for understanding.
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 17:01
MP Funniest Thing is YOU. Voodo did made that Decision with other admins and it was on the rules. AND there was news post that says When is the LAST FINAL DAY . Also in public server everyone asked "When the finals will be?".. Many people asked that for Glove (at least).

We wanted play that match and No One didnt say that Flatline are shitter than Us (our official was 2-2, so anything could happend). It was Christmas holidays and almoust everyone was leaving to their families... Finals would be delayed to next year or never played.

Flatline didnt have com (What was the "We dont have players? and still doing PCWS") or just THE best of the best lineup, I though they had Phil and Morvie, so Best lineup was up + plus they had THE haxor..

I remembered that the REAL Flatline did have 3 coms: Morvie, HiVeFiSh and Saep (could be wrong, but..).
So is Saperion their only com? I remembered official games wich has SG rushes Their COM was Saperion and thats why they need to do SG rushes..

There was too many conflicts. Peach and Morvie didnt talk so much, Flatline was inactive, morvie did have school jobs, peach was too angry for flatliners..

And yeah it was BAD decision, but needed one.

There isnt any antiflatline or antirussia.. Its more ANTI&#168;MP&#168;. You wasnt in Flatline(in that time), but you still care more than any flatliners... If you ask me I want Flatline, Sprogga and NL getting back to game, because its more fun. There is always a little drama going but still..

MP you said you wanted mop up week against Squad-6 but now you are saing that this Mop Up idea is shit cos you dont wanna play against us?
I still think you are spoiled Kid (Daddy pays all so I can moan everything and everyone.) I like other russians, cos they dont moan or try to act childish.

Snake you should be doing teamleader stuff, not MP.

MP you dont deserve any bans.. Just moan little less and its fine. This is almoust dead league (this wont help admins to do their jobs).. And I think this could be the last season.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:03
First of all 2 weeks before christmas is something like the 10th of December. Thats not christmas at all. And Flatline could play the same day when you played the ALIBI Finals so ....
You just didn't want them to play.
And playing no Final is better than playing an ALIBI Final btw.

Ah and Bacillus i understand what you want to say:
These people are investing their free time and we should be respectful towards them because they do so. Bacillus i would do that if they would do a good job. And with a good job i just mean following their own rules. They break their own rules where they can. Noone knows what follows next... Same was with Squad 6 Forfeit. You know how long ive discussed with them until i got it? I mean what is so difficult at this Squad 6 can't play def time so we get the forfeit because we show up. NO Voodo Whine around and said NO FORFEIT TO MP NOOO!!!
and then Peach said the same until i convinced them.

If they didnt want forfeits they shouldn't have given Forfeits in DIV2 and they should have told that the Whole league in a newspost or something but telling this someone when the the case becomes reality is just BULLSHIT.

And furthermore Bacillus, I see Peacham being in the adminteam for a while now youve noticed any "own action" ? He didnt even knew that there is a Admin forum on the ENSL page when I was admin i wrote in this forum and he didnt even answer. But his lover jiriki leaves him as admin prolly of his cock lenght, others like Morvie who organized a whole league on their own get just kicked in the ass with the comment: " You failed in your mission "

By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:08
Nade so why is just Peach comming in Sauna?
I remember you commed too :)

"There was too many conflicts. Peach and Morvie didnt talk so much, Flatline was inactive, morvie did have school jobs, peach was too angry for flatliners.. "

So we should go on loving an admin who doesnt decide objective but how his mood is like. OK .

N@de, if russians could express themselves somehow in english they would send you into your moms ass.
Noone insulted someone else personally but you started and bring this to a level where I won't follow to.

N@de i am against the Mop up week because Admins first say: NO, NO MOP UP WEEK AS LONG ITS IN YOUR INTREST.

but now its like:

I dont have anything against playing you N@de :)
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:11
And by the way i dont know if youre blind but i wasn't the one who called " Kuitmo " -> " Hujtmo "
or invented shitnicks for finntards because theyre definatly hated by almost every russian.

Having an ENSL admin as Leader is much easier right N@de :))
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 17:17
actually i know how to type fuck you, go to ... :)
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:22
then lets say the russians dont say directly to someone what they think of him.
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 17:23
hahahaha! i dislike only tts cuz they are getting ready 1 hour. if i call u kakepersil does it mean that i hate u? lol! btw Hui4mo! it is as cool as
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:25
well hujtmo is directly however they don't do it as extremly as i do and i just do it to


That should a leader do and i would be a bad one if i would not do so.
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 17:28
this 'shitnames' just makes some sens in russian and it's just a little bit funny that is all.
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 17:32
like Tanya or Nadya - russian girl's names
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:35
New tones from you snake.
Last sunday when we had the match vs Sauna it sounded like: GET THE FUCKING FORFEIT, THE IDIOTS CAN'T PLAY SO WE HAVE TO GET THE FORFEIT.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 30/Mar/09 17:36
MP, you have only 1 forfeits, Quaxy and 250dp has TWO, iPwn, Gibbz's team, koreans, and the americans has forfeits also, still YOU are the only one whining about it, think about it MP
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:40
Voodo not only me also Multi and Morvie not sure now about snake.

Its just because we have another prestory and we have the opinion that you didnt include the mop up week because of Quaxy 250dp or someone else, you included it for Saunamen and Peach.
And that is the thing we dont agree on. When we asked for a Mop up week it got denied and now it got allowed? What kind of admin is changing the whole league structure within 2 weeks while a League is going? Just YOU! And just for YOUR advantage. thats it.
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 17:47
i don't remember that shit. May be i didn't insist on replay forfeit because i knew it would be hard to argue with you, Morvie and Multi :) I remember i said something like wow there might be a situation where 4 teams will get same quantity of points, but anyway there is a 80% chance that will play against sauna at least in finals.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 17:51
ye snake is like ensl admins changing his opinion by the situation :D.

(14:47) frG: jup
(14:47) frG: admins are a joke atm.
(14:47) frG: adding a mop up week last minute etc
(14:47) frG: retarded actions..

That is what a former ensl admin thinks of the ENSL admins today.

And we should respect these retarded actions?
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 30/Mar/09 17:52
but later we asked (i think we asked) for replay...
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 17:57
Why? Everything else is irrelevant but I only want to know why do you want to take forfeit against us? Im probably just stupid because I cant find any reason why wouldnt you want to play the game? Please tell me why.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 18:01
Tane its not about the game itself its about the admin decisions.



Thats it.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 18:04
Further more you can't add such a league-element
when the league is about to end.

You have to add it BEFORE the league starts
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 18:10
the most ridicolous thing in this league is atm that the head admins are clearly supporting the best (atm) team of the league to own the other teams (nearly all with completely new lineups) even more. thats how it is and i think nearly every non-fin will agree...
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 30/Mar/09 18:14
Macpersil, in Finland people don't leave to spend christmas at the night before christmas and drive to their families the whole nigh and arrive at morning. We leave about week or two earlier. Thats a little about finnish christmas culture.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 18:16
Vartja you still had time to play the alibi finals.

The same day flatline could have played you!
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 18:16
I then assume that you want to play the game, fantastic. I think they were forced to change rules because they dont assume there would be people who doesnt want to play games. Obviously they were wrong because you want to play!

Wait a minute... Why then there are drama if they are just making service to you. It seems you didnt want to replay last week so I assume you want to play it later(in mop up week). Everyone just needed more time and admins delivered, whats so wrong about that? Yes they should have anticipated this but they arent robots.
By: vartija ( Ant ) on 30/Mar/09 18:17
Macpersil, I think they were played at the same day the "real" finals would have been.
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 18:20
its ns. theres always a drama...

but. if sauna needs a forfeit, they get it. if they want to play a match they get it. if they need a rulechange, they get it... wheres the fun when the best team in the league even gets the head admins cock in theyr ass?
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 18:25
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 18:27
you just get what you want tane and thats annoying its not about the match itself its about how you get your wins.
Playing in a league is not just about skill in gameits also about discipline and other stuff. And if someone else shows more of these other skills he also deserved to win the league.
Sauna failed this season but still they just create themselves a further chance. How nice to have the leader in the adminstuff :)
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 18:27
"Do you know the reason why forfeits exist?

Well let me explain it to you, forfeits were created because if Team A haven't played against Team B, and Team B turns inactive, they can still get points."

The only reason one should take forfeit. Saunamen have never took but that one forfeit which goes under this category.
By: Oetel on 30/Mar/09 18:34
posting in an epic thread

All I can say is ul to Squad 6, they probably forfeited the game vs saunamen so they could possibly replay it this week and still be alive :<

Next season it should be clear from the start that you're allowed 1 max forfeit that will be replayed in the week before the finals.
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 18:40
the funny thing is, tane, if sauna did have a full lineup at def time and ru didnt, u would have taken the forfeit, too.

but im 1000% sure that ru wouldnt have get this rulechange.

so im not offending u, but the admins. its fucking ridicolous what they are doing this season
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 18:40
Forfeited wtf are you talking about? It would same situation in mop week also. I doubt there could be day when both clan would have their best lineup online.
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 18:42
wodka they woudnt have need to change rules because we would have played it during next week like we did with squad6.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 30/Mar/09 18:42
once again people, this is NOT about only 1 forfeit, its about FIVE forfeits
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 18:50
yeah but didnt the rules say u have to play the match before default time or the team that shows up with 6 players on def time gets the forfeit and CAN replay it...

dont misunderstand me. i hate forfeits.. but if the admins dont stick to theyr own rules, i think i found a reason why noone wants to play in ensl anymore. and this wasnt the only case..
By: lump on 30/Mar/09 18:51
I was a well good admin. CASE CLOSED.
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 18:52
must be true, i never insulted u :P
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 19:03
i remember a guy in germany like 70 years ago who always changed rules and everyone followed him without thinking about. what was his name again Oo
By: Miglecz++ on 30/Mar/09 19:12
if u dont have 6, type /mercsók
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 19:20
that would be too easy :P
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 19:26
MP I dont have anything against you :))
Only thing wich I hate is your alltime whining (thats why spoiled thing comes to mind). Like I said I dont/cant REALLY know your squad 6 match, but I know what Doogie said and know that you were claiming forfeit from peach..

And I didnt knew what admins were dooing, but I knew that they wont accepted any forfeits.

Dont get me wrong.. You are really good player, you did really good job to get more players to game, you got server and Ventrilo/TS2/Mumble voips (still could be more co-operate with ENSL team), so you are doing fine.

Only a bit more sportmanship to this game.
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 19:39
yep just like the admins themselves should do ;)
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 19:44
fo nade its still like Wodkda says.

By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 30/Mar/09 19:50
The fact is mp, that we (ensl admins)decided before season that there are no forfeits this season, and therefore we are now making the mop-up week to hold our promise of no forfeits in the season, at least now everyone has a chance to play the forfeits. So go play something else if you dont want to "play" mp. I rest my case
By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 30/Mar/09 21:10
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 30/Mar/09 21:14
omg this thread almost breach my post about doubleclanning and lumps ban! o.O
By: M on 30/Mar/09 21:21
For the record

" By Voodo (. iPwn), on 30/03/2009 @ 12:58 - Posts: 119
MP, flatline recived the forfeit loss for searching for a damn pcw when they said they didnt have 6 for an official."

We didnt have 6.
We had 4 and no com.
These 4 players played a mix.
We didnt get any chance to replay or reschedule.

The Div1 finals warent scheduled and we ware asked 2 hours in advance if we could play (which we obviously didnt)
After alot of rage and insulting "alibi finals" ware played.

Tbh i wouldnt call myself season champ after such a joke final.

But some obviously need the penis enlargment that comes with that title.
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 30/Mar/09 21:24
Ye, you and lump better think something epic quickly or you lose your drama queen statuses :>
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 21:29
I have come to believe that Morvie doesnt know how to read this is probably fift time I have to point out this.
Read it with time I know its hard to understand if you are retard but as you can see voodo DID schedule it!
By: M on 30/Mar/09 21:40
which is to be played before Sunday!
By: M on 30/Mar/09 21:41
let me see you took the forfit on sunday and didnt have 6 on sat.
By: Elvisq ( Team Four ) on 30/Mar/09 21:42
Guys, please keep that in mind that we never deny to replay matches + i always support such thing, squad-6 was different situation, we know how it was mp, how much u wanted this free 5 points where the were on the fly ( playing v. good in pcw etc). Personaly i wasn't participating during making this decision (offline weekend) but i support this decision in 100%.

The mop-up week at the start was my idea (after iPwn vs quaxy and .ru vs Squad-6) but official plan for season wasn't including mop-up week ( like most of seasons... we assume that there will be no forfeits -.-) first 3 weeks were played without single one and I belived that this season can go without the drama.

Your behaviur mp was one of the reason why i support this decision. I don't want to have in the league a team who is going into finals becouse they are focusing on getting forfeits. But still this decision was made to force you to play all unplayed matches. Even if the ru vs sauna match was played, even if sauna would be on 1st place in division we still will use mop-up in this situation becouse of other matches in both divisions.

well your opinion is your opinion but you should try to be an admin for one season and you will see how hard/annoying is that job when ppl are lying in your face and being dicks to everyone else.

try writing some screenplay to brazilian soap-operas, with your abilities on making new dramas you should be unbeatable
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 21:45
and there we are back to may point. this league with its current admins is a fucking joke.
By: wodKa ( Flatline-Ns ) on 30/Mar/09 21:47
edit: i respect everyone whos putting work in the leuague but what u are currently doing is destroying the leauge cause noone wants to play here anymore if you keep going like this
By: Peacham ( Finland ) on 30/Mar/09 21:56
yeah wodKa you're right to _PLAY_ in this league, ain't that the fact where we are getting?
By: lump on 30/Mar/09 21:56
why is forcing matches to be played instead of forfeits a bad thing again?
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 30/Mar/09 22:00
its not lump, its just MP pushing it again, i only see him raging about this.
ive recived NO complaint at all from the other 5 teams regarding topic.
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 22:09
There are so many people whining about admining that they must have some opions what should have done differently. What wrong did admins do? Is it good season if clans gets final only because they have took forfeits?
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 22:24
"well your opinion is your opinion but you should try to be an admin for one season and you will see how hard/annoying is that job when ppl are lying in your face and being dicks to everyone else"


Wodka can you explain why they are joke?

Destroying league cos MP is on FIRE again? Its fucking joke moan every fucking decision or idea (much better give feedback than moan). Morvie should be an Admin, but he should be a bit more active (Morvie said that he dont have time because of school).. Dont know why/when !morvie vs peach! war started..
I blame both for this shit.

And is it right deny to play finals from team who have been very active and waiting to play it (we could have played it in anyday at the week)? Deadline was sunday 15.12, yeah cos people can go celebrate Christmas. In finland that means 2-3 weeks holidays.. I hope Germans celebrate Christmas too

And I wonder if you dont see any wrong about your team.. if Morvie couldnt arrange that match why no one else didnt do that or just play earlier.. There is always something that could have been done better.
By: dugi on 30/Mar/09 22:31
rakastan sinua nati ;D
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 22:31
Yes what a shit season if clans get into finals because of forfeits. Hold up the good seasons where clans win seasons with forfeits!

Voodo either youre blind or youre stupid:
Multivac, Morvie, wodKa, Macpersil, frG is not just Macpersil.

The fact is we dont fear playing Saunamen and we would have never be afraid of it, the thing we dont like is, that were asking for a mop up week vs Squad 6 which would fit for both clans your denying that but if Peach got a forfeit loss he is adding a Mop up week noone complained about that!

This is just a fucking joke.
Noone added the mop up week for ru vs Squad 6 and the other 2 forfeits in div2 which were made then.
But when Peach gets a forfeit loss there is direct action!
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 22:31
tbh admins should not be players. Or very low active players like jiriki was.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 30/Mar/09 22:33
LOL MP. yes lets get someone inactive to the admin team whos here every 3rd month! Great Idea!
By: lump on 30/Mar/09 22:36
yeh because so many people who don't play wanna be admins.. lol this is dumb

MP wtf are you on about? Why exactly couldn't squad-6 play in the mop up? OH WAIT, BECUZ THEYRE DEAD.


Shitting hell why is it so complicated? *smacks face into a wall*
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 30/Mar/09 22:38
Lump, you are a fucking idiot, sorry to say this.
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 30/Mar/09 22:43

ah and i heard a funstory:

(14:51) frG: because Peach forced us to play, or else he would ban doogie from ENSL for misleading a admin.

next funcake
By: dugi on 30/Mar/09 22:43
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 30/Mar/09 22:59
MP really like trolling (We need new rule: Useless trolling is bannable).
Peach just lost his temperature as usually and you want still want argue that? This is way different story than you think.

If frG has said something it doesnt mean that he is fully supporting you.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 30/Mar/09 22:59
No comment on S11 Finals as I wasn't there.

We're keeping up ENSL alive for free and try to do our best decisions. Sure you can call us incompetent, but we don't get paid, so don't expect 100% perfect solutions.

Back in some season, one team got into div2 (or 3) finals by just playing one game (losing it) and getting rest of the points by forfeits.

Many people called it a joke, some blamed for incompetence. Some teams called it so ridiculous that they will leave ENSL and never come back.

Then now its happening again, a team is getting into Finals with forfeits, not by winning the most rounds. We try to do our best to solve the issue, and again we get blamed for incompetence etc.

The lesson of this post is that sometimes there are only bad solutions, no win-win. We cannot do a decision that pleases everyone. I can understand that from Team Russia's point of view this looks like a biased decision, but we're not doing this because we hate (Team) Russia, but because we want to have the finals to represent the two strongest teams, thats the basic idea of competition. I'm sure you will understand this.

I can understand that rules are now changed (I assume nobody's complaining about the tie-breaker rule though), and we should have informed about this long before. But then again, the first weeks of the season looked good so we didn't even had to think about anything like this, only after the issue came up.

If a team is not replaying forfeits when they can, they shouldn't be talking about sportsmanship - especially if they get into finals with those points.

We (Quaxy) will play against Gardeners, because its stupid to get these points since Gardeners are not dead. If I did it for my own advantage, we could keep the forfeit.

And guess what, I don't need to insult anyone to make my point.
By: Logan ( The Sproggalots ) on 30/Mar/09 23:12
By: sancezz ( NewStyleD Return ) on 30/Mar/09 23:18
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 31/Mar/09 00:53
"i remember a guy in germany like 70 years ago who always changed rules and everyone followed him without thinking about. what was his name again"

Sorry guys, wodka played the Hitler card. This discussion is over.
By: phil ( Flatline-Ns ) on 31/Mar/09 02:50
First of all, I agree with fana..
secondly i have to say flatline seriously was treated roughly by the community.i dont get why but it seems fact. we used to play for so many seasons politely with good sportsmanship, kept up competition for the good clans pulled a lot new players.
great players such as Wodka who is on the level to play the Hitler card by now.
I believe we sort of done our part keeping the community alive and showed you NOTHING BUT LOVE..
By: multi ( The Team ) on 31/Mar/09 03:49's_law
By: Tweadle on 31/Mar/09 04:36
What I don't understand is why the admins made a whole palava about changing the rules. Just force them to play in private. And i don't want to hear any crap about this decision not being biased, it clearly is. I support it but when you're denying to everyone that you've introduced the rule to deal with problem characters like mp, it's stupid. Just tell us how it is - mp is a twat and you don't want him fucking up the league for his own benefit. The people will understand. BUT THE DECISION IS DEFINITELY BIASED.

I would also like to warn you again that the issue of fielding the best6 is going to dramatically increase with this rule which is, again, why I think it's retarded to make it a rule out rather than just use admin discretion...

The situation is made all the more suspicious because squad-6 were denied (only a week before) their mop-up week. The only thing triggering this unnecessary rule change is the sauna-ru game. What's the difference; it was one two forfeits then and it was two forfeits a week later when you made the ruling? I'm just asking for an explanation and some honesty. I'm not trying to behead anyone.
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 07:00
Not gonna read all these reply`s because of the 20 first i saw "blablabla i dont wanna play this match blablabla" Fucking wake up its a game... Nobody is gonna point and laugh at you if you lose... Ohh wait yes they will! good luck with finals! ;D
By: Bungle on 31/Mar/09 07:01
i have to say...


this is the best shit you ever said MP :D actually made me laugh how you worded it lol.
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 07:02
And yea just 1 more thing you fucking nubs, no reason too play the finals even because from all this whine about that you dont wanna play, i think even a retarded chipmunk can easy see how is gonna win it if the match gets play.. STOP ACTING LIKE FUCKING SISSYS!!!!!!
By: Bungle on 31/Mar/09 07:10
Quoted From Phil:
"First of all, I agree with fana..
secondly i have to say flatline seriously was treated roughly by the community.i dont get why but it seems fact. we used to play for so many seasons politely with good sportsmanship, kept up competition for the good clans pulled a lot new players.
great players such as Wodka who is on the level to play the Hitler card by now.
I believe we sort of done our part keeping the community alive and showed you NOTHING BUT LOVE..

i have to say, although i have only been back in ns for like, 2season or so, when i compare flatline to other clans, personally i always prefered flatline, and i dont really like germans because there configs have to be stored on a seprate harddrive.

When i made euph, we use to play sprogga and always get verbal shit from there players (hence me and tweadle had alot of beef before, because i thoguht he was a complete cunt lol) and saunamen... well they just use to play us with stupid gay tactics, and when we would ask them to take it seriously because we was trying to train, i would always get stupid replys about how shit we was

Ok fair enough i understand that it isn't fun to play teams worse then you.. but ive always held the same opinion.. the way some of you toss pots act in this scene is the reason it slowly dies.. because when new people come along they just think "fuck this" and leave again...

i've never heard any of flatline flame me.. maybe cosmic because i raged at her on a public server before lol, but actually mp and glove helped me alot getting back into NS, trying to teach me the new tricks... flatline was a respectable team imo.. Squad6 was also... it's a shame to see them both disband... really :/

i forgot what i was talking about... but im gonna click post anyways :D
By: dugi on 31/Mar/09 07:13
hio hiooo
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 07:31
LOL @ bungle (usually what i think when im done writing some rage comments about these retarded discussions) :D
100% agree that Flatline allways been a GG clan, sprogga allways been a clan that posts shit when u play them in pcw`s. And thats why (when i was active) me and BB decided they could just go play someone else.. Because after all this is a game, and not a place for people too act like 10 year old kids(talking about "Adults" here that goes too college etc) I know its the fuckin internett and all, but try too understand how it ruins this game..

And MP seriously, youre from russia right? You have this same additude vs ure goverment? Then i feel sorry for you man... ;)

Eeeh ye, *click* xD
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 07:58
wow bungle, gotten a bit emo lately? *cut cut* start playing wow and forgot about this crap game
By: zeDracul on 31/Mar/09 08:17
wow drama :S
By: Bacillus ( Quaxy ) on 31/Mar/09 10:36
Phil, I can see the S11 finals being quite nasty for FL, but at least the MP ban for the screenshots was well deserved. Have there been any other events of unfairness for FL?
By: Tweadle on 31/Mar/09 11:46
The only thing sprogga was guilty of was SUPER-MEGA-ARROGANCE. Then we implemented a no talking in-game rule for the better part of two months and opinions didn't change because we carried on zconing things! So yeah, we were cocky but only because we won things. Don't think anyone can name a single instance of us fucking the league about :D.
By: qin on 31/Mar/09 12:40
If there's a mop up week as default, can I skip all my matches but one and give everyone else a challenge just before the last week? What happens if no one can play me that time, do we get forfeits?
By: SoLa ( Finland ) on 31/Mar/09 13:16
The thing is that finals are supposed to be played between the best teams in the league. Not the ones that tries to abuse the rules. You will play the forfeits, end of story. This goes to all teams that are still alive.

Now for the topic. Only reason ru doesn't want to play is that they know that they will lose their precious points. Meaning they won't be in the finals. But who the fuck cares? You are supposed to earn your place in the finals with fairplay.
By: Tweadle on 31/Mar/09 13:25
Yeah so don't encourage everyone else to postpone matches just to create a rule to deal with one character. Just man-handle the offenders individually.
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 31/Mar/09 13:28
i agree with you sola. the point of all this crap (at least for me) is how can admins say totally NO this week and on next week they say YES. It is just like girls do...
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 13:37
But is it really any point making any drama?(cant belive im saying this because i <3 drama... lol)
Dont you think as well that the 2 best teams should be playing in the finals? And aint the only way too find out who is the best team (skillwise,teamplay etc etc) too get all youre matches played?
Its 1 match, and you guys are making a really big fuzz about it, when you say the match itself dosent really mather.. Then what is the problem?:s
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 31/Mar/09 13:45
james blond oh sorry i mean android can u read? i said i agree with sola at this point.
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 14:19
Then why all this whine? If u agree ....
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 14:20
Admins rulings are gonna be final anyway..
Think you know that too, just flame me all you wont..
Wont really help... :)
By: lump on 31/Mar/09 15:08
frg 'Lump, you are a fucking idiot, sorry to say this.'

No mate, you're an idiot, you still didn't answer exactly WHY you couldn't play in the mop up week? As far as I'm concerned you easily could as that's the whole fucking POINT in the mop-up week, you just jumped to some fucking retarded conclusion and then you folded before you even got to the mop up..
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 31/Mar/09 15:34
guys just learn how to least 3 times different people told that admins said there will not be a mop up week this season. that is why s-6 couldnt replay forfeits and folded. that is shitiest thing what happened this season actually. just try to understand what do they think (or feel) about all this stuff.
By: Android ( Snowrollers ) on 31/Mar/09 15:44
I understand why you guys probably are upset and stuff, but i mean... This community is really small allready as it is and you know that too... And harrazing people that do a great deal off work FOR FREE, is only a way too kill the last few bits of the ns scene imo... Less QQ more KK :)
By: Maxx on 31/Mar/09 15:49
Im a predictor, and I predict MORE DRAMA
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 31/Mar/09 16:59
Its funny when people think this mop up week is so essential for sauna. We would be in finals if there woudnt be mop up week infact we would have probably much easier opponet. There are other values and it woudnt be fair for teamF and Gardeners.
By: Tweadle on 31/Mar/09 17:37
No, as russia's forfeit won rounds would count as rounds won against you. Crap, but true.
By: Maxx on 31/Mar/09 18:16
So where can I find this seasons initial rules and format. Im curious to see how much was actually changed.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 31/Mar/09 18:26
On the rule page, nothing has changed there because of this.
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 31/Mar/09 18:33
So what Twealde? We have 22 point, russians 23, teamF 22 and you have 18. We won teamF 4-0 so we have upperhand against them.
By: Tweadle on 31/Mar/09 18:35
Yeah but quaxy have indicated their intent to replay. Don't act dumb.
By: Maxx on 31/Mar/09 18:56
Its pretty simple really. According to the initial rules Mp is a bad sport but is actually in the right. There was no mop-up week planned and "Forfeits are allowed to be replayed, but they are totally voluntary for both teams."


3. # The Head Admins have ultimate jurisdiction and may create an exception to any rule.
4. # Rules may change and news will be posted on the front page when such happens.
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 31/Mar/09 18:58
If Quaxy will play why wouldnt russian? Its this same situation? This week would be "finals week" and no forfeits coudnt be played.
By: Maxx on 31/Mar/09 19:06
Bottom line, Quaxy would have replayd the Gardners anyway, and theres a rather good chance it will be a 4:0 placing the gardners on 23
So what would the table look like you ask?

gardners 23 - Finals
russia 23 - Finals
sauna 22

So PLEASE dont BS anyone about mop-up week being irrelevant to sauna. Its actually going to be the only reason your team will actually be in the finals at all Tane.

I do actually think that sauna SHOULD be in the finals, but the way you're gonna get there is sad. Had it not been for this little display Mp would be the only one looking like a dick and Im pretty sure he would have eventually been pressured into replaying the forfeit by the community anyway. As is stand you all look pathetic.
Well done.
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 31/Mar/09 20:02
Cant people think hypothetically? Of course it concerns me because quaxy will play it but if you think this over with time maybe you undestand what I meant. If you havent noticed russians main argument is that we should follow rules. If we would follow rules blindly we would be in situation which I described above and we would be in finals.
Well done indeed.
By: Tane ( Saunamen ) on 31/Mar/09 20:09
Its also nice to get shit from random people when Im just analylizing this drama.
By: Maxx on 31/Mar/09 20:12
I just pointed out that the mop-up is hardly irrelevant to you, as you suggested a few post earlyer, other than that Im also just analysing this whole mess, infact Im pretty much done as Ive said all I wanted to say. Its amusing but kinda sad at the same time.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 31/Mar/09 20:19
Thank you Lump, you just proved my point. You are an idiot.

Dont talk here unless you know what's going on.

At the moment squad 6 folded, a mopup week was DENIED, the admins said there wouldnt be a mopup week, if we knew there was a mopup week there was a small chance we would still be alive.
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 31/Mar/09 23:05
I though Squad-6 folded because you and n44bj left the clan (and dugi was too angry already) and MP were claiming forfeit for your match. Doogie tried schedule match later but MP (not blaming you Snake) REFUSED. So once again why we need this mopup week? Because someone didnt wanna replay games (2 forfeits in a row with same team)... Forfeit could be alright IF ANOTHER TEAM is okay with that. Quaxy wants play their forfeits without any problems and its fine.. I dont get why its so big problem to MP.

frG yeah MOPuP week idea came too late and its a bit unfair, (they though it wasnt necessary if teams like russians cant replay their games without any drama) but MAIN IDEA before season was that NO FORFEITS ARENT allowed.. I dont know what are DIV2 problems
By: Nde ( Saunamen ) on 31/Mar/09 23:07
Where is the edit button...
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 01/Apr/09 03:41
lump, frg, if you want to take it personal go on irc, im deleting these posts.
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 01/Apr/09 03:43
this is what frg wrote, without the flame part

"admin told them there wont be mop up week, and now there is a mop up week"
By: lump on 01/Apr/09 03:43
I bet you've had more drugs than me in the past week for a start.

There has been a mop up week for the past 5 seasons.. what does this tell you?

What is happening, a mop up week is being played.. what does this tell you?

How about sticking a season through to the end instead of crying over spilt milk you boneless fairy.

Shitting hell, surely you of all people should know that most admins are crap and have no idea what's going on, as you were one of those admins for long enough yourself!

By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 01/Apr/09 03:47
i cant recall, announcing a mop-up week before season, its usually last week's announcement.

I dont know who told you frg that there wont be a mop-up week, but i have a guess.

however i do recall talking with frg about the sq6-saunamen conflict that i'd talk to peach and convince him about a replay of the match, but you told me to dont do so coz you wont come back anyway
By: IsoK ( Anonym Anti Anti A. ) on 01/Apr/09 05:27
"By wodKa (. iPwn), on 30/03/2009 @ 18:47 - Posts: 28
edit: i respect everyone whos putting work in the leuague but what u are currently doing is destroying the leauge cause noone wants to play here anymore if you keep going like this"

U sure can speak on my behaf.. and this is why Quaxy don&#180;t wanna play and is taking deserved forfeit win from gardeners/whatever! CASE CLOSED!
By: Cobo on 01/Apr/09 12:05
wow... so many posts... too lazy read one by one
till end.. so... who win???
By: Snake ( The Team ) on 01/Apr/09 20:29
u want to know the final of Santa Barbara with out watching 2000 episodes? NO WAY!
By: Voodo ( Two Team Squad ) on 01/Apr/09 20:34
its no fun thats way, if u want to know the story you have to read about macpersilcio to know the true story of our brasilian soap opera
By: lump on 02/Apr/09 03:31
frG down! LUMP WINS
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 07/Apr/09 17:21
Big discussion.. in the end everyone know this discussion is fairly pointless, since we all know a finalist will not be decided by a forfeit. In this case the chances that ru would take a finalist spot is nearly impossible.

The discussion is in my oppinion justified because there are rules, and they should be enforced. The ruling on this matter seems 'clouded'. I'd recommend changing the rules making it an 'admin's discretion' matter. In that case discusions on rulings could be held private, with the admins, and not the community.

Worst thing about this situation is.. everybody has a point and 'nobody' is wrong.

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